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Pisuerga River in Valladolid

The Pisuerga is a river in northern Spain, the Duero's second largest tributary.

It springs on the southern slopes of the Cordillera Cantábrica (province of Palencia, autonomous region of Castile-Leon) and flows south into the Douro river shortly after passing through the city of Valladolid. Its length is approximately 270 km.

Since the 1950s the water level of the river has been very regular throughout the year due to the huge Aguilar de Campóo dam which collects all the water from the river's rainy upper valleys. This regulation has allowed the creation of vast extensions of irrigated farmland along the Pisuerga's course across the northern Castilian plain.

In Spanish culture

The Spanish phrase "aprovechando que el Pisuerga pasa por Valladolid" ("And now since Pisuerga crosses Valladolid,...") is a popular way to point or acknowledge a non sequitur since the river has no bearing with the following "consequence".

Johnny Juerga y los que remontan el Pisuerga ("Johnny Wildfun and those going upstream Pisuerga") is a Spanish rock group mostly known by their unusual band name.

Coordinates: 41°39′13″N 4°44′04″W / 41.65361°N 4.73444°W / 41.65361; -4.73444


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