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Pitru was an ancient village off the Sajur (aka Sagura and Sagurru) (+36° 39' 16.62", +38° 4' 7.96"), a western tributary of the Euphrates, approximately 12.5 miles south of ancient Carchemish. It is thought to be the Pethor mentioned in Numbers 22 as the home of Balaam, the non-Israelite prophet called upon by Balak to curse the Israelites of the Exodus (circa 1406 BCE, perhaps).

Pitru is mentioned as one of the Hatti cities or villages conquered by either Ashurnasirpal II (reigned 883 – 859 BCE) or his son Shalmaneser III, Assyrian rulers. It was later given an Assyrian name in Shalmaneser's sixth year, becoming a base of operations for further military campaigns.


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