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Pivot may refer to

In computing:

In finance:

  • Pivot point, a price point used as important turning point for trading in the financial, commodity, and securities markets

In linguistics:

  • Syntactic pivot, the argument of the verb around which the sentence "revolves"
  • Pivot language, an artificial or natural language used as an intermediary language for translation

In mathematics:

In music:

In sport:

  • Pivot, a term for the stand-off position (also known as five-eighth) in rugby league football
  • Pivot turn (skiing)
  • Pivot (card game)
  • Pivot, a player position in the sport of basketball, also known as a post or center
  • Pivot foot, in basketball, the foot that must remain on the floor when a player has possession of the ball and is not dribbling
  • Pivot, a player position in the sport of roller derby
  • Pivot, a slang term for a quarterback in American football

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PIVOT (Fr. pivot; probably connected with Ital. pivolo, peg, pin, diminutive of piva, pipa, pipe), that on which something turns, specifically a metal pointed pin or short shaft in machinery, such as the end of an axle or spindle. The term occurs frequently in combination with other words, chiefly in technical usage, e.g. " pivot-gearing," for a system of gearing in machinery which admits of the shifting of the axis of a driving wheel, so that the power may be communicated in various directions.

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