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Plan Calcul was a French governmental program aimed to promote a national computer manufacturing industry and associated research activities.

The plan was approved in July 1966 by president Charles de Gaulle, in the aftermath of two key events that made his government worry about French "computer sovereignty".[1] First, the United States denied export licenses for American-made IBM and CDC computers to the French Commissariat à l'énergie atomique in order to prevent it from perfecting its H bomb.[1][2][3]:21 Then, in 1964, General Electric acquired 50% of the shares of Compagnie de Machines Bull, the largest French computer manufacturer, which had the second highest market share in France, after IBM. Following this partial takeover,[4] known as "Affaire Bull",[5] GE-Bull dropped two Bull computers from its product line.[2]

As part of the program, in December 1966, the Compagnie internationale pour l'informatique (CII) was established as a manufacturer of scientific computers. The new company was not intended to compete in the commercial office computing sector of the French market, where IBM was dominant at the time.[1] The Plan enacted government subsidies for CII between 1967 and 1971.[6] The program also led to the creation of L'Institut de recherche en informatique et en automatique (IRIA) in 1967, which later became INRIA.[4]

Responsibility for administering the Plan was given to a newly created government post, délégué à l'informatique, answering directly to the prime minister.[2]


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