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Platinum Hits is a term used to refer to a line of select Xbox games that have sold over 400,000 units on the platform in the nine months after release[1] and have dropped in price from their original MSRP to a newer, lower price, generally that of US$19.99,[2] although multi-game packs may sell for more. A similar budget range in PAL markets is known as Xbox Classics for GB£19.99 and Best of Classics for GB£9.99. In Japan, they are known as Platinum Collection games and generally cost ¥2800, with a number of games such as GTA4 and Dynasty Warriors 6 at a higher price point of ¥3800. Sales requirements may vary by region.

On September 8, 2006, Microsoft announced the Platinum Collection would be extended to the Xbox 360 platform.[3] On September 20, 2006, at Microsoft's Pre-Tokyo Game Show conference, they announced Platinum Hits for the Xbox 360 in North America, priced at US$29.99 and Classics in the UK for GB£24.99.[4] A second wave of titles was released in early 2007, with additional games being added periodically.[5]

Platinum Family Hits are special Platinum Hits that have been designated appropriate for all ages. All current Platinum Family Hits are rated "E" by the ESRB, except for T-rated X-Men Legends, E10+ rated Sonic the Hedgehog, and E10+ rated Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy. As with Platinum Hits, the new suggested retail (MSRP) is $19.99.

Best of Platinum Hits are select best-selling Platinum Hits that have a suggested retail price of $9.99 and a slightly different "Best of Platinum Hits" logo on the package design. Best of Platinum Family Hits are chosen from the Platinum Family Hits line.


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Platinum Hits is Microsoft's program to recognize and re-release the most popular games made for its' Xbox and Xbox 360 systems at a reduced price. Box art is changed to signify this fact, though how it is changed differs between the two systems.


On original Xbox, the MSRP is lowered to US$19.99. As far as changes to the box itself, the system bar that runs across the top of the front of the box is white instead of black, and the art itself is shrunk slightly to allow a border to run around it, with the "Platinum Hits" designation between the top of the art and the Xbox bar. See the two images below of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for an example; the one on the left is from the original release, and the one on the right is from the Platinum Hits re-release. The color of the case differs as well -- instead of the standard Xbox green, the case is a dark gray-silver.

Original release.
Platinum Hits re-release.

There are two sub-designations of the Platinum Hits line. Platinum Family Hits showcases titles rated E by the ESRB, and cover art is the same as a standard Platinum Hit except the word "Family" is inserted as if a child scrawled it on. Best Of Platinum Hits is a re-re-release program that takes the most popular of the Platinum Hits, drops them to US$9.99 MSRP, and changes the box art slightly again (this time, the words "Platinum Hits" are in red and the art itself is squished a bit more to allow for a "Best Of" bar to appear above "Platinum Hits"). See the example of MechAssault's Best Of Platinum Hits release below.

The "Best Of Platinum Hits" re-re-release.

Xbox 360

Xbox 360 titles are lowered to US$29.99 MSRP when they become Platinum Hits. The case is changed from the standard translucent green to a translucent dark gray. The art itself is shrunk significantly and superimposed over a textured gray-silver background, off center, with the Platinum Hits designation in white and green lettering over the top. The system title bar is not changed. See the example of Need for Speed: Most Wanted below.

Original release.
Platinum Hits re-release.

The Platinum Family Hits line has been carried over from Xbox, though as of yet, there is no corresponding Best Of Platinum Hits on Xbox 360.

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