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Band History

Platinum Knights is a band formed in the fall of 2009 and has released four EP albums. The members of the band, Dakotah R. & Cornelius L. formed the band as a way to express there unique comedy styles.(Constant idiotic screaming, Acting like a mentaly retarded person, ect.)And to find a way to become popular so that they can make money to create a story. The band is now currently working on a final EP album before they stop and start filming a youtube movie.(Name to be decided)


The music of platinum knights uses WMA file mixing to create the songs. Mixing mutipule WMA files together to create one song. Along with there use of other existing songs(Rarely Used Method)create better sounding songs than the other method of Multi-Mixing WMA files. There first album, a demo EP "The First Shit" was created with the use of an old house of Cornelius L. which was used as a recording studio, a Rock Band Microphone, used to record there songs. And a fender steel acoustic guitar along with a normal acoustic and one electric guitar to create the album. "The First Shit"'s songs uses the same method of WMA Mixing files for all songs but one, "Ancil Kara Love Song" which uses a song from NSYNC as the background. The album never when far, the only appearance of the album was on there Myspace home page for two days before removel.


There Music today uses a better mic, and more Rock&Roll and Heavy playing than there first EP album. Use of suckish but ok solos dominate most of there songs, along too with classicle guitar with the use of fingerpicking.


The most common use of guitars are Silver Tones, Dakotah R. with a classic Silver Tone, and Cornelius L. useing a remade silver tone. saying on one of there removed youtube videos that "It summons the awesome power of the gods of rock." The band uses Keyboard's to create preccusion instruments like (Drums, Sound Effects, Ect.)


The band has release over four Ep albums from "The First Shit" "Music Supreme" "Rock Masters" and "Lil' Things."



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