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Play Yan player

The Play-Yan (trademarked PLAY-YAN) is a media player for the Nintendo DS/Game Boy Advance. It uses SD flash memory to play MP3 audio files and H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video files. It can also play 13 bonus mini-games, 12 of which are available freely on the Nintendo website in Japan[1] and one is limited to ClubNintendo members in Japan. It is designed for the Game Boy Advance SP and also compatible with the Game Boy Micro. Due to its power requirement, use with an original Game Boy Advance system is not recommended. Sales of the Play-Yan were discontinued on September 11, 2005. An updated version, the Play-Yan Micro (trademarked PLAY-YAN micro), was released two days later alongside the similarly-branded Game Boy Micro, with features such as MP4 and ASF support built directly into the hardware. Play-Yan Garage Games are not supported in the Play-Yan Micro.

Play-Yan was released in China by iQue under the name of MP4 Player for GBA.

Nintendo MP3 Player

A modified version of Play-Yan [2], the Nintendo MP3 Player, was released on December 8, 2006 in Europe. It is compatible with Game Boy micro, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite and the Nintendo GameCube, through usage of the Game Boy Player. The device features its own headphone jack, tailored for music playback. Unlike Play-Yan, Nintendo MP3 Player does not support video playback.




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