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Playboy Special Editions

A Playboy Special Edition cover feat. Christi Taylor
Executive Editor Jeff Cohen
Categories Photography/Erotica
Frequency 2 issues per month
Publisher Playboy Publishing
First issue 1983
Company Playboy Enterprises, Inc.
Country  United States
Language English

Playboy Special Editions (formerly known as flats, then Newsstand Specials[1]) are a spin-off series of Playboy magazine devoted entirely to softcore nude photographs of the Playboy models that are found sporadically scattered in the monthly Playboy magazine.

Unlike the monthly magazine, which features a variety of articles, opinion columns, and works of fiction, the only texts found in the Special Editions are captions of the photographs and readers' letters. Approximately two issues are published each month. In addition, the models that appear in the Special Editions are not necessarily former Playmates of the Month, though such Playmates also appear in them.

Early issues, beginning in 1983, featured approximately 100 pages of old reprint and outtake photos of Playmates with no specially-commissioned photos. Issues from the early 1990s began to include a number of "one-shot" models purchased in bulk from glamour photographers. By the mid-1990s, Playboy had established a unique identity for the line by mixing new shots of recent Playmates with new models, some of whom soon became as popular as the Playmates themselves.



Playboy magazine began supplementing its monthly edition in the mid-1960s with irregularly-published special editions devoted to, for example, its cartoons or the Playboy Clubs. The first edition, The Best from Playboy in 1964, was nothing like the present-day specials. Its 120 pages contained a sixteen-page Jayne Mansfield pictorial, but was otherwise filled with articles, including the celebrated 1962 interview with Miles Davis. A 1972 Little Annie Fanny special is highly sought after by Harvey Kurtzman collectors.

In the 1970s, perhaps in conjunction with the appearance of Oui, the special editions would feature somewhat more explicit photography or situations than Playboy itself would run at the time. One release, 1976's Noelle, was quite notorious in its day for its racy content.

In 1984, Playboy published the first volume of its flagship Special Edition, Book of Lingerie, which featured 110 pages of photos of Playmates from the last decade (reprints and outtakes, with no specially-commissioned photos). The magazine sold extremely well, and a second edition, in 1987, proved the market was there for the Newsstand Specials, as they were formally called at this time, to begin a regular, formal sales cycle. Each Newsstand Special would have a two-month shelf life, with two titles published each month.

The greatly increased demand for new photos to fill the 24 editions published annually -- reprints from the early 1970s having little erotic value to readers twenty years later -- required Playboy to look further than their own archives to fill the page count. Newsstand Specials of the late 1980s and early 1990s would often feature previously unpublished outtakes from Playmate pictorials, but also a number of "one-shot" models, possibly posing under a pseudonym or unnamed entirely, bought in bulk from glamour photographers. Sometimes these would resurface in other magazines; outtakes from a 1992-93 shoot with a model named Simone Burkhard which first appeared in Playboy's Girls of Summer '93 were published in Perfect 10 some five years later.

By the mid-1990s, Playboy had formalized its model process to help give the Newsstand Specials their own unique identity. Commissioning regular shoots with Playmates from the last two or three years provided an ongoing source of new photos which increased the models' popularity and won them new fans, but the editions also found new talent popular enough to warrant multiple appearances. Models such as Alley Baggett, Patricia Ford and Sung Hi Lee rarely or never appeared in the monthly Playboy, but were featured in the Special Editions dozens of times.

By the end of the 1990s, the label Newsstand Special had been phased out in favor of Special Edition, and a host of regular publications had joined Book of Lingerie (renamed simply Lingerie) on the shelves. One edition each of Playmate Review, Nude Playmates and Girlfriends, among others, are published annually. College Girls is published three times a year.

By 2005, the Playmates had actually found themselves completely squeezed out of Lingerie. Its 100th edition was the first to feature no Playmates at all; Playboy has such a bank of available, popular models that it no longer needs the Playmates to sell some of its Special Editions.

Since the October/November 2008 issue of Lingerie, Playboy Special Edition switched its bookbinding process from perfect binding (flat format) to saddle-stitching (stapled format), thereby definitely abandoning the moniker flats[2 ]. Following negative feedback from readers, perfect binding was restored as from the March/April 2009 issues of Hot Housewives and Sexy Girls Next Door[3 ].

List of Special Editions

There are several long-running series of Special Editions, as well as short series and one-offs.

Book of Lingerie/Lingerie

Playboy Special Editions' most popular series is Lingerie (formerly known as Book of Lingerie), which is published on a bimonthly basis. The first issue was released as Book of Lingerie in 1984. It became bimonthly as from November 1988 and had its name changed to Lingerie as from September 2002.

Book of Lingerie

  • Book of Lingerie 1984 (Covergirls: Joan Bennett & Cherie Estee)
  • Book of Lingerie 1987 (Covergirl: Shannon Tweed)
  • Book of Lingerie 1988 (Covergirl: Brandi Brandt)
  • Book of Lingerie November/December 1988 (Covergirl: Cher Butler)
  • Book of Lingerie January/February 1989 (Covergirl: Veronica Gamba)
  • Book of Lingerie March/April 1989 (Covergirl: Cynthia Kaye)
  • Book of Lingerie May/June 1989 (Covergirl: Teri Weigel)
  • Book of Lingerie July/August 1989 (Covergirl: Suzi Schott)
  • Book of Lingerie September/October 1989 (Covergirl: Eloise Broady)
  • Book of Lingerie November/December 1989 (Covergirl: Theresa Ann Presley)
  • Book of Lingerie January/February 1990 (Covergirl: Christina Herbert)
  • Book of Lingerie March/April 1990 (Covergirl: Tally Chanel)
  • Book of Lingerie May/June 1990 (Covergirl: Nia Breeon)
  • Book of Lingerie July/August 1990 (Covergirl: Lori Williamson)
  • Book of Lingerie September/October 1990 (Covergirl: Laurie Carr)
  • Book of Lingerie November/December 1990 (Covergirl: Erica Ringstrom)
  • Book of Lingerie January/February 1991 (Covergirl: Alicia Sanchez)
  • Book of Lingerie March/April 1991 (Covergirl: Kristine Rose)
  • Book of Lingerie May/June 1991 (Covergirl: Laura Richmond)
  • Book of Lingerie July/August 1991 (Covergirl: Michele Smith)
  • Book of Lingerie September/October 1991 (Covergirl: Lorissa McComas)
  • Book of Lingerie November/December 1991 (Covergirl: Michelle O'Malley)
  • Book of Lingerie January/February 1992 (Covergirl: Tera Tabrizi)
  • Book of Lingerie March/April 1992 (Covergirl: Cindy Margolis)
  • Book of Lingerie May/June 1992 (Covergirl: Tamika Sherman)
  • Book of Lingerie July/August 1992 (Covergirl: Heidi Staley)
  • Book of Lingerie September/October 1992 (Covergirl: Monique Biffignani)
  • Book of Lingerie November/December 1992 (Covergirl: Christine Cote)
  • Book of Lingerie January/February 1993 (Covergirls: Jody Hoskins & Kerri Hoskins)
  • Book of Lingerie March/April 1993 (Covergirl: Margie Murphey)
  • Book of Lingerie May/June 1993 (Covergirl: Patricia Ford)
  • Book of Lingerie July/August 1993 (Covergirl: Neriah Davis)
  • Book of Lingerie September/October 1993 (Covergirl: Samantha Dorman)
  • Book of Lingerie November/December 1993 (Covergirl: Cheryl Bachman)
  • Book of Lingerie January/February 1994 (Covergirl: Park Morgan)
  • Book of Lingerie March/April 1994 (Covergirl: Sue Ethridge)
  • Book of Lingerie May/June 1994 (Covergirl: Deborah Driggs)
  • Book of Lingerie July/August 1994 (Covergirl: Suzi Simpson)
  • Book of Lingerie September/October 1994 (Covergirl: Kimberly Donley)
  • Book of Lingerie November/December 1994 (Covergirl: Leeann Tweeden)
  • Book of Lingerie January/February 1995 (Covergirl: Tonya Offer)
  • Book of Lingerie March/April 1995 (Covergirl: Lisa Boyle)
  • Book of Lingerie May/June 1995 (Covergirl: Rachel Jeán Marteen)
  • Book of Lingerie July/August 1995 (Covergirl: Jenny McCarthy)
  • Book of Lingerie September/October 1995 (Covergirl: Lexie)
  • Book of Lingerie November/December 1995 (Covergirl: Chloe Jones)
  • Book of Lingerie January/February 1996 (Covergirls: Tonya Offer, Petra Verkaik, Barbara Moore, Kerri Kendall, Patricia Ford & Lisa Boyle)
  • Book of Lingerie March/April 1996 (Covergirl: Alley Baggett)
  • Book of Lingerie May/June 1996 (Covergirl: 1996 Reader's Choice Supermodel Patricia Ford)
  • Book of Lingerie July/August 1996 (50th issue: cover consists of 25 past covers)
  • Book of Lingerie September/October 1996 (Covergirl: Sung Hi Lee)
  • Book of Lingerie November/December 1996 (Covergirl: Claire Louise Hickory)
  • Book of Lingerie January/February 1997 (Covergirls: Camille Donatacci, Shae Marks, Patricia Ford, Chrissy Ranay, Alley Baggett & Lisa Boyle)
  • Book of Lingerie March/April 1997 (Covergirl: Lisa Boyle)
  • Book of Lingerie May/June 1997 (Covergirl: Heather Kozar)
  • Book of Lingerie July/August 1997 (Covergirl: 1997 Model of the Year Petra Verkaik)
  • Book of Lingerie September/October 1997 (Covergirl: Shauna Sand)
  • Book of Lingerie November/December 1997 (Covergirl: Holly Witt)
  • Book of Lingerie January/February 1998 (Covergirls: Priscilla Taylor, Karin Taylor, Anna Rose Chang, Maria Checa, Petra Verkaik & Alley Baggett)
  • Book of Lingerie March/April 1998 (Covergirl: Bethany Lorraine)
  • Book of Lingerie May/June 1998 (Covergirl: Stefanie Hastings)
  • Book of Lingerie July/August 1998 (Covergirl: 1998 Model of the Year Alley Baggett)
  • Book of Lingerie September/October 1998 (Covergirl: Christi Taylor)
  • Book of Lingerie November/December 1998 (Covergirl: Lynn Thomas)
  • Book of Lingerie January/February 1999 (Covergirls: Karin Taylor, Victoria Zdrok, Alesha Oreskovich, Brooke Richards, Lisa Marie Scott & Alley Baggett)
  • Book of Lingerie March/April 1999 (Covergirl: Katalina Verdin)
  • Book of Lingerie May/June 1999 (Covergirl: Victoria Silvstedt)
  • Book of Lingerie July/August 1999 (Covergirl: 1999 Model of the Year Christi Taylor)
  • Book of Lingerie September/October 1999 (Covergirl: Tiffany Taylor)
  • Book of Lingerie November/December 1999 (Covergirl: Angela Little)
  • Book of Lingerie January/February 2000 (Covergirls: Katalina Verdin, Amy Miller, Joy Behrman, Julia Brox, Kelly Monaco & Alley Baggett)
  • Book of Lingerie March/April 2000 (Covergirl: Samantha Speer)
  • Book of Lingerie May/June 2000 (Covergirl: Natasha Podkuyko)
  • Book of Lingerie July/August 2000 (Covergirl: 2000 Model of the Year Alley Baggett)
  • Book of Lingerie September/October 2000 (Covergirl: Brooke Richards)
  • Book of Lingerie November/December 2000 (Covergirl: Amy Russo)
  • Book of Lingerie January/February 2001 (Covergirls: Katalina Verdin, Alley Baggett, Joy Behrman, Sydney Moon, Sung Hi Lee & Laurie Wallace)
  • Book of Lingerie March/April 2001 (Covergirl: Melissa Arnold)
  • Book of Lingerie May/June 2001 (Covergirl: Quinn Koloski)
  • Book of Lingerie July/August 2001 (Covergirl: 2001 Model of the Year Heather Christensen)
  • Book of Lingerie September/October 2001 (Covergirl: Stephanie Wood)
  • Book of Lingerie November/December 2001 (Covergirl: Merritt Cabal)
  • Book of Lingerie January/February 2002 (Covergirls: Amy Miller, Madison Marie, Joy Behrman, Heather Christensen & Sandra Westgate)
  • Book of Lingerie March/April 2002 (Covergirl: Angel Anderson)
  • Book of Lingerie May/June 2002 (Covergirl: Nancy Erminia)
  • Book of Lingerie July/August 2002 (Covergirl: 2002 Model of the Year Amy Miller)


  • Lingerie September/October 2002 (Covergirl: Nicole Lenz)
  • Lingerie November/December 2002 (Covergirl: Rochelle Loewen)
  • Lingerie January/February 2003 (Covergirl: Nancy Erminia, LaTasha Marzolla, Katie Cleary, Candice Michelle & Leslie Elizabeth)
  • Lingerie March/April 2003 (Covergirl: Krystal Tamburino)
  • Lingerie May/June 2003 (Covergirl: Cynthia Arroyo)
  • Lingerie July/August 2003 (Covergirl: 2003 Model of the Year Kitana Baker)
  • Lingerie September/October 2003 (Covergirl: LaTasha Marzolla)
  • Lingerie November/December 2003 (Covergirl: Bianca Beauchamp)
  • Lingerie January/February 2004 (Covergirls: Kitana Baker, Jennifer Walcott & Kimberly Nicole Cameron)
  • Lingerie March/April 2004 (Covergirl: Tesha Mullen)
  • Lingerie May/June 2004 (Covergirl: Mandy Ashford)
  • Lingerie July/August 2004 (Covergirl: 2004 Model of the Year LaTasha Marzolla)
  • Lingerie September/October 2004 (Covergirl: Lisa Wells)
  • Lingerie December/January 2005 (Covergirls: Alley Baggett, Jaime Hammer & Courtney Culkin) – 100th Book of Lingerie
  • Lingerie February/March 2005 (Covergirl: Alexia Roy)
  • Lingerie April/May 2005 (Covergirl: Jenn Lynn)
  • Lingerie June/July 2005 (Covergirl: Michele Rogers)
  • Lingerie August/September 2005 (Covergirl: 2005 Model of the Year Erica Campbell)
  • Lingerie October/November 2005 (Covergirl: Angela Inkova)
  • Lingerie December/January 2006 (Covergirls : Mandy Lynn, Brandie Moses & Erica Campbell)
  • Lingerie February/March 2006 (Covergirl: Jesse Jane)
  • Lingerie April/May 2006 (Covergirl: Breann McGregor)
  • Lingerie June/July 2006 (Covergirl: Triana Iglesias)
  • Lingerie August/September 2006 (Covergirl: 2006 Model of the Year Louise Glover)
  • Lingerie October/November 2006 (Covergirl: Heather René)
  • Lingerie December/January 2007 (Covergirl: Amy Lynn Grover)
  • Lingerie February/March 2007 (Covergirl: Cristal Houston)
  • Lingerie April/May 2007 (Covergirl: Shannon Gilbert)
  • Lingerie June/July 2007 (Covergirl: Tiffany Taylor)
  • Lingerie August/September 2007 (Covergirl: 2007 Model of the Year Breann McGregor)
  • Lingerie October/November 2007 (Covergirl: Pernilla Lundberg)
  • Lingerie December/January 2008 (Covergirl: Shannon Tate)
  • Lingerie February/March 2008 (Covergirl: Jennifer Walcott)
  • Lingerie April/May 2008 (Covergirl: Ashley Alexa)
  • Lingerie June/July 2008 (Covergirl: Tindra Mantel)
  • Lingerie August/September 2008 (Covergirl: 2008 Model of the Year Jillian Beyor)
  • Lingerie October/November 2008 (Covergirl: Iga Wyrwal)
  • Lingerie December/January 2009 (Covergirl: Nancy Patton)
  • Lingerie February/March 2009 (Covergirl: Brittany Retkofsky)
  • Lingerie April/May 2009 (Covergirl: Ashlyn Letizzia)
  • Lingerie June/July 2009 (Covergirl: Maria Molkanova)
  • Lingerie August/September 2009 (Covergirl: 2009 Model of the Year Destiny White)
  • Lingerie October/November 2009 (Covergirl: Jessica Robinson)
  • Lingerie December/January 2010 (Covergirl: Nadia Marcella)
  • Lingerie February/March 2010 (Covergirl: Suzanne Stokes)


First Playmate Review issue in 1985 featuring Playmate of the Year Karen Velez

Calendar Playmates

Celebrating Centerfolds

Centerfolds of the Century

Classic Centerfolds

Facts & Figures

International Playmates

Nude Playmates

Playmate Review

As its name implies, this series features only the Playmates of the month who appeared in the 12 Playboy magazine issues during the past year. The cover of the issue depicts the playmate who is the current Playmate of the year.

Playmate Tests


  • Playmates - The First 15 Years 1983
  • Playmates - The Second 15 Years 1984

Playmates at Play

Playmates in Bed

Playmates in Paradise

Playmates in the Spotlight

Playmates of the Year

Pocket Playmates

  • Pocket Playmates No. 1 May 1995
  • Pocket Playmates No. 2 November 1995
  • Pocket Playmates No. 3 March 1996
  • Pocket Playmates No. 4 May 1996
  • Pocket Playmates No. 5 August 1996
  • Pocket Playmates No. 6 February 1997

Sexiest Playmates

Twenty-One Playmates

  • Twenty-One Playmates Vol.1 1996
  • Twenty-One Playmates Vol.2 1997

Video Playmates

Wet & Wild Playmates

College Girls

A Playboy College Girls issue featuring girls from the Big 12 Conference in 1997

The models featured in this series are usually selected from the student population of American colleges and universities.

At first, the magazine was published only in the fall to roughly coincide with the beginning of the school year. Each year, the magazine includes a feature on students of an athletic conference, usually from a BCS conference. For instance, the 1997 issue (pictured) featured the Big 12 but also students from other schools.

The 2006 issue caused some controversy at Baylor University, which has a religious affiliation. Baylor declared that associating with the magazine would be a violation of the school's code of conduct.[4]

College Girls

  • College Girls 1983 (Covergirl: Renee Masi)
  • College Girls 1988 (Covergirl: Kathleen Emerson)
  • College Girls 1991 (Covergirl: Wendy Christine)
  • College Girls 1993 (Covergirl: Rhonda Fagula)
  • College Girls 1995 (Covergirls: Michelle Meyer, Sarah Oja & Heather Wynter)
  • College Girls April/May 1996 (Covergirl: Vanessa Taylor)
  • College Girls 1997 (Covergirl: Cindy Roubal)
  • College Girls 1998 (Covergirl: April Morgan)
  • College Girls 1999 (Covergirl: Sheila Bell)
  • College Girls Spring 2000 (Covergirl: Tina Crowder)
  • College Girls Fall 2000 (Covergirl: Harmony Guffey)
  • College Girls Spring 2001 (Covergirl: Christi Shake)
  • Sexy College Girls 2001 (Covergirl: Lauren Shaw)
  • College Girls Fall 2001 (Covergirl: Kitana Baker)
  • College Girls Spring 2002 (Covergirl: Katherine Hadorn)
  • Sexy College Girls 2002 (Covergirl: Jo Kerry)
  • College Girls Fall 2002 (Covergirl: Kimberly Nicole Cameron)
  • College Girls Wet & Wild 2002 (Covergirl: Maggie Heinen)
  • College Girls Spring 2003 (Covergirl: Lauren LeBlanc)
  • Nude College Girls 2003 (Covergirl: Nicole Woodruff)
  • College Girls Fall 2003 (Covergirl: Erin Nicole)
  • College Girls Spring 2004 (Covergirl: Jaime Hammer)
  • Nude College Girls 2004 (Covergirl: Lindsay Williams)
  • College Girls Fall 2004 (Covergirl: Tammy Plante)
  • College Girls March/April 2005 (Covergirl: Davin Lexen)
  • College Girls May/June 2005 (Covergirl: Breann McGregor)
  • College Girls Nude July/August 2005 (Covergirls: Caitlin Jenks & Cassandra Jenks)
  • College Girls September/October 2005 (Covergirl: Monica Leigh)
  • College Girls November/December 2005 (Covergirl: Kate Brenner)
  • College Girls January/February 2006 (Covergirl: Victoria Thornton)
  • College Girls July/August 2006 (Covergirl: Dana Kelly)
  • College Girls January/February 2007 (Covergirl: Taryn Terrell)
  • College Girls March/April 2007 (Covergirl: Sarah Porchetta)
  • College Girls July/August 2007 (Covergirl: Diane DeLuna)
  • College Girls January/February 2008 (Covergirl: Heather Nichole)
  • College Girls July/August 2008 (Covergirl: September Carrino)
  • College Girls January/February 2009 (Covergirls: Cassie Keller & Chloe Mayers)
  • College Girls July/August 2009 (Covergirl: Brittany Taylor)
  • College Girls January/February 2010 (Covergirl: Jennifer Lynn)

Voluptuous Vixens/Vixens

A Vixens issue featuring Kimberly Williams

The Voluptuous Vixens / Vixens series features models with prodigious breasts.

Voluptuous Vixens

  • Voluptuous Vixens January 1998 (Covergirl: Tawny Peaks)
  • Voluptuous Vixens II November 1998 (Covergirl: Elizabeth JoAnne)
  • Voluptuous Vixens III September 1999 (Covergirl: Robin Arcuri)
  • Voluptuous Vixens IV October 2000 (Covergirl: Sylvia Kelly)
  • Voluptuous Vixens September 2001 (Covergirl: Veronika Zemanová)
  • Voluptuous Vixens September 2002 (Covergirl: LaTasha Marzolla)
  • Voluptuous Vixens May 2003 (Covergirl: Jordan)
  • Voluptuous Vixens December 2003 (Covergirl: Kalani)
  • Voluptuous Vixens May 2004 (Covergirl: Mandy Lynn)
  • Voluptuous Vixens December 2004 (Covergirl: Tiffany Holliday)
  • Voluptuous Vixens August/September 2007 (Covergirl: Jema Stone)
  • Voluptuous Vixens December/January 2008 (Covergirl: Maria Molkanova)
  • Voluptuous Vixens February/March 2008 (Covergirl: Genevieve Michelle)
  • Voluptuous Vixens August/September 2008 (Covergirl: Stephanie Martin)
  • Voluptuous Vixens December/January 2009 (Covergirl: Kristine Sjulstok)
  • Voluptuous Vixens February/March 2009 (Covergirl: Anne-Krystel Goyer)
  • Voluptuous Vixens August/September 2009 (Covergirl: Amy Varela)
  • Voluptuous Vixens December/January 2010 (Covergirl: Julri Waters)
  • Voluptuous Vixens February/March 2010 (Covergirl: Sharae Spears)


  • Vixens April/May 2005 (Covergirl: Alley Baggett)
  • Vixens June/July 2005 (Covergirl: Christi Shake)
  • Vixens August/September 2005 (Covergirl: Lisa Wells)
  • Vixens October/November 2005 (Covergirl: Angilina DeVille)
  • Vixens December/January 2006 (Covergirl: Louise Glover)
  • Vixens February/March 2006 (Covergirl: Kimberly Williams)
  • Vixens April/May 2006 (Covergirl: Jaime Hammer)
  • Vixens June/July 2006 (Covergirl: Maryse Ouellet)
  • Vixens August/September 2006 (Covergirl: Elizabeth JoAnne)
  • Vixens October/November 2006 (Covergirl: Lisa MacKay)
  • Vixens December/January 2007 (Covergirl: Iris-Jinger Santos)
  • Vixens February/March 2007 (Covergirl: Ashley Elizabeth)



  • Nudes October 1990 (Covergirl: Karen Foster)
  • Nudes December 1991 (Covergirl: Pamela Anderson)
  • Nudes December 1992 (Covergirl: Christy Thom)
  • Nudes December 1993 (Covergirl: Barbara Moore)
  • Nudes December 1994 (Covergirl: Jenny McCarthy)
  • Nudes December 1995 (Covergirl: Patty Breton)
  • Nudes November 1996 (Covergirl: Stacy Sanches)
  • Nudes December 1997 (Covergirl: Victoria Silvstedt)
  • Nudes December 1998 (Covergirl: Joy Behrman)
  • Nudes December 1999 (Covergirl: Sung Hi Lee)
  • Nudes December 2000 (Covergirl: Kim Hiott)
  • Nudes December 2001 (Covergirl: Arlene Lopez)
  • Nudes December 2002 (Covergirl: Carri Lee)
  • Nudes October 2003 (Covergirl: Iza Lukomska)
  • Nudes October 2004 (Covergirl: Nicole Bayard)
  • Nudes January 2006 (Covergirl: Amy Sue Cooper)
  • Nudes May/June 2006 (Covergirl: Brandie Moses)
  • Nudes November/December 2006 (Covergirl: Jennifer Hurt)
  • Nudes May/June 2007 (Covergirl: Bianca Deacy)
  • Nudes November/December 2007 (Covergirl: Anissa Holmes)
  • Nudes May/June 2008 (Covergirl: Bryleigh Rayne)
  • Nudes November/December 2008 (Covergirl: Michelle Moore)
  • Nudes May/June 2009 (Covergirl: Melissa Jean)
  • Nudes November/December 2009 (Covergirl: Samantha Harris)

World Wide Nudes

  • World Wide Nudes August 1996 (Covergirl: Teresa Mortagua)


Barefoot Beauties

  • Barefoot Beauties 1999 (Covergirl: Mysti Sherwood)
  • Barefoot Beauties 2001 (Covergirl: Jesseca Turner)
  • Barefoot Beauties 2002 (Covergirl: Sandra Westgate)
  • Barefoot Beauties 2003 (Covergirl: Celeste Morgan)

Bathing Beauties

  • Bathing Beauties 1989 (Covergirl: Terri Lynn Doss)
  • Bathing Beauties 1990 (Covergirl: Ava Fabian)
  • Bathing Beauties 1991 (Covergirl: Rita Ravonne)
  • Bathing Beauties 1992 (Covergirl: Tonya Poole)
  • Bathing Beauties 1993 (Covergirl: Amy Weber)
  • Bathing Beauties 1994 (Covergirl: Rebecca Ferratti)
  • Bathing Beauties 1995 (Covergirl: Barbara Moore)

Big Boobs & Hot Buns

  • Big Boobs & Hot Buns November/December 2008 (Covergirls: Breann McGregor & Lana Tailor)
  • Big Boobs & Hot Buns November/December 2009 (Covergirls: Shira Jones & Destiny White)

Blondes, Brunettes & Redheads

Casting Calls

  • Casting Calls 2001 (Covergirl: Heidi Hawking)
  • Casting Calls 2002 (Covergirl: Vanessa Wilson)

Cover Girls

Exotic Beauties

  • Exotic Beauties 2002 (Covergirl: Lena Li)
  • Exotic Beauties 2003 (Covergirl: Hiromi Oshima)
  • Exotic Beauties 2004 (Covergirl: Lucia Tovar)
  • Exotic Beauties October/November 2007 (Covergirl: Nivia Nery)

Fantasies (For Men and Women)

  • Fantasies (For Men and Women) Winter 1991
  • Fantasies (For Men and Women) Spring 1991

Fresh Faces

  • Fresh Faces June/July 2008 (Covergirl: Hillary Fisher)
  • Fresh Faces November/December 2008 (Covergirl: Brittany Marie)
  • Fresh Faces June/July 2009 (Covergirl: Jennifer Lewis)
  • Fresh Faces November/December 2009 (Covergirl: Haley Sorenson)

Girlfriends/Girls with Girls

  • Girlfriends 1998 (Covergirls: Rachel Stevens & Brooke Richards)
  • Girlfriends 1999 (Covergirls: Milan Nalina & Baby Norman)
  • Girlfriends 2000 (Covergirls: Cathi O'Malley & Laurie Wallace)
  • Girlfriends 2001 (Covergirls: Roxanne Galla & Amy Miller)
  • Girlfriends 2002 (Covergirls: Harmony Guffey & Candice Michelle)
  • Girlfriends 2003 (Covergirls: Heather Christensen & Kathleen Reilly)
  • Girls with Girls 2004 (Covergirls: Nicole Lohe & Andrea Lowell)
  • Girls with Girls 2006 (Covergirls: Tailor James & Nadine Glenn)
  • Girls with Girls July/August 2007 (Covergirls: Elle Patille & Amy Lynn Grover)
  • Girls with Girls July/August 2008 (Covergirls: Brandie Moses & Breann McGregor)
  • Girls with Girls July/August 2009 (Covergirls: Venus DaMikka & Nicolette Nightingale)

Girls of Summer

  • Girls of Summer 1983 (Covergirls unknown)
  • Girls of Summer 1984 (Covergirls unknown)
  • Girls of Summer 1986 (Covergirl unknown)
  • Girls of Summer 1988 (Covergirl: Carmen Berg)
  • Girls of Summer 1989 (Covergirl: Shannon DeShay)
  • Girls of Summer 1990 (Covergirl: Carolyn Jones)
  • Girls of Summer 1991 (Covergirl: Erika Eleniak)
  • Girls of Summer 1992 (Covergirl: Michelle Anderson)
  • Girls of Summer 1993 (Covergirl: Tiffany Sloan)
  • Girls of Summer 1994 (Covergirl: Petra Verkaik)
  • Girls of Summer 1995 (Covergirl: Gaëlle Comparat)
  • Girls of Summer 1996 (Covergirls: Echo Johnson, Kimberly Donley & Casey Gray)
  • Girls of Summer 1997 (Covergirl: Shae Marks)
  • Girls of Summer 1998 (Covergirl: Laurie Langdon)
  • Girls of Summer 1999 (Covergirls: Aerica D'Amaro & Aubrie Lemon)
  • Girls of Summer 2000 (Covergirls: Marie-Claude Dubuc & Heather Spytek)
  • Girls of Summer 2001 (Covergirl: Maria Santos)
  • Girls of Summer 2002 (Covergirls: Kitty Figueroa, Madison Marie & Gabrielle Morlock)
  • Girls of Summer 2003 (Covergirls: Samantha Joseph & Lani Todd)
  • Girls of Summer 2004 (Covergirl: Kara Monaco)

Girls of Winter/Winter Girls

  • Girls of Winter 1985 (Covergirls unknown)
  • Girls of Winter 1988 (Covergirl: Sandy Greenberg)
  • Winter Girls 1996 (Covergirl: Danielle Wheeler)
  • Girls of Winter 1999 (Covergirls: Kelly Monaco & Stephanie Wood)


  • HardBodies 1997 (Covergirl: Christine Lydon)
  • HardBodies 1999 (Covergirl: Haven Gaston)

Hot Housewives

  • Hot Housewives September/October 2007 (Covergirl: Brittany Carmona)
  • Hot Housewives March/April 2008 (Covergirl: Trish Cleveland)
  • Hot Housewives September/October 2008 (Covergirl: Sara Stokes)
  • Hot Housewives March/April 2009 (Covergirl: Lisa Neeld)
  • Hot Housewives September/October 2009 (Covergirl: Jennifer Kennedy)

Hot Shots

Natural Beauties

This series features "natural" models in a tacit acknowledgement that some models are unnatural (i.e. have breast implants and other cosmetic surgery).

  • Natural Beauties September 1998 (Covergirl: Rachel Jeán Marteen)
  • Natural Beauties May 1999 (Covergirl: Lisa Marie Scott)
  • Natural Beauties May 2000 (Covergirl: Heather Christensen)
  • Natural Beauties May 2001 (Covergirl: Nicole Whitehead)
  • Natural Beauties May/June 2002 (Covergirl: Lani Todd)
  • Natural Beauties March/April 2003 (Covergirl: Jenny James)
  • Natural Beauties February 2004 (Covergirl: Tara McKenzie)
  • Natural Beauties March/April 2006 (Covergirl: Erica Campbell)
  • Natural Beauties April/May 2007 (Covergirl: Brooke Barnes)
  • Natural Beauties April/May 2008 (Covergirl: Lana Tailor)
  • Natural Beauties October/November 2008 (Covergirl: Thea Coleman)
  • Natural Beauties April/May 2009 (Covergirl: Steffi Lee)
  • Natural Beauties October/November 2009 (Covergirl: Stephanie Jane)

Nude Celebrities/Sexy Celebrities

Playmate Search

  • Great Playmate Hunt 1989 (Covergirl: Fawna MacLaren)
  • Great Playmate Search 1994 (Covergirl: Anna-Marie Goddard)
  • Playmate 2000 Part 1 2000 (Covergirls: Katia Corriveau & April Renee)
  • Playmate 2000 Part 2 2000 (Covergirls: Rebekah Wisler & Mandy Kirtz)
  • Playmate Search 50 2004 (Covergirl: Roxanne Siordia)

Real Sex

  • Real Sex 1998 (Covergirl: Alley Baggett)
  • Real Sex 1999 (Covergirl: Rosie Ciavolino)

Sexy 100

Sexy Girls Next Door

  • Sexy Girls Next Door 1998 (Covergirl: Brooke Richards)
  • Sexy Girls Next Door 1999 (Covergirl: Julia Brox)
  • Sexy Girls Next Door 2001 (Covergirl: Alina Rae)
  • Sexy Girls Next Door 2003 (Covergirl: Erica Campbell)
  • Sexy Girls Next Door 2004 (Covergirl: Jeanette Lopez)
  • Sexy Girls Next Door 2005 (Covergirl: Carin Ashley)
  • Sexy Girls Next Door 2006 (Covergirl: Misty Hendricks)
  • Sexy Girls Next Door November/December 2007 (Covergirl: Leticia Cline)
  • Sexy Girls Next Door March/April 2009 (Covergirl: Charlene Fry)



The Year in Sex

Wet & Wild Women/Wet & Wild

Women of the World/Girls of the World/Sexy Girls of the World

  • Women of the World 1987 (Covergirl: Ruth Guerri)
  • Girls of the World 1992 (Covergirl: Isabelle Fortea)
  • Girls of the World 1994 (Covergirl: Heidi Sorenson)
  • Sexy Girls of the World 2001 (Covergirl: Nohemi Rodriguez)

Working Women

  • Working Women 1984 (Covergirls unknown)
  • Working Women 1988 (Covergirl: Cynthia Kaye)


First Playboy Special Edition issue in 1983: Bunnies #3

There is a variety of Special Editions that are only single issues.

  • Bunnies #3 1983 (Covergirl: Jennifer Babtist - first issue[1])
  • Women of Television 1984 (Covergirls unknown)
  • Playboy - The Parody 1984 (Covergirl: Bo Derek)
  • Newsmakers 1985 (Covergirls unknown)
  • Entertaining Women 1985 (Covergirls unknown)
  • Sporting Women 1986 (Covergirls unknown)
  • Country Girls 1987 (Covergirl: Kymberly Paige)
  • Holiday Girls 1987 (Covergirl: Laurie Carr)
  • Photography 1988 (Covergirls: Marianne Gravatte & Vanity)
  • Women on the Move 1988 (Covergirl: India Allen)
  • 100 Beautiful Women 1988 (Covergirl: Jenilee Harrison)
  • Sex and Other Late-Night Laughs 1990 (Contains cartoons only)
  • Women 1991 (Covergirl: Lillian Müller)
  • Career Girls 1992 (Covergirl: Alexandra Hayes)
  • Beauty Queens 1994 (Covergirl: Jacqueline Meyer)
  • Hot Denim Daze May 1995 (Covergirls: Patricia Ford, Wendy Hamilton & Kerri Kendall)
  • Sexy Ladies 1995 (Covergirls: Roxanne Loupe, Lois Kaplan & Melissa Queen)
  • Blondes 1995 (Covergirls: Shae Marks & Chrissy Ranay)
  • Sexy Swimsuits February 1996 (Covergirl: Becky Delos Santos)
  • Lingerie Model Search 1997 (Covergirl: Nicole Dawniel)
  • Sexy Latin Ladies 1997 (Covergirl: Maria Checa)
  • Women of Color 1997 (Covergirls: Sophronia Williams, Lisa Ortega & Sung Hi Lee)
  • Playboy's 1998 Guide to Men's Clubs 1997 (Covergirl: Shari Lauren)
  • X-Girls November 1997 (Covergirl: Leah Darby)
  • Body Language 1998 (Covergirl: Jenny Cote)
  • Sex Stars of the Century 1999 (Covergirls: Pamela Anderson & Cindy Crawford)
  • Asian Beauties 2000 (Covergirl: Sung Hi Lee)
  • Sexy Girls in Sports September 2000 (Covergirl: Danelle Folta)
  • CyberGirls 2002 (Covergirl: Gina Patrone)
  • Sexy Girls 2004 (Covergirl: Erin Connor)


List of Playboy Supplements

The Playboy Cartoon Album

  • The Playboy Cartoon Album 1 1963 (Contains cartoons only)
  • The Playboy Cartoon Album 2 1965 (Contains cartoons only)
  • The Playboy Cartoon Album 3 1969 (Contains cartoons only)
  • The Playboy Cartoon Album 4 1971 (Contains cartoons only)
  • The Playboy Cartoon Album 5 1972 (Contains cartoons only)
  • The Playboy Cartoon Album 6 1973 (Contains cartoons only)
  • The Playboy Cartoon Album 7 1980 (Contains cartoons only)

The Best from Playboy

  • The Best from Playboy 1964 (Cover consists of 6 Playboy magazine covers)
  • The Best from Playboy 1968 (Cover consists of 6 Playboy magazine covers)
  • The Best from Playboy 1969 (Cover consists of 6 Playboy magazine covers)
  • The Best from Playboy 1970 (Cover consists of 6 Playboy magazine covers)
  • The Best from Playboy 1971 (Cover consists of 6 Playboy magazine covers)
  • The Best from Playboy 1972 (Cover consists of 6 Playboy magazine covers)
  • The Best from Playboy 1973 (Cover consists of 6 Playboy magazine covers)
  • The Best from Playboy (First Printing) 1975 (Cover consists of 6 Playboy magazine covers)
  • The Best from Playboy (Second Printing) 1975 (Covergirl unknown)
  • The Best from Playboy 1982 (Cover consists of 6 Playboy magazine covers)
  • The Best from Playboy 1983 (Cover consists of 6 Playboy magazine covers)

Playboy's Holiday Album

  • Playboy's Holiday Album 1970 (Covergirl: Gwen Wong)
  • Playboy's Holiday Album 1971 (Covergirl: Shay Knuth)

Playboy's Girls of the World

  • Playboy's Girls of the World 1971 (Covergirl: Pirkko Patanen)
  • Playboy's Girls of the World 1 1972 (Covergirl: Susie Bright)
  • Playboy's Girls of the World 1992 (Covergirl: unknown)
  • Playboy's Girls of the World 1994 (Covergirl: unknown)

Playboy Bunnies

  • Playboy Bunnies 1972 (Covergirl: Heather Van Every)
  • Playboy Bunnies #2 1979 (Covergirl: Betsy La Vielle)

The Girls of Playboy

  • The Girls of Playboy (First Printing) 1973 (Covergirl: Barbi Benton)
  • The Girls of Playboy (Second Printing) 1975 (Covergirl: Liv Lindeland)
  • The Girls of Playboy (Third Printing) 1978 (Covergirl: Claudia Jennings)
  • The Girls of Playboy 2 (First Printing) 1974 (Covergirl: Marilyn Cole)
  • The Girls of Playboy 2 (Second Printing) Unknown (Covergirl: Christine Maddox)
  • The Girls of Playboy 2 (Third Printing) 1978 (Covergirl: Miki Garcia)
  • The Girls of Playboy 3 (First Printing) 1978 (Covergirl: Daina House)
  • The Girls of Playboy 3 (Second Printing) Unknown (Covergirl: Daina House)
  • The Girls of Playboy 4 (First Printing) 1980 (Covergirl: Debra Jo Fondren)
  • The Girls of Playboy 4 (Second Printing) 1982 (Covergirl: Debra Jo Fondren)
  • The Girls of Playboy 5 1982 (Covergirl: Jeana Tomasino)

Eve Today

Playboy's New Holiday Album


  • Ecstasy (Book One: Women's Sexual Fantasies) 1976 (Covergirl unknown)
  • Ecstasy (Book Two: Men's Sexual Fantasies) 1976 (Covergirl unknown)

Sexy Ladies/More Sexy Ladies

  • Sexy Ladies 1977 (Covergirl unknown)
  • More Sexy Ladies 1978 (Covergirl unknown)

Fashion For Men

  • Fashion For Men Spring/Summer 1981 (Covergirl unknown)
  • Fashion For Men Fall/Winter 1981 (Covergirl: Karen Howard)
  • Fashion For Men Spring/Summer 1982 (Covergirl: Tina Turner)
  • Fashion For Men Fall/Winter 1982 (Covergirl: Raquel Welch)
  • Fashion For Men Spring 1983 (Covergirl: Christie Brinkley)


  • Pl*yb*y (Harvard Lampoon Parody) 1966 (Covergirl unknown)
  • Playboy's John Dempsey 1970 (See: John Dempsey; contains cartoons only)
  • The Sexual Revolution 1970 (Covergirl unknown)
  • The Youth Culture 1971 (Covergirl unknown)
  • Playboy's Phil Interlandi 1971 (See: Phil Interlandi; contains cartoons only)
  • Playboy's Little Annie Fanny 1972 (See: Little Annie Fanny; contains cartoons only)
  • Playboy's Alden Erikson 1972 (See: Alden Erikson; contains cartoons only)
  • Playboy's Vargas Girls 1972 (See: Alberto Vargas)
  • Mirror of Venus 1972 (Covergirl unknown)
  • The Sensuous Society 1973 (Covergirl unknown)
  • Women by 10 1973 (Covergirl unknown)
  • Playboy's Gahan Wilson 1973 (See: Gahan Wilson; contains cartoons only)
  • The Pocket Playboy #1 1973 (Covergirl: Paulette Lindberg)
  • Love Games 1975 (Covergirl unknown)
  • Deborah's Dreams (A Victorian Fantasy) 1976 (Covergirl unknown)
  • Love Scenes 1976 (Covergirl unknown)
  • Noelle (and the twelve nights of Christmas) 1976 (Covergirl: Noelle)
  • Playboy's Buck Brown 1981 (See: Buck Brown; contains cartoons only)
  • Leading Ladies 1981 (Covergirl: Bo Derek)
  • Dreams (Richard Fegley) 1982 (Covergirl unknown)
  • Playbore 1983 (Covergirl: Barbi Benton)


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