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Poets of the Fall

Poets of the Fall performing in Berlin on 24 April 2008
Background information
Origin Helsinki, Finland
Genres Alternative rock
Years active 2003 – present
Labels Insomniac
Associated acts Playground
Pohjoinen Syke
Website www.poetsofthefall.com
Marko Saaresto
Oliver Tukiainen
Markus Kaarlonen
Jani Snellman
Jaska Mäkinen
Jari Salminen

Poets of the Fall (POTF) are an independent rock band from Helsinki, Finland that was formed by Marko Saaresto and Oliver Tukiainen in 2003.[1] The band currently consists of Saaresto, (lead vocals, songwriter), Tukiainen (lead guitar), Markus "Captain" Kaarlonen (keyboards, production), Jani Snellman (bass guitar), Jaska Mäkinen (rhythm guitar, backing vocals) and Jari Salminen (drums, percussion).

The band's fourth album, named Twilight Theater, was released on March 17 2010. The first single from the album, Dreaming Wide Awake, was released in Finland on February 3 and entered the Finnish charts at number 18.


Band history

Early years (2003–2004)

The band was founded in 2003 with the collaboration of Saaresto and Tukiainen. The latter had written a few songs for Saaresto's previous band Playground. Shortly after, they were joined by Kaarlonen whom Saaresto got to know through his friend Sami Järvi, a scriptwriter working at Remedy Entertainment.

On 30 June 2004, the Poets released Late Goodbye as their first single[2] due to the great amount of positive feedback the song had received.[citation needed] On 9 September 2004, Poets' second single Lift was released.[3] Lift appeared on Futuremark's computer benchmarking program, 3DMark05.[4]

The band was voted fresh newcomer of 2004 in Finland. Lift won second place in the best song of the year category, Late Goodbye reached rank 7.[5] The Poets started their Signs of Life-tour on 22 October 2004 with a concert in Tampere, Finland.[6] On 18 December 2004, the Poets released a net download single entitled Maybe Tomorrow is a Better Day.[7]

Signs of Life (2005–2006)

The band's first album Signs of Life was released on 19 January, 2005.[8] and was selected to be the "Album of the Week" on the Finnish national radio channel YleX.[9] After being released it went up to number one in its first week on the Finnish Top 40 album chart.[10] It was certified gold on 24 May, 2005,[11] platinum on 26 April 2006[12] and has spent 56 weeks on the list.[13] The album was awarded the Emma Award for the "Best Debut Album of the Year 2005" and the band was awarded in the "Best Newcomer of the Year" category.[14]

Accompanying the album, the band released a video for the song Lift.[15]

On 19 January, 2006 band was voted "Best Finnish Breakthrough" at the NRJ Radio Awards.[16]

Carnival of Rust (2006–2007)

On 9 February 2006, POTF made an announcement of their upcoming single to be released on 22 March, 2006. Carnival of Rust included two versions of the title track (a radio edit and album edition), along with an exclusive live recording of Don't Mess With Me.[17] The live recording took place at Rockperry Festival, Vaasa, Finland on 15 July 2005.[citation needed] The single was released in Germany on 1 December 2006.[18]

On 12 March 2006, the Poets' announced their tour dates of the Carnival of Rust-tour. It was also brought to the fans' attention that their drummer, Tapio had left the band to pursue his career in photography. He was replaced by Jari Salminen.[19]

On 30 March 2006 the Carnival of Rust- music video was released for viewing on The Voice and MTV Finland.The director from Lift, Tuomas "Stobe" Harju, continued to work with the band for this project.[20]

The Poets' second album Carnival of Rust was released in Finland on 12 April 2006,[21] after being delayed from its original release date, 5 April.[citation needed] It includes 11 new songs, a remastered version of Maybe Tomorrow is a Better Day, as well as the music video to the title track.[22]

The album went straight to the top on Finnish radio channel YleX due to fan votes[23] and was recognized as "Album of the Week"[24] after remaining number one for three weeks straight.[citation needed]

Carnival of Rust followed in its predecessor's footsteps on 19 April 2006 when the Top40 show announced that the Poets would have two albums on their list. After a week on store shelves, the album went straight to number one on the Finnish charts.[25][26]

On 10 May 2006, Signs of Life was dropped from the Top40 list, where Carnival of Rust continued to reside on the higher end of the list. It was certified gold only three weeks after being released[27] and platinum on 11 December 2006.[28] The album has been released in Sweden on 12 September 2006.[29] It was selected as one of the best albums 2006 by Finland's largest newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat.[30]

In 2007 the Poets continued their Carnival of Rust-tour, playing 55 gigs in 7 countries. The tour ended on 27 October 2007 with the band's first concert in Asia at the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur.[31]

On 20 January 2007 they were awarded the "Best Finnish Band"-Award at the 2007 NRJ Radio Awards.[32]

On 20 April 2007 the Carnival of Rust-album was released in Germany.[33]

On 5 May 2007 it was announced that the Poets' Carnival of Rust-video had won the "Bronze Muuvi Award", as well as the "Muuvi People's Choice Award", having received 71 percent of all votes.[34]

Revolution Roulette (2008-2009)

On 9 January 2008 the Poets accounted a new single called The Ultimate Fling which was released in Finland on 6 February 2008.[35] The single features three versions of the title track as well as a live recording of Fire, the opening track of the band's second album Carnival of Rust.[22] The live version was recorded during the Poets' performance at the Ankkarock Festival 2007 on 5 August.[31] The single charted at #2 in the Finnish singles charts.[36]

The Poets' third album Revolution Roulette was released in Finland on 26 March 2008[22] and, just like its two predecessors, went straight to the top of the Finnish charts.[37] It was cerified gold two weeks after being released.[38]

Their third tour started with a gig in Jyväskylä, Finland on 18 April 2008. The band also performed in Germany, Russia and Sweden. They played their first show in the United States in Los Angeles during Musexpo 2008 on 29 April 2008.[39]

The band participated in the Voice's CD compilation Livenä Vieraissa, with a cover version of Chris Cornell's song You Know My Name, and their own song Diamonds for Tears. The songs were recorded live in studio.[40]

On 12 July 2009 a remastered version of Carnival of Rust video appeared on PotF's Youtube channel. The Special Edition adds lots of new details, depth and clarity to the picture. The new version has been remastered by Elmeri Raitanen, directed by Stobe Harju and produced by Nitro FX.[41]

Twilight Theater (2010 onwards)

Mid 2009 after finishing the Revolution Roulette-tour, the band announced they would be heading into the studio to record their fourth album. On December 9 2009, the band announced that a song entitled War from their fourth studio album would be featured in Alan Wake, a psychological thriller developed by Remedy Entertainment.

On January 18, the band announced that their fourth album entitled Twilight Theater would be released on March 17 and that the first single from the album would be Dreaming Wide Awake which debuted on Radio NRJ Suomi on January 21[42] and was released on February 3.


Studio albums

Album Release dates Charts Certifications
Signs of Life 19 January 2005 (Finland)[8]
August 2005 (Denmark, Norway, Sweden)[43]
12 April 2008 (Worldwide iTunes)[44]
#1 (Finland)[10] IFPI certification: Platinum[12]
Carnival of Rust 12 April 2006 (Finland)[21]
12 September 2006 (Sweden)[29]
October 2006 (Australia, Russia, Ukraine)[45]
20 April 2007 (Germany)[33]
12 April 2008 (Worldwide iTunes)[44]
#1 (Finland)[25] IFPI certification: Platinum[28]
Revolution Roulette 26 March 2008 (Finland) [46]
12 April 2008 (Worldwide iTunes)[44]
#1 (Finland)[37] IFPI certification: Gold[38]
Twilight Theater 17 March 2010 (Finland) [47][48] TBA TBA


Single Release dates Charts
Late Goodbye 30 June 2004 (Finland)[2] #14 (Finland) [49]
Lift 9 September 2004 (Finland)[3] #8 (Finland) [50]
Carnival of Rust 22 March 2006 (Finland)[51]

1 December 2006 (Germany)[18]

#2 (Finland)[52]
Sorry Go 'Round (Limited Edition) 16 August 2006 (Finland) [53] #7 (Finland) [54]
Locking Up the Sun 29 November 2006 (Finland) [55] #3 (Finland) [56]
The Ultimate Fling 6 February 2008 (Finland) [35] #2 (Finland)[36]
Diamonds for Tears 21 May 2008 (Finland)[57] #13 (Finland)[58]
Dreaming Wide Awake (Limited Edition) 03 February 2010 (Finland)[59] #18 (Finland)

Compilation albums

Album Release dates
Best of Poets of the Fall

Cover songs recorded for compilation albums

Year Song Original artist Recorded for
2008 Tobacco Road Dingo Melkein vieraissa - Nimemme on Dingo [62]
You Know My Name Chris Cornell Livenä Vieraissa[63]

Non-album songs

Year Song Included in
2004 The Beautiful Ones Lift


Year Video Director(s)
2004 Late Goodbye Tuomas Harju
2006 Carnival of Rust
Locking Up the Sun
2008 The Ultimate Fling Sami Mäkelä, Jussi Rautaniemi, Minni Wiitala
Diamonds For Tears Niina Miettinen
2009 Carnival of Rust (Special Edition HD Remaster) Tuomas Harju
2010 Dreaming Wide Awake Oskari Sipola


Years Tour Countries Concerts
2004-2005 Signs of Life-Tour 5 (Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden)[6] 62[6]
2006-2007 Carnival of Rust-Tour 8 (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, India, Lithuania, Russia, Sweden)[31][64] 126 [31][64]
2008-2009 Revolution Roulette-Tour 5 (Finland, Germany, Russia, Sweden, United States)[65] 59[39]
2010-Present Twilight Theater-Tour 2 (Finland, Russia) 13


Year Award Category Related Work Result
2004 Game Audio Network Guild (G.A.N.G.) Awards Best Original Vocal Song – Pop Late Goodbye Won[66]
YleX's "Best of 2004" Best Finnish Newcomer Themselves Won[5]
Best Finnish Song Lift 2nd place[5]
Late Goodbye 7th place[5]
2005 IFPI Finland Gold Record Signs of Life Awarded[11]
Musiikki & Media Events Newcomer of '05 Themselves Won[67]
Radio City Album of the Year Signs of Life 7th place[68]
The Voice Top 106 Lift 10th place[69]
2006 NRJ Radio Awards Best Finnish Breakthrough 2005 Themselves Won[16]
Emma Awards Best Newcomer of the Year Themselves Won[14]
Best Debut Album of the Year Signs of Life Won[14]
IFPI Finland Platinum Record Signs of Life Awarded[12]
Gold Record Carnival of Rust Awarded[27]
Platinum Record Carnival of Rust Awarded[28]
MTV Europe Music Awards Best Finnish Act Themselves Won[70]
The Voice Best Music Video 2006 Carnival of Rust Won[71]
TV2's Musiikki-TV Best Finnish Music Video of All Times Carnival of Rust Won[72]
The Voice Best Music Video 2006 Locking Up the Sun 12th place[71]
2007 NRJ Radio Awards Best Finnish Band Themselves Won[32]
Best Nordic Band Themselves Nominated[73]
Best Finnish Album Carnival of Rust Nominated[73]
Muuvi Awards Bronze Muuvi Award Carnival of Rust Won[34]
Muuvi People's Choice Award Carnival of Rust Won[34]
Emma Awards Best Rock Album Carnival of Rust Nominated[74]
Helsingin Sanomat Most Beloved Finnish Rock Song Late Goodbye Nominated[75]
2008 IFPI Finland Gold Record Revolution Roulette Awarded[38]


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