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The Pohang class corvette is used by the South Korean Navy for coastal defense.


Pohang class corvette

  • Builders:  South Korea
  • Displacement: 1,350 tons
  • Armament: 2 OTO Mellara(76mm)/62 compact, 2 Breda 40mm/70, 4 RGM-84D Harpoon SSM, 2 MM-38 Exocet, MK-46 mod 2
  • Sonar : Signall PHS-32 Hull mounter sonar
  • Speed: 32 knots
  • Range: 5,000 at 15 knots
  • Ships in class: 24
  • Operators:  Republic of Korea Navy
  • Commissioned: 1 January 1985
  • Fate: In active service

Ships in the class

 Name   Number   Builder   Launched   Commissioned   Decommissioned   Status 
Early Type
Pohang PCC-756 1 January 1985 30 June 2009 To be disposed of in support of fleet training exercise
Gunsan PCC-757 Active
Gyeongju PCC-758 Active
Mokpo PCC-759 Active
Later Type
Gimcheon PCC-761 Active
Chungju PCC-762 Active
Jinju PCC-763 Active
Yeosu PCC-765 Active
Jinhae PCC-766 Active
Suncheon PCC-767 Active
Iri PCC-768 Active
Wonju PCC-769 Active
Andong PCC-771 Active
Cheonan PCC-772 Active
Bucheon PCC-773 Active
Seongnam PCC-775 Active
Jecheon PCC-776 Active
Daecheon PCC-777 Active
Sokcho PCC-778 Active
Yeongju PCC-779 Active
Namwon PCC-781 Active
Gwangmyeong PCC-782 Active
Sinseong PCC-783 Active
Gongju PCC-785 Active

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