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Point Arena Air Force Station
Part of Aerospace Defense Command
Mendocino County, California
Type Long Range Radar Site
Coordinates 40°20′01″N 124°06′04″W / 40.333722°N 124.10104°W / 40.333722; -124.10104
In use 1951 - 1980

Point Arena Air Force Station was a US Air Force early warning radar base in operation from December 1951 to the mid 1980s. It was originally located at Hill Peak Road (now Eureka Hill Road) at 40.333722, -124.10104. Its Air Force Callsign was "Madam". The station was manned by the 776th Radar Squadron until the unit was deactivated around 1980 and an element of the 26th Air Defense Squadron continued operations. A reorganization in 1987 placed the site under the Southwest Air Defense Sector of the 25th Air Division. The site is now closed, replaced by FAA/USAF JSS site at Rainbow Ridge, CA (J-83A), with an ARSR-4 radar."

The road leading to the site was originally known as Hill Peak Road but at some point changed names to Eureka Hill Road. In addition to the site's radars, it also supplied ground-to-air communications to aircraft within its operating area. The radio equipment was located at the GATR (ground air transmitter and receiver) site, located at the crest of Eureka Hill Road, a few miles from the actual radar site. The GATR site was remotely located from the radar site to minimize interference from the radars into the radio gear.

Since the late 1990s the DoD has tried to give away the property to various local government agencies, however the cost of environmental cleanup (lead paint and asbestos) have limited interest in the property. The remote location from major population centers also hurts its "marketablity."

This site is also claimed to be haunted. In the 1970s and '80s People who have been stationed there claimed to have seen "Radar Tower" visitors dressed in '50s style uniforms and '50s style civilian clothing. These alleged spirits stood next to the (removed) radar screen (checking the bleeps?)and then walked through the wall to where the sleeping quarters were. On the site grounds its self there have been reports of a little blond headed girl about four years old who runs through the trees playing games of hide and seek and chase with personal.

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