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The poise (symbol P; pronounced /ˈpwɑːz/) is the unit of dynamic viscosity in the centimetre gram second system of units. It is named after Jean Louis Marie Poiseuille.

1 P = 1 g·cm−1·s−1

The analogous unit in the International System of Units is the pascal second (Pa·s):

1 Pa·s = 1 kg·m−1·s−1 = 10 P

The poise is often used with the metric prefix centi-. A centipoise is one one-hundredth of a poise, and one millipascal-second (mPa·s) in SI units. (1 cP = 10−2P = 10−3 Pa·s) Centipoise is properly abbreviated cP, but the alternate abbreviations cps, cp, and cPs are also commonly seen.

Water has a viscosity of 0.0091 poise at 25 °C, or 1 centipoise at 20 °C.

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