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Studio album by Decrepit Birth
Released July 27, 2010 [1]
Genre Technical death metal
Length 50:39
Label Nuclear Blast
Producer Zack Ohren, and Matt Sotelo
Professional reviews
  • [2]
  • Metal Assault [3]
  • MetalSucks [4]
  • Sputnik Music [5]
Decrepit Birth chronology

Diminishing Between Worlds

Polarity is the third studio album by the American death metal band Decrepit Birth. A music video for the song "The Resonance" was filmed, and is the band's first music video.[6] The music video was directed by Ann Christin "Anki"Rihm.[7] The album art work for Polarity was made by Dan Seagrave. He also made the artwork for the band's first two studio albums.[8]


Track listing

  1. "(A Departure of the Sun) Ignite the Tesla Coil"
  2. "Metatron"
  3. "The Resonance"
  4. "Polarity"
  5. "Solar Impulse"
  6. "Mirroring Dimensions"
  7. "A Brief Odyssey in Time"
  8. "The Quickening of Time"
  9. "Sea of Memories"
  10. "Symbiosis"
  11. "Darkness Embrace"
  12. "See Through Dreams" (Death Cover) (Digipak Bonus Track)



  • Bill Robinson - vocals
  • Matt Sotelo - guitar
  • Joel Horner - bass
  • KC Howard - drums
  • Dan Eggers - Guitar solos on "The Quickening of Time", "Symbiosis", and "Polarity"
  • Lee Smith - Drums on "See Through Dreams", and "Darkness Embrace"
  • Ty Oliver - Guitar solo on "Solar Impulse"


  • Drum tracking by Zack Ohren at Shark Bite Studios
  • All guitar, bass, vocals, and keys tracked at Legion Recording Studio
  • Mixing by Zack Ohren and Matt Sotelo at Castle Ultimate Studios
  • Mastering by Jamal Ruhe at West West Side Studios


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