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Polish Christian Democratic Party (Polish: Polskie Stronnictwo Chrześcijańskiej Demokracji, abbreviated PSChD, commonly known as Chrześcijańska" or Chadecja[1]), was a political party of Polish right wing christian democracy faction existing in the first year of the Second Polish Republic. It leader and main activist was Wojciech Korfanty.

In 1922 Chadecja became part of the Chrześcijański Związek Jedności Narodowej (Chiena) coalition. Part of the Chjeno-Piast coalition after signing the Lanckorona Pact in 1923.

After the May Coup of 1926, split into three factions. Member of Centrolew coalition in 1929. Member of Front Morges coalition on 1937, and merged with Narodowa Partia Robotnicza to form Stronnictwo Pracy.


  1. ^ Note that the terms Chrześcijańska Demokracja or Chadecja in Poland can refer to the dominant Polish Christian context


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