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Universidad Politécnica Salesiana
Established 1994
Type Private University
Rector P. Luciano Bellini Fedozzi
Undergraduates [14,000]
Location Cuenca, Guayaquil, Quito, Ecuador

The Politecnica Salesiana University is an institution of higher education and Christian inspiration with catholic character and nature salesiana. The University is characterized by its opportunity for youth, especially of the poor sectors.



In 1887 the Ecuador’s government signed an agreement with Don Bosco in order that the Salesians take under their responsibility the Catholic Protectorate of Arts and Trades in Quito. Ecuador was first one of the non-European countries that receive the children of the educator saint of Turin; the first war Argentina in 1877. Very soon the Salesian’s charisma was established in the Andean country of the north South America.


Foundation of the UPS

On August 5, 1994 the National Congress of the Republic of the Ecuador creates the Politecnica Salesiana University, with its counterfoil in the city of Cuenca, with headquarters in the cities of Quito and Guayaquil. The academic activities begin in October of the same year.


The Technical University Salesiana is an institution of higher education and Christian inspiration with catholic character and nature salesiana. As institution of higher education, it is an academic community, which of rigorous, critical form and positivism, promotes the development of the human being and the cultural patrimony of the society by means of the investigation, the education and social projection. Therefore, the exigency of the scientific and academic factor is its conditio sine qua non. The Christian inspiration of the UPS supposes a vision of the world and of the person who takes as base and in synergy the Christ's gospel, and an academic community that shares and promotes this vision. The catholic character demonstrates to have born of the heart of the Catholic Church, and to be kept in communion with it. Besides supposes an institutional commitment to the service to the society and of the same Church in the university area. The values of the spirit and of the pedagogy salesiana, born of the Preventive System Salesiano, lived by Don Bosco in the Oratory Salesiano enrich the nature, the activity and the way of being part of the UPS University. This implies: a) A prior option for youth, especially in the poor sectors; b) An integrated relation among faith, culture and science (good Christian and honest citizens); c) A community experience based on the presence, with spirit of family, of the teachers and the personnel of management with and for the students; d) An academic and educational style of relations based on the affection demonstrated to the students and perceived by them (amorevolleza).


The Politecnica Salesiana University is constituted by four Faculties and one Posgrados's Unit on campus Cuenca (C), Guayaquil (G), and Quito (Q).


    • Administración de Empresas C, G, Q
    • Contabilidad y Auditoría C, G, Q
    • Gerencia y Liderazgo Q
    • Antropología Aplicada Q
    • Comunicación Social C, Q
    • Cultura Física C
    • Educación Intercultural Bilingüe Q
    • Filosofía y Pedagogía Q
    • Gestión para el Desarrollo Local Sostenible C, Q
    • Pedagogía C, Q
    • Psicología, y C, Q
    • Teología Pastoral. Q
    • Maestría en Educaión con Mención en Gestión Educativa
    • Maestría en Administración de Empresas
    • Maestría en Antropología y Cultura
    • Maestría en Ciencias de la Computación
    • Maestría en Desarrollo Local con mención en Movimientos Sociales
    • Maestría en Diseño Curricular
    • Maestría en Educación Especial con mención en Educación de las Personas con Discapacidad Visual
    • Maestría en Gestión de Telecomunicaciones
    • Maestría en Intervención, Asesoría y Terapia Familiar Sistémica
    • Maestría en Métodos Numéricos para Diseño de Ingeniería
    • Maestría en Política Social de la Infancia y Adolescencia
    • Maestría en Sistemas Integrados de Gestión de la Calidad, Ambiente y Seguridad
    • Especialización en Educación a Distancia
    • Especialización en Gerencia de Empresas de Telecomunicaciones
    • Especialización en Métodos Numéricos
    • Especialista en Poder y Desarrollo Local
    • Diplomado Superior en Auditoría en Instituciones de Microfinanzas
    • Diplomado Superior en Docencia Universitaria
    • Diplomado Superior en Evaluación de la Educación Superior
    • Diplomado Superior en Gerencia de Marketing
    • Diplomado Superior en Gestión de Competencias


Congreso Internacional de Software Libre y Democratización del Conocimiento


Rectorado: Avenida Turuhuayco 3-69 y Calle Vieja - Cuenca; Sede Matriz Cuenca: Calle Vieja 12-30 y Elia Liut - Cuenca; Sede Quito: Avenida 12 de Octubre N24-22 y Wilson - Quito; Sede Guayaquil: Chambers 227 entre Robles y Laura Vicuña - Guayaquil.

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