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The politics of Chongqing is structured in a dual party-government system like all other governing institutions in the People's Republic of China (PRC).

The Mayor of Chongqing is the highest ranking official in the People's Government of Chongqing. Since Chongqing is a centrally administered municipality, the mayor occupies the same level in the order of precedence as provincial governors. However, in the city's dual party-government governing system, the mayor has less power than the Chongqing Communist Party of China Municipal Committee Secretary, colloquially termed the "Chongqing CPC Party chief".


List of Mayors of Chongqing



Republic of China

  1. Pan Wenhua (潘文华): November 1927-July 1935
  2. Zhang Biguo (张必果): July 1935-April 1936
  3. Li Hongkun (李宏锟): April 1936-August 1938
  4. Jiang Zhicheng (蒋志澄): August 1938-May 1939
  5. He Guoguang (贺国光): May 1939-December 1939
  6. Wu Guozhen (吴国桢): December 1939-December 1942
  7. He Yaozu (贺耀祖): December 1942-November 1945
  8. Zhang Dulun (张笃伦): November 1945-April 1948
  9. Yang Sen (杨森): April 1948-November 1949

People's Republic of China

  1. Chen Xilian (陈锡联): December 1949- September 1950
  2. Cao Diqiu (曹荻秋): January 1951-January 1955
  3. Ren Baige (任白戈): January 1955-July 1966
  4. Lan Yinong (蓝亦农): May 1967-December 1968
  5. Duan Siying (段思英): December 1968-1969
  6. He Yunfeng (何云峰): 1969-December 1973
  7. Lu Dadong (鲁大东): December 1973-1978
  8. Qian Min (钱敏): May 1978-August 1978
  9. Ding Changhe (丁长河): August 1978-March 1980
  10. Yu Hanqing (于汉卿): March 1980-May 1985
  11. Xiao Yang (肖秧): May 1985-August 1988
  12. Sun Tongchuan (孙同川): August 1988-April 1993
  13. Liu Zhizhong (刘志忠): May 1993 -September 1996
  14. Pu Haiqing (蒲海清): September 1996-June 1999
  15. Bao Xuding (包叙定): June 1999-October 2002
  16. Wang Hongju (王鸿举): October 2002-incumbent

List of the CPC Chongqing Committee Secretaries

  1. Chen Xilian (陈锡联): 1949-1950
  2. Zhang Linzhi (张霖之): 1950-1952
  3. Cao Diqiu (曹荻秋): 1952-1954
  4. ...
  5. Qian Min (钱敏): 1977-1978
  6. Ding Changhe (丁长河)
  7. Wang Qian (王谦): 1981-1985
  8. Liao Bokang (廖伯康): 1985-1988
  9. Xiao Yang (肖殃): 1988-1993
  10. Sun Tongchuan (孙同川): 1993-1995
  11. Zhang Delin (张德邻): 1995-June 1999 
  12. He Guoqiang: June 1999-October 2002 
  13. Huang Zhendong (黄镇东): October 2002-December 2005
  14. Wang Yang (汪洋): December 2005-December 2007
  15. Bo Xilai (薄熙来): December 2007-

List of Chairmen of Chongqing People's Congress

  1. Wang Yunlong (王云龙): 1997-2002
  2. Huang Zhendong (黄镇东): 2003-2005
  3. Wang Yang (汪洋): 2006-incumbent

List of Chairmen of CPPCC Chongqing Committee

  1. Zhang Wenbin (张文彬): 1997-2003
  2. Liu Zhizhong (刘志忠): 2003-incumbent


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