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The Politics of Qinghai Province in the People's Republic of China are structured in a dual party-government system like all other governing institutions in mainland China.

The Governor of Qinghai (青海省省长) is the highest ranking official in the People's Government of Qinghai. However, in the province's dual party-government governing system, the Governor has less power than the Qinghai Communist Party of China Provincial Committee Secretary (青海省委书记), colloquially termed the "Qinghai Party Chief".

Post-1949 leadership

Secretaries of the CPC Qinghai Committee
Order Name Chinese Name Governance period
1 Zhang Zhongliang 张仲良 1949-1954
2 Zhao Shoushan 赵寿山 1952
3 Gao Feng 高峰 1954-1961
4 Wang Zhao 王昭 1961-1962
5 Yang Zhilin 杨植霖 1962-1966
6 Liu Xianquan 刘贤权 1967-1977
7 Tan Qilong 谭启龙 1977-1979
8 Liang Buting 梁步庭 1979-1982
9 Zhao Haifeng 赵海峰 1982-1985
10 Yin Kesheng 尹克升 1985-1997
11 Tian Chengping 田成平 1997-1999
12 Bai Enpei 白恩培 1999-2001
13 Su Rong 苏荣 2001-2003
14 Zhao Leji 赵乐际 2003-2007
15 Qiang Wei 强卫 2007-incumbent
Governors of Qinghai
Order Name Chinese Name Governance period
1 Zhao Shoushan 赵寿山 1950-1952
2 Zhang Zhongliang 张仲良 1952-1954
3 Sun Zuobin 孙作宾 1954-1958
4 Sun Junyi 孙君一 1958
5 Yuan Renyuan 袁任远 1958-1962
6 Wang Zhao 王昭 1962-1967
7 Liu Xianquan 刘贤权 1967-1977
8 Tan Qilong 谭启龙 1977-1979
9 Zhang Guosheng 张国声 1979-1982
10 Huang Jingbo 黄静波 1982-1985
11 Song Ruixiang 宋瑞祥 1985-1989
12 Jin Jipeng 金基鹏 1989-1992
13 Tian Chengping 田成平 1992-1997
14 Bai Enpei 白恩培 1997-1999
15 Zhao Leji 赵乐际 1999-2003
16 Yang Chuantang 杨传堂 2003-2004
17 Song Xiuyan 宋秀岩 2004-incumbent


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