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 - Total 2,417 km2 (933.2 sq mi)
Population (2002)
 - Total 304,125
 - Density 125.8/km2 (325.9/sq mi)

The Polog statistical region is one of eight arbitrary statistical regions in the Republic of Macedonia. Polog, located in the northwestern part of the country, borders Albania and Kosovo. Internally, it borders Southwestern and Skopje statistical regions.



Polog statistical region Municipalities

Polog is divided into 9 municipalities:

  1. Bogovinje municipality coat of armsBogovinje
  2. Brvenica
  3. Gostivar
  4. Jegunovce
  5. Mavrovo and Rostuša
  6. Tearce municipality coat of armsTearce
  7. Tetovo
  8. Vrapčište municipality coat of armsVrapčište
  9. Želino



The current population of the Polog statistical region is 304,125 citizens, according to the last population census in 2002.

Census Year Population Change
1994 282,432 N/A
2002 304,125 +8.24%

Largest settlements

Following is a list of the largest cities, towns, and villages in the region.

Rank City Population
1 Tetovo 52,915
2 Gostivar 35,847
3 Bogovinje 6,328
4 Vrapčište 4,874
5 Želino 4,110
6 Tearce 3,974
7 Brvenica 2,918


Polog is the only statistical region in Macedonia where Macedonians are not the majority.

Number %
TOTAL 304,125 100
Albanians 222,679 73.21
Macedonians 57,079 18.76
Turks 16,386 5.38
Romany 4,194 1.37
others 3,178 1.04

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