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Poo-Chi (or Poochi or Poochie) is a robot dog, created by Tiger Toys after the success of the Furby. It is one of the first generations of robopet toys. Poo-Chi was originally designed by artist Samuel James Lloyd and manufactured by Sega Toys. After becoming a huge hit in Japan they made a deal with Tiger Toys to distribute it in North America.



The original Poo-Chi had a gray body with ears, tail, and leg joints of either purple, blue, or pink. Its four legs allowed it to either stand up or lie down, and its eyes were red LEDs, displaying emotion. The symbols of his eyes were as follows: Hearts = Very Happy, Up-side-down 'U's = happy, small 'U's = Sad, small sideways D's = Angry. They were also manufactured for a short time as a Happy Meal toy at McDonalds.


Poo-Chi spoke using pre-recorded sounds such as barks, whines, and growls. These, were not very realistic and often sounded more like 'beeps' than anything.


There are other kinds of toys similar to Poo-Chi. They are all different animals, except the Super-Poo-Chi, which is the larger version of Poo-Chi.

  • Meow-Chi - a robotic cat.
  • Super Poo-Chi - a dog similar to Poo-Chi, but a larger version of Poo-Chi.
  • Dino-Chi - a robotic dinosaur.
  • Chirpy-Chi - a robotic bird.
  • Petal-Chi - a robotic flower or plant.
  • Baby-chi - a robotic baby.


You could make Poo-Chi sing one of 6 songs by triggering the light sensor (placing your hand or something else over his nose) and pressing the touch sensor on its head very quickly, until a series of high-pitched 'beeps' are heard. Then, press the touch sensor 1 to 6 times, each amount getting a different song. Poo-Chi sang and danced to songs such as 'The Wedding March' and 'When the Saints Come Marching In'. The different songs you can hear are listed below.

# of times to press the touch sensor

(after you hear the high-pitched 'beeps')

Song Title
1 The Wedding March
2 Camptown Races
3 The Star-Spangled Banner
4 I've Been Working on the Railroad/Home On the Range
5 O Canada
6 When the Saints Come Marching In

Poo-Chi would also often sing "Ode to Joy" by Ludwig van Beethoven when happy, and if another Poo-Chi or Robo-Chi pet is nearby (such as a Meow-Chi), that other Robo-Chi would begin to sing "Ode to Joy" as well, though unsynchronized.

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