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Benedict V
Papacy began May 22 964
Papacy ended June 23 964
Predecessor John XII
Successor Leo VIII
Personal details
Birth name ???
Born ???
Rome, Italy
Died July 4, 966
Hamburg, Germany
Other Popes named Benedict

Benedict V (born in Rome; died July 4 966), Pope in 964, was elected by the Romans on the death of Pope John XII (955–964). However the Roman Emperor Otto I (936–973) did not approve of the choice and had him deposed after only a month (according to contemporary sources, he validly consented and resigned), and the ex-Pope was carried off to Hamburg and was placed under the care of Adaldag, Archbishop of Hamburg-Bremen. There he became a deacon, dying in 966. He was first buried in the cathedral in Hamburg. At a later date his remains were transferred to Rome.

At the synod which deposed him the pastoral staff was broken over him by Pope Leo VIII (963–965); this is the first mention of the papal sceptre.

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John XII
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