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Boniface I
Pope Boniface I.jpg
Papacy began December 28 418
Papacy ended September 4 422
Predecessor Zosimus
Successor Celestine I
Personal details
Birth name ???
Born ???
Died September 4, 422
Other Popes named Boniface
Papal styles of
Pope Boniface I

Emblem of the Papacy SE.svg

Reference style His Holiness
Spoken style Your Holiness
Religious style Holy Father
Posthumous style Saint

Pope Saint Boniface I was pope from December 28 418 to September 4 422. He was a contemporary of Saint Augustine of Hippo, who dedicated to him some of his works.

On the death of Pope Zosimus, two parties put forward their own candidate for Pope, one for Boniface, the other for Eulalius. Galla Placidia, the Empress consort of Constantius III, the Western Roman Emperor, asked the emperor Honorius to intervene, and he sent an edict instructing both men to leave Rome. At the following Easter, Eulalius returned to the city to perform baptisms and celebrate the feast; when the emperor heard of this, Eulalius was stripped of his rank and banished from Rome, and on December 28, 418 Boniface became pope.

Boniface continued the opposition to Pelagianism, persuaded Emperor Theodosius II to return Illyricum to Western jurisdiction, and defended the rights of the Holy See.

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Preceded by
Succeeded by
Celestine I

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