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Celestine II
Caelestinus II.jpg
Papacy began September 25, 1143
Papacy ended March 8, 1144
Predecessor Innocent II
Successor Lucius II
Personal details
Birth name Guido di Castello
Born ???
Città di Castello, Papal States, Holy Roman Empire
Died March 8, 1144
Rome, Papal States, Holy Roman Empire
Other Popes named Celestine

Pope Celestine II (died March 8, 1144), born Guido di Castello, was pope from 1143 to 1144.

Early life

His first home was in Città di Castello in a place called Paterna Santa Felicita on a hill of Apennine. He had studied under Pierre Abélard. He was created Cardinal-Deacon of S. Maria in Via Lata by Pope Honorius II in 1128; as such, he signed the papal bulls between April 3, 1130 and December 21, 1133.[1] In the double papal election, 1130 he joined the obedience of Pope Innocent II. In December 1133 he was promoted to the rank of Cardinal-Priest of S. Marco. He signed the papal bulls as S.R.E. indignus sacerdos between January 12, 1134 and May 16, 1143.[2] He participated in the papal election, 1143 and was elected pope.


He governed the Church for only five months and thirteen days from his election until his death, March 8, 1144. The principal act of his papacy was the absolution of Louis VII of France (1137‚Äď80) at the request of the penitent monarch, and the removal of the interdict under which France had lain for three years. He was buried at the Lateran.


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Innocent II
Succeeded by
Lucius II

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