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Papacy began October 21, 686
Papacy ended September 21, 687
Predecessor John V
Successor Sergius I
Personal details
Birth name ???
Born ???
Died September 21, 687
Rome, Byzantine Empire

Pope Conon (died September 21, 687) was Pope from October 21, 686 until his death in Rome. Conon was buried in the Patriarchal Basilica of St. Peter.

He was put forward as a compromise candidate, there being a conflict between the two factions resident in Rome - military and clerical.

The son, seemingly, of an officer in the Thracian troop, he was educated in Sicily and ordained priest at Rome. His age, venerable appearance, and simple character caused the clergy and soldiery of Rome, who were in disagreement, to put aside their respective candidates and to elect him as pope. He was consecrated (21 October 686) after notice of his election had been sent to the Exarch of Ravenna, or after it had been confirmed by him.

He received the Irish missionaries, Saint Kilian and his companions, consecrated Kilian bishop, and commissioned him and the others to preach the Faith in Franconia. (Vita S. Kiliani, in Canisius, Lect. Antiquæ, III, 175-180.) He was in favour with Emperor Justinian II who informed him that he had recovered the Acts of the Sixth General Council, by which, he wrote, it was his intention to abide. Justinian also remitted certain taxes and dues owing to the imperial exchequer from several papal patrimonies.

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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
John V
Succeeded by
Sergius I


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