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Honorius II
Pope honorius ii.jpg
Papacy began December 21, 1124
Papacy ended February 13, 1130
Predecessor Callixtus II
Successor Innocent II
Personal details
Birth name Lamberto Scannabecchi
Born ca. 1036
Fiagnano, Papal States, Holy Roman Empire
Died February 13, 1130
Rome, Papal States, Holy Roman Empire
Other Popes named Honorius
See also, Antipope Honorius II, otherwise known as Peter Cadalus.

Pope Honorius II (died February 13, 1130), born Lamberto Scannabecchi (from 1117 Cardinal Lambert of Ostia), was pope from December 21, 1124, to February 13, 1130.

Lamberto came from a simple rural background at Fiagnano Castle, in Casalfiumanese commune, near Imola in present day Italy. In the 12th century, such a successful career from humble beginnings is a mark of outstanding abilities. His learning recommended him to Pope Paschal II (1099–1118), who called him to Rome. Appointed cardinal priest of the Titulus S. Praxedis in 1099, Lamberto was one of the cardinals who accompanied Pope Gelasius II in exile in 1118–1119. As a tested opponent of the emperor's right to select bishops in his territories, the Investiture Controversy, Lamberto was a natural choice for papal legate. He was sent in 1119 to deal with Henry V, Holy Roman Emperor (1105–25), and delegated with powers to come to an understanding concerning the right of investiture. The struggle came to a conclusion with the Concordat of Worms (1122), the "Pactum Calixtinum" that was almost as much a Pactum Lamberti was effected on September 23, 1123.

During his pontificate the Premonstratensian Order (also known as the Norbertines), and also that of the Knights Templar, received papal sanction.


Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Calixtus II
Succeeded by
Innocent II


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