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John III
Papa Joao III.jpg
Papacy began 561
Papacy ended July 13, 574
Predecessor Pelagius I
Successor Benedict I
Personal details
Birth name Catelinus
Born ???
Rome, Eastern Roman Empire
Died July 13, 574
Rome, Eastern Roman Empire
Other Popes named John

Pope John III was pope from 561 to July 13, 574.

Born Catelinus, he was of a distinguished family, being the son of one Anastasius who bore the title of illustris. Although John reigned nearly thirteen years very little is known of his pontificate. It fell during the stormy times of the Lombard invasion, and practically all the records of his reign have been destroyed. It is recorded in the Liber Pontificalis that he died on July 13, 574.

Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Pelagius I
Succeeded by
Benedict I


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