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In sources prior to the 1960s, this Pope is sometimes called Stephen III and Pope-elect Stephen is sometimes called Stephen II. See Pope-elect Stephen for detailed explanations.
Stephen II
La donacion de Pipino el Breve al Papa Esteban II.jpg
Papacy began March 26, 752
Papacy ended April 26, 757
Predecessor Zachary
Successor Paul I
Personal details
Birth name ???
Born ???
Died April 26, 757
Rome, Kingdom of Italy
Other Popes named Stephen

Pope Stephen II (d. April 26, 757[1]) was a Pope of the Roman Catholic Church (752 - 757).

The Lombards to the north of Rome had captured Ravenna, former capital of the Eastern Roman Empire exarchate, in 751, and began to put pressure on Rome. Relations were very strained in the mid-8th century between the papacy and the Eastern Roman emperors of the Isaurian dynasty. Due to the fact that the Eastern Roman Empire itself was beset by both the Abbasid Caliphate and Bulgars, no help came from Constantinople. Stephen turned to Pepin the Younger, the recently crowned King of the Franks, and even traveled to Paris to plead for help in person. On January 6 754, Stephen re-consecrated Pepin as king. In return, Pepin assumed the role of ordained protector of the Church and set his sights on the Lombards.

Pepin invaded Italy twice to settle the Lombard problem and delivered the territory between Rome and Ravenna to the Papacy, but left the Lombard kings in possession of their kingdom.


  1. ^ Biagia Catanzaro, Francesco Gligora, Breve Storia dei papi, da San Pietro a Paolo VI, Padova 1975, pag. 84
Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Paul I


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