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Reign 719 - 734
Born 674
Died 734

Poppo (674 - 734) also known as Bubo or Bobba was a king (or duke) of Frisia from the 8th century. After Aldgisl and Radboud he is the third Frisian ruler mentioned in the literature. He is possibly the last Frisian king. However Adgillis II, possibly Poppo's brother also ruled during the same period.

King or Duke

What the exact title of the Frisian rulers was depends on the source. Frankish sources tend to call them dukes; other sources often call them kings.


The literature from the early middle ages is silent on the successor to King Radboud. Because Poppo was the leader of the Frisian army in the battles against the Franks, and he was often absent he was probably Radboud's son and successor.

The Frisian kingdom gained its maximum extent during the reign of king Radboud. These increases in territory were at the expense of the Frankish Realm. These gains came to an end in 719 with Radboud's death when the Frankish major-domo Charles Martel in turn attacked the Friesian Empire and the Frisians were defeated.

From 720 the Frisian area west of the Vlie (Zeeland, Holland and Utrecht) was in Frankish hands. The written sources are briefly silence on the period after this. Nevertheless, there are indications that the local elite was involved in power sharing with the Franks. Presumably they chose the side of the Franks and no longer supported the Frisian king. Some people assume that after the defeat, Poppo agreed a treaty with Charles Martel. In any case, after 720 the territory west of the Vlie was in Frankish hands.

Then there is a brief period of peace with the Franks. This, however, came to an end when Charles Martel again attacked the Frisians in 733. With a fleet he stuck to the current Friesland and hit back against the Frisian territory of Oostergo. The following year (734), he returned and fought the Frisian army led by Poppo in the Battle of the Boarn, with the Frisian king being killed.[1] And with this Frankish victory, the power of the Frisian kings was broken.


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