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Pornografia is the name of a number of films, with the 2003 version being the best known one. In 1992, a short film with the same name was made in Brazil. The 2003 version was a collaboration of the Polish and French film industries.

2003 version

Pornografia was directed by Polish Jan Kolski. It is based on a Witold Gombrowicz novel, "Pornografia", placed in Poland occupied by Germany during World War II.

The film is filled with many intricacies, touching such themes as the European society of the 1940s as a whole, conspiracy, guerrilla, the Nazi invasion, murder, suicide, but also eroticism, guilt and manipulation of youth by adults.

The film was released in selected cities across the United States.

Film crew

Several Polish actors of name appeared in the film, including the following:

  • Krzysztof Majchrzak ("Fryderyk")
  • Adam Ferency ("Witold")
  • Krzysztof Globisz ("Hipolit")
  • Grazyna Blecka-Kolska ("Maria")
  • Grzegorz Damiecki ("Waclaw Paszkowski")
  • Jan Frycz ("Siemian")
  • Irena Laskowska ("Amelia")
  • Sandra Samos ("Henia")
  • Anna Baniowska ("Weronika")
  • Kazimierz Mazur ("Karol")
  • Jan Urbanski ("Skuziak")
  • Magdalena Rózczka
  • Henryk Niebudek (as a German Soldier named "Hans")
  • Dariusz Toczek
  • Jerzy Chojnowski ("Gustaw")

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