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A portacaval anastomosis (also known as portal systemic anastomosis ) is a specific type of anastomosis that occurs between the veins of portal circulation and those of systemic circulation.

Specific types include:

Region Name portal circulation systemic circulation
Esophageal esophageal varices left gastric vein Azygos vein
Rectal hemorrhoids superior rectal vein middle rectal veins and inferior rectal veins
Paraumbilical caput medusae paraumbilical veins superficial epigastric vein
Retroperitoneal (no clinical name) right colic vein, middle colic vein, left colic vein renal vein, suprarenal vein, paravertebral vein, and gonadal vein
Patent ductus venosus (no clinical name) - rare Left branch of portal vein inferior vena cava

It can be one of the conditions caused by portal hypertension. A useful mnemonic is that portal hypertension causes problems in the butt, the gut, and caput.



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