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The fasces, the namesake of fascism

Fascism is a political ideology based primarily on nationalism. Definitions of fascism beyond that are controversial, and the term is often abused as an epithet. Also, fascism’s position in the political spectrum is disputed. Fascism originated in Europe in the aftermath of World War I in the form of Italian Fascism. Similar movements, most notably Nazism, started in other countries, taking fascism worldwide. Several of these fascist movements came to power over their respective countries, many of which joined Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany to form the Axis powers. The Allies defeated the Axis in World War II. After that defeat, fascism went underground to later resurface as neofascism.

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The British National Party (BNP) is a far-right and whites-only political party in the United Kingdom. The party is not represented in the Parliament of the United Kingdom. According to its constitution, the BNP is "committed to stemming and reversing the tide of non-white immigration and to restoring, by legal changes, negotiation and consent the overwhelmingly white makeup of the British population that existed in Britain prior to 1948." The BNP also proposes "firm but voluntary incentives for immigrants and their descendants to return home." The BNP asserts that there are biological racial differences that determine the behaviour and character of individuals of different races, although it also claims that it does not regard whites as superior to other ethnic groups. The party claims that preference for one's own ethnicity is a part of human nature. Historically, under John Tyndall's leadership, the BNP was overtly anti-Semitic; however, under the leadership of Nick Griffin the party has members with Jewish ancestry and has tried to win Jewish votes. The party has said that it does not consider the Hindu or Sikh religions to have a significantly detrimental or threatening effect, although it does not accept practising Sikhs or Hindus as culturally or ethnically British.

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The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
Credit: USHMM

Schutzstaffel and Sicherheitsdienst troops suppress the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. They forced these captured Jews to leave their shelter and march to the Umschlagplatz for deportation. This image comes from Jürgen Stroop's report to Heinrich Himmler from May 1943. The original German caption reads: "Forcibly pulled out of dug-outs." The SD trooper pictured second from the right is Josef Blösche, who was identified by Polish authorities using this photograph. Blösche was tried for war crimes in Erfurt, East Germany in 1969, sentenced to death and executed in July of that year.

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Watchtower and electrified barbed wire fence of Buchenwald concentration camp

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Benito Mussolini
If relativism signifies contempt for fixed categories and those who claim to be the bearers of objective immortal truth, then there is nothing more relativistic than Fascist attitudes and activity. From the fact that all ideologies are of equal value, we Fascists conclude that we have the right to create our own ideology and to enforce it with all the energy of which we are capable.
Benito Mussolini, "Diuturna"


  • 7 July 2009: Scotland Yard voices fears of a terrorist attack from the far right.[1]
  • 3 July 2009: A German court declares 89-year-old John Demjanjuk fit to stand trial.[2]
  • 28 June 2009: On Croatia's national anti-fascism day, President Stjepan Mesić delivers a warning about the rise in sympathy for the Ustasha state.[3]
  • 27 June 2009: Nine former Nazi SS officers are sentenced to life imprisonment for a World War II massacre in Italy.[4]
  • 17 June 2009: Michela Vittoria Brambilla, the tourism minister of Italy, is accused of delivering a Roman salute.[5]
  • 15 June 2009: The Italian National Guard, a vigilante group set to begin foot patrols in Northern Italy, causes controversy when it unveils its uniform in Milan, which is seen as similar to that of the blackshirts.[6]


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