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The Geography Portal

A globus
Geography is the study of the location, extent, distribution, frequency and interaction of all significant elements of the human and physical environment on or near the Earth's surface, particularly its features and of the distribution of life on the earth, including human life and the effects of human activity. The word geography derives from the Greek γη (ge) or γαια (gaia) ("Earth") and γραφειν (graphein) ("to inscribe"). Physical geography focuses on the physical, meteorological and ecological patterns and processes on Earth. Human geography focuses on economic, political and cultural processes and features in their spatial dimensions. In addition to studying human and natural features of Earth, Geographers also study Earth's place in the Solar System and the Universe and how this affects the Earth features (e.g. climate, sea currents and tides), as well as physical processes on other planets.


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Dog 1950 track.png

Hurricane Dog was the most intense hurricane of the 1950 Atlantic hurricane season. The fourth named storm of the season, Dog developed on August 30 to the east of Antigua; after passing through the northern Lesser Antilles, it turned to the north and intensified into a Category 5 hurricane. Dog reached its peak intensity with winds of 185 mph (300 km/h) over the open Atlantic and after weakening, it passed within 200 miles (320 km) of Cape Cod. The storm became extratropical on September 12.

Hurricane Dog caused extensive damage to the Leeward Islands, and was considered the most severe hurricane on record in Antigua. Many buildings were destroyed or severely damaged on the island, with thousands left homeless just weeks after Hurricane Baker caused serious damage there. In the United States, the hurricane caused moderate coastal damage, including damage to several boats, and resulted in 11 offshore drownings. Strong winds caused widespread power outages across southeastern New England. Damage across its path totaled about $3 million (1950 USD, $26.7 million 2009 USD).

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Lake Chad.

Topographic map of Colombia.

Photo credit: Sadalmelik

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Beaver Creek Yukon Flats




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The Geography Portal

Welcome to the geography portal. This portal is intended to be a user-friendly guide to geography content on Wikiversity for pre-school, primary and secondary levels. For a more specialist and advanced portal, please refer to the school of geography...

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Tornadic supercell.jpg
This is a a diagram of a tornadic supercell, showing winds, motions and other main features inside and above a tornado. Click on the image for a full size version which you can freely re-use and modify. Print it and use it for your lessons, integrate it into your pages on Wikiversity, or use it in other learning resources and websites. Use the links below to find more images like this one.

Weather images - Tornado images

This image is a part of the Educational Media Awareness Campaign, raising awareness among educators about the availability and usage of millions of free internet media in education.
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