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Russian EMU train ER9E-591 bound for Vysochino in 2008
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In rail transport, a train is a vehicle or (more frequently) a string of vehicles capable of being moved along a continuous line of rails or other guideway for the purpose of conveying freight or passengers between points on a predetermined route. The train may be hauled or propelled by one or more vehicles designed exclusively for that purpose (locomotives) or may be driven by a number of motors incorporated in all or several of the vehicles (multiple units).



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First Great Western class 180 Adelante No. 180114 at Cheltenham Spa on 31 March 2004

The Class 180 is a type of British diesel multiple unit built by Alstom between 2000 and 2001 for use on then-new express services by First Great Western (FGW). They were built at Washwood Heath in Birmingham and are part of the Coradia 1000 family along with the Class 175. The first unit, 180101, was unveiled on April 18, 2000. However, following a string of problems, full main line testing did not begin until December 2000, six months after it was intended to start. FGW stopped using the class on 27 March 2009, and they are now employed by other operators. The Class 180s were given the name Adelante upon entry into service with FGW, a name devised by First Group that they retain with First Hull Trains. Grand Central renamed their units as Zephyrs leading some enthusiasts to nickname the units A to Z.

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Beneath a freight train

The underside of a freight train in Germany in 2009. Many components of the train's braking system are visible.

Recently selected: Swiss freight train - Santa on a platform in Finland - Interlocking tower at Gare de Laon


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A car of the Babbacombe Cliff Railway, in Torquay, Devon, England

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January 17
Hiawatha Line car



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2010 in rail transport

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  • Some of the platforms at Helsinki Central station in 2009
    January 4 – Four carriages of an empty passenger train overrun the buffers and crash at Helsinki Central railway station in Finland. The carriages had broken free of their train during a shunting maneuvre and ran under gravity down the gentle hill from Linnunlaulu (halfway between Helsinki Central and Pasila railway station) before being diverting into an empty platform and impacting the buffers at 20–30 kilometres per hour (12–19 mph). Passengers aboard an adjacent commuter train waiting to depart were ordered before the impact to leave their train and run away from the area and announcements were made over the station's loudspeaker system. The conductor aboard the train as it came in sustained light injuries, with nobody else injured. (Helsinki Sanomat) (UK Press Association) (YLE News)
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China
    December 29 – Construction work on three railway lines begins in China. The 77-kilometre (48 mi) long Zhengzhou-Jiaozuo Intercity Railway, with a total investment of 9.76 billion yuan; of the entire length, 68.5 km (42.6 mi) is newly built, and 8.5 km (5.3 mi) is shared with the existing Jingguang Railway. Three intermediate stations will be built. The maximum speed on the new line is designed to be at 200 km/h (120 mph). The 50.3 km (31.3 mi) long Zhengzhou-Kaifeng Intercity Railway, designed speed at 200 km/h which will cut the travel time to 19 minutes, is estimated to cost 5.87 billion yuan. The Zhengzhou-Xinzheng Airport Railway, 30.2 km (18.8 mi) long, top speed 200 km/h, travel time 14 minutes, total cost 5.59 billion yuan. These railways are expected to be opened in 2013. (Henan Government)
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China
    December 27 – Construction work on Yungui Railway begins in China. The 714.56-kilometre (444.01 mi) long railway connects Kunming and Nanning, with a total investment of 89.481 billion yuan; of the entire length, 99.18 km (61.63 mi) will be built on bridges and 400.95 km (249.14 mi) will be built in tunnels. 25 stations will be constructed along the line. The design speed of the railway is 250 km/h (160 mph). The railway is expected to be opened in 2015. (
  • Map of Wuhan-Guangzhou Passenger Line
    December 26Wuhan-Guangzhou High-Speed Railway opens in China. The first trains leave Wuhan, Changsha and Guangzhou North stations at 9:00am. The main line of the railway is 968 kilometres (601 mi) long between Wuhan and Guangzhou South, however, since the construction of Guangzhou South Railway Station has not yet completed, trains terminate at Guangzhou North Station until January 30, 2010. Two daily non-stop trains, numbers G1001 and G1003, cover the 922 km (573 mi) long journey from Wuhan to Guangzhou North in 2 hours, 57 minutes, to make the world's new commercial train speed record at 312.5 km/h (194.2 mph). (Xinhua) (Fox News)
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China
    December 22 – Construction work on three railway lines begins in China. The 1,260-kilometre (780 mi) long Railway Corridor at Central South of Shanxi Province is a double-track electrified coal railway; The 806 km (501 mi) long high-speed Hefei-Fuzhou Passenger Railway and the 927 km (576 mi) long high-speed Hangzhou-Changsha Passenger Railway, both designed for 350 km/h (220 mph) running, will be opened in 2014. The investment for Hefei-Fuzhou is ¥110 billion and for Hangzhou-Changsha is ¥131 billion. (Xinhua)
  • A Eurostar train at St Pancras station in 2007

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    December 20 – All Eurostar services between the United Kingdom and the European continent are suspended after heavy snowfalls in the UK cause a series of electrical disruptions. A number of trains carrying more than 2,000 passengers were stopped within the Channel Tunnel beginning on Friday, December 18, due to snow and cold-related problems; some passengers remained on the stopped trains for as long as 16 hours until crews could escort them out of the tunnel. (BBC)


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