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Writing is a distinctly human activity in which text is created on a medium such as a tablet or vellum in the form of signs, symbols or letters. These characters then go together to form words and larger texts which convey meaning and information.

The art of writing, known as Calligraphy has played a huge part in cultures around the world and is still enjoyed by many people today.

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...that the Korean alphabet Hangul was promulgated by the Korean king Sejong the Great after being developed under his guidance by a team of researchers. It is the rare example of a writing system that is thoroughly planned after scientific points of view.

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Humanities > School of Language and Literature > Department for Literary Studies > Writing Centre

School of Language and Literature
Language and Literature
Welcome to the Writing Centre for the School of Language and Literature, part of the Faculty for Humanities!
Associated Departments
Associated Departments
Perhaps you are also interested in the English Language Division or the Department for Literary Studies.
The Writing Centre


Welcome to Writing Centre!

Welcome to the Writing Center for the School of Language and Literature and the English Language Department. In a traditional university setting, the Writing Center is a place that provides students with assistance on papers, projects, reports, and just about any other type of composition involving words. The Writing Center is staffed by professionals, such as faculty members of the university, and peers, such as graduate or advanced undergraduate students, who can assist students in writing a better, more focused paper. A good writing center will help a writer find his/her voice and come to grips with his/her strengths and weaknesses as a writer. In addition, a writing center will provide help with grammar, style, syntax, punctuation, citation of sources, etc.

The Writing Center here at Wikiversity is no different. We are here to assist you with your papers, projects, and reports. And in keeping with the Across the Curriculum movement of Writing Centers and English Departments, the Writing Center is available for use to any student of any school in the Wikiversity program.

Unfortunately, we have no staff at this time, though the English Language Reference Desk is up and running, and you may ask questions there. If you are a qualified professional or peer and would like to contribute your time to the Writing Center, please feel free to do so. We are looking for ways that tutors can connect with students. Please share any ideas in the Talk section of this page.


Fiction writing support group

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