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I Liga Portuguesa de Basquetebol
Portuguese Basketball Premier League
Portuguese Basketball Premier League
Sport Basketball
Founded 1932
No. of teams 12
Country(ies) Portugal Portugal
Continent European Union Europe
Official website Official Website

The Portuguese Basketball Premier League is the top men’s basketball league in Portugal. It is called in Portuguese: I Liga Portuguesa de Basquetebol (LPB), or in English: Portuguese Basketball Premier League. From the 2008-09 season onwards, the competition will be organized once again by the Federação Portuguesa de Basquetebol after 13 seasons. This was caused by the fold of the LCB, after many years of financial problems, which was a professional league. The league is now semi-professional.


Clubs 2009/2010

The Premier League currently consists of the following member clubs:

Portuguese Champions

  • 1932/1933: Conimbricense
  • 1933/1934: União de Lisboa
  • 1934/1935: Carnide
  • 1935/1936: Carnide
  • 1936/1937: Carnide
  • 1937/1938: Carnide
  • 1938/1939: CF Belenenses
  • 1939/1940: SL Benfica
  • 1940/1941: Carnide
  • 1941/1942: Vasco da Gama AC
  • 1942/1943: Carnide
  • 1943/1944: Carnide
  • 1944/1945: CF Belenenses
  • 1945/1946: SL Benfica
  • 1946/1947: SL Benfica
  • 1947/1948: Vasco da Gama AC

Portuguese League Champions (Professional League - From 1995 to 2008)

Year Final
Champion Score Runner-Up
1995/1996 FC Porto 3-1 SL Benfica
1996/1997 FC Porto 3-1 Oliveirense
1997/1998 Estrelas Avenida 3-2 Ovarense
1998/1999 FC Porto 3-1 Illiabum
1999/2000 Ovarense 3-0 FC Porto
2000/2001 Portugal Telecom 3-1 Oliveirense
2001/2002 Portugal Telecom 3-0 Oliveirense
2002/2003 Portugal Telecom 3-2 Oliveirense
2003/2004 FC Porto 3-1 CA Queluz
2004/2005 CA Queluz 3-0 Ovarense
2005/2006 Ovarense 3-0 Casino Ginásio
2006/2007 Ovarense 3-2 FC Porto
2007/2008 Ovarense 4-3 FC Porto

Portuguese Premier League Champions

Year Final
Champion Score Runner-Up
2008/2009 SL Benfica 4-0 Ovarense


  • Benfica was the last team to win the title before the professional era and also the first to win after professionalism was ended.

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