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Post may refer to:

  • Post, Texas, the county seat of Garza County
  • Post, Oregon, a community at the geographic center of the state of Oregon
Newspapers and magazines
Music and entertainment
  • Posting system, transfer system for baseball players moving from a Japanese baseball team to a Major League Baseball team
  • Post (route), route run by a receiver in American Football
  • Posting, type of Horse gait
  • Post position, a horse's numbered position in the starting gate, numbered from the inside rail out

POST may refer to:

Other uses

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Post is a city in the Llano Estacado region of Texas.

  • OS Ranch Museum, 201 E Main St, 806 495 3570.
  • Garza County Historical Museum, 119 N Avenue N, 806 495 2207.
  • Garza Theater, 226 E. Main, 806 495 4005. Once amongst the first movie theaters in West Texas, built in 1920, the now-restored theater hosts a live production company.
  • Deluxe Inn, 215 N Broadway St, 806 495 2883.
  • Hotel Garza Bed & Breakfast, 302 E Main St, 806 495 3962, [1]. This restored 1915 western inn serves good local food. It also manages accommodations at 4 historic cottages in the area.
Routes through Post
Las VegasAlamogordo  NW noframe SE  SnyderAbilene
RoswellBrownfield  W noframe E  Decatur (Texas)Denton
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Italian posta



Post f. (genitive Post, no plural)

  1. (method of sending mail or mail sent by this method) post
  2. post office


Related terms


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From BibleWiki

(1.) A runner, or courier, for the rapid transmission of letters, etc. (2 Chr. 30:6; Esther 3:13, 15; 8:10, 14; Job 9:25; Jer. 51:31). Such messengers were used from very early times. Those employed by the Hebrew kings had a military character (1 Sam. 22:17; 2 Kings 10:25, "guard," marg. "runners"). The modern system of postal communication was first established by Louis XI. of France in A.D. 1464.

(2.) This word sometimes also is used for lintel or threshold (Isa. 6:4).

This entry includes text from Easton's Bible Dictionary, 1897.

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Simple English

The POST, in most computers, is a self-test[1]that checks the OS(s) available and boots from the OS selected. POST stands for Power On Self Test.[2]



A POST usually checks the crucial, files, folders, and components. Once the POST is completed, a selected OS will take control and finish the startup process.[3]

Failure of POST

If the POST fails, usually a BSOD displays (Blue Screen of Death, most commonly) and offers recovery options such as safe mode.[4]

Other tools


LKGC(Last Known Good Configuration) reverts to the last non-problematic, successful bootup.[5]It is similar to System Restore, but its primary function is to allow the user to use the computer normally, unlike System Restore, which does not guarantee a fix. Also, LKGC is unrevertable, unless you successfully bootup again.[6]

System Restore

System Restore works by allowing the user to open a wizard, then select a "restore point". The user must restart for the point to take effect, but the system will start as normal.[7]

System Repair

System Repair is typically found on the hard disk of your computer[8]and contains options that can be used to fix the system. However, in serious cases, the OS may need to be reinstalled.[9]


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