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Bangladesh first issued its own postage stamps upon gaining independence in 1971.[1] A set of eight, with various motifs including a map of the country were issued. Shortly after, all eight values were overpringed "Bangladesh Liberated" in both English and Bengali were prepared in the United Kingdom, but only three values were issued in Bangladesh.

While the initial stamps were under production, local postmasters were authorised to overprint Pakistani issues that they had in stock with the name of the new country. This practice has led to a vast number of varieties, not catalogued in the major stamp catalogues. These issues ceased to be valid during 1973.

The first stamps of the country were issued in Pakistani rupees (1 rupee = 100 paisa), but in 1972 a new currency was introduced (1 taka = 100 poisha) and since then all stamps have been inscribed with taka or poisha values.[1]

Since the first 1971 issue, the Bangladeshi postal authorities have maintained a conservative issuing policy, with only just over 900 individual stamps and miniature sheets listed in the regular Stanley Gibbons catalogues by 2008, plus approximately 50 issues overprinted "Official" for Governmental use. No stamp booklets have yet been produced.

The majority of themes featured on Bangladeshi stamps have been locally-based; these are interspersed with occasional general thematic issues (e.g. fish, birds, etc.) and those for worldwide events (e.g. Olympic Games, football and cricket World Cups, etc.)


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