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Power Play was a Canadian television drama series, which aired on CTV from 1998 to 2000. The series was filmed at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, Ontario.[1]

The show starred Michael Riley as Brett Parker, a former New York City sports agent who became the general manager of a (fictional) National Hockey League franchise, the Hamilton Steelheads.

One of the throughline plots of the series dealt with Parker's ongoing love-hate relationships with the sport, the team and his superior at McArdle Industries, corporate executive Colleen Blessed, played by Kari Matchett.

The cast also included Gordon Pinsent as team owner Duff McArdle, Jonathan Crombie, Jennifer Dale and Al Waxman. The show's theme song was a modernized version of the Stompin' Tom Connors classic, "The Hockey Song", performed partly by Connors himself, and then transitioning to the performance of the band Rusty.

The show was briefly aired on the US network UPN, starting in 1999, but was pulled after just two episodes. The second episode aired in the US has the distinction of being the lowest-rated episode (since the Nielsen ratings service began in the 1950s) of any prime-time TV series ever aired by any US network.




Starring cast

Recurring cast

  • Jonathan Rannells - Todd Maplethorpe
  • Mark Lutz - Jukka Branny-Acke
  • Krista Bridges - Rose Thorton
  • Normand Bissonnette - Al Tremblay
  • Lori Anne Alter - Renata D'Allesandro
  • Greg Spottiswood - Joe Harriman
  • Al Waxman - Lloyd Gorman
  • Johanna Black - Andrea Stuyvesant
  • Neil Crone - Harry Strand
  • Jonathan Crombie - Hudson James
  • Fiona Highet - Rayanne Simpson
  • David Keeley - Bud Travis
  • Jennifer Dale - Samantha Robbins
  • Don Cherry - Jake Nelson
  • Tanja Jacobs - SM3 Reagan Sexsmith
  • Chris Tessaro - Marshak
  • Rob Faulds - Play-by-Play Announcer
  • Sean McCann - Ray Malone

All-time Hamilton Steelheads roster

The following players have been seen playing for the Steelheads over the course of the series:

    1. 1 McCloud
    2. 1 Tremblay
    3. 2 Banks
    4. 3 Kudlaw
    5. 4 Borden
    6. 7 Smöckel
    7. 9 Simpson
    8. 10 Wynn
    9. 12 Sauvé
    10. 13 Brainy-Acke
    11. 14 Marshak
    12. 16 Lalonde
    13. 18 Grant
    14. 22 Maplethorpe
    15. 24 Stephanovic
    16. 25 St. Germaine
    17. 28 Chartraw
    18. 28 Paccelli
    19. 29 Alexander
    20. 30 MacDougall
    21. 32 Shipton
    22. 37 Ignarson
    23. 44 Bedard
    24. 55 Gunn
    25. 75 Kerensky

The following players have no known number: Dee, Robinson, McNally.

Episode list

Season one

  1. "Perambulate Me Back to My Habitual Abode"
  2. "Changing the Luck"
  3. "All for One"
  4. "Seventh Game"
  5. "Off Season"
  6. "Brothers in Arms"
  7. "The Bad Boy"
  8. "Purple Hazing"
  9. "Family Values"
  10. "Pucks the Size of Beach Balls"
  11. "High Noon"
  12. "Dire Straits"
  13. "Waked at the Forum"

Season two

  1. "Everything is Broken"
  2. "Resign or Re-Sign"
  3. "Manipulation"
  4. "Evasion"
  5. "Temptation"
  6. "The Truth"
  7. "The Jumper"
  8. "The Mask"
  9. "Foolish Hearts"
  10. "The Quarter Finals"
  11. "The Cubicle"
  12. "The Finals"
  13. "What It All Meant"


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