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Power Rangers: Wild Force
Power Rangers Wild Force.JPG
Format Action-Adventure-Fantasy
Starring Ricardo Medina, Jr.
Alyson Kiperman
Phillip Jeanmarie
Jessica Rey
Jack Guzman
Phillip Andrew
Ann Marie Crouch
Ilia Volok
Sin Wong
Danny Wayne Stallcup
Country of origin  United States
No. of episodes 40 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Haim Saban
Shuki Levy
Producer(s) Jonathan Tzachor
Running time 30 minutes (including commercials)
Production company(s) BVS Entertainment
BVS International, N.V.
Renaissance Atlantic Entertainment
Toei Company, Ltd.
MMPR Productions, Inc. Saban Entertaiment
Original channel Fox (Fox Kids)
ABC (ABC Kids)
See below
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
Original run February 9, 2002 – November 16, 2002
Preceded by Power Rangers: Time Force Season 9
Followed by Power Rangers: Ninja Storm Season 11

Power Rangers: Wild Force (often abbreviated as PRWF and often simply called Wild Force) is the tenth anniversary of the Power Rangers franchise, based on the Super Sentai series Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger, which itself was the 25th anniversary of Super Sentai.

Power Rangers: Wild Force takes place in 2002. The first part of the series was originally broadcast from February to August 2002 on the Fox Kids television block. Following the sale of Fox Family Worldwide (renamed ABC Family Worldwide Inc.), including Saban Entertainment (renamed BVS Entertainment), to Disney by Haim Saban and News Corporation, Fox Network's parent company, the show was moved in the fall 2002 to ABC's new Saturday morning block, ABC Kids (formerly Disney's One Saturday Morning).

Wild Force is the first season to be under the copyright of Disney Enterprises.[1] Disney had bought Power Rangers (along with other Saban properties) partway through the run of Power Rangers: Time Force.[2] It was the last season to be produced in the United States by Saban and MMPR Productions as production for Wild Force began before the buyout as well as the buyout was not fully completed until the contract for Fox Kids was up thus resulting in the series to move to ABC Kids in September 2002. This season also was the first to use the original morph sequence from Japan almost completely intact. Following this season, production of the Power Rangers franchise moved to New Zealand, which resulted in many crew members and all voice actors being laid off.


Plot summary

The series follows the adventure of Cole Evans, who had been staying with a tribe in a jungle for many years, as he tries to find his destiny in the fictitious town of Turtle Cove. He encounters the Animarium, a place that many believed to be a fairy tale. He joins four others who had a common path to become the new leader of the Wild Force Power Rangers.

The Animarium is an island that floats in the sky. It is shaped like a turtle and is the home of the Wild Zords and the Princess Shayla, the Rangers' mentor. (It is unclear how the Rangers travel between the Animarium and the Earth surface, but in one of the last episodes Merrick and Kite are teleported onto the Animarium, so presumably they used the same teleportation throughout the rest of the series.)

The Power Rangers use their powers to defeat the forces of the Orgs, led by one Master Org. As Cole was fond of other animals, he was shocked to discover that the Orgs were heartless monsters. As the series continues, he finds out the truth about his real parents: his parents, Richard and Elizabeth Evans, were professors at Turtle Cove University, along with a family friend, Viktor Adler. When they were sent to the jungle for research, they discover the remains of Master Org, in which a jealous Adler consumes in order to exact revenge on Richard, who had proposed to Elizabeth before he could. However, Adler goes insane, and kills both Richard and Elizabeth. For a while, their newborn son, Cole, was also presumed dead.

In addition to the annual team-up episodes, Power Rangers: Wild Force also had a special episode commemorating it as the tenth incarnation, Forever Red, by having Cole team up with the nine Red Rangers before him, (in order of incarnations, Jason Lee Scott, Aurico, Tommy Oliver, Theodore J. Jarvis Johnson, Andros, Leo Corbett, Carter Grayson, Wesley Collins and Eric Myers), in order to prevent the remaining generals of the Machine Empire (the costumes used were actually from Big Bad Beetleborgs and Beetleborgs Metallix) from unearthing and reactivating Lord Zedd's zord, Serpentera, which had been left buried on the moon.


The Wild Force Rangers

The Wild Force Rangers
Cole Evans
The Red Lion Ranger, leader of the Wild Force Rangers and main character; the son of two scientists lost in the jungle, he was raised by a local tribe until being called on by the Red Lion Wild Zord to become a Power Ranger. He was portrayed by Ricardo Medina, Jr.
Taylor Earhardt
The Yellow Eagle Ranger; an Air Force pilot who spotted Animarium from her plane who was called on by the Yellow Eagle Wild Zord to become a Power Ranger. She was the first Ranger to be recruited by Princess Shayla and was the leader of the team before Cole showed up. She was portrayed by Alyson Kiperman.
Max Cooper
The Blue Shark Ranger; on his way to becoming a pro-bowler, he saved two girls from an Org and was called upon by the Blue Shark Wild Zord to become a Power Ranger. He was portrayed by Phillip Jeanmarie.
Danny Delgado
The Black Bison Ranger; a florist and physically strongest, yet quietest, Ranger, he was called upon by the Black Bison Wild Zord to become a Power Ranger. He was portrayed by Jack Guzman.
Alyssa Enrilé
The White Tiger Ranger; a college student and a karate student under her father, she was called upon by the White Tiger Wild Zord to become a Power Ranger. She was portrayed by Jessica Rey.
Merrick Baliton
The Lunar Wolf Ranger; he was one of the Ancient Warriors who originally fought the Orgs over 3000 years ago. He used the power of the cursed mask of Zen-Aku to defeat Master Org in the past, and became Zen-Aku. He was sealed by the Warriors of Animarium, but released by Nayzor in the present time and fought the Rangers until being freed from the curse. His Lunar Wolf, Alligator, and Hammerhead Shark Wild Zords then gave him the ability to become a Power Ranger. Once the mask recovered and Zen-Aku appeared to look for revenge and the Power Rangers destroyed Zen-Aku. He was portrayed by Phillip Andrew.



  • Master Org: The commander of the Org forces on Earth; he is the reincarnation of the ancient Master Org from 3,000 years ago. He was once Doctor Viktor Adler, but he consumed the remains of the original Master Org to become an Org himself. He disguised himself with similar clothing and a helmet with a fake horn. His true identity was discovered by Toxica when she saw him move his headdress, including his horn. He destroyed Retinax the first time to preserve his identity and brainwashed Toxica and Jindrax when they discovered the truth. He was defeated and stripped of his Org powers by Cole and is thrown off a cliff by Mandilok and presumed dead. In truth, he became a true Org and he returned for revenge against the Duke Orgs and the Wild Force Power Rangers. In the finale, he consumed an ancient Org heart and gained a true Org form which possessed the elements of the Org Generals. Every time he was destroyed by Rangers in Org form, his Org heart would revive him. He destroyed all the Wild Zords, but he was destroyed once and for all when all of the Wild Zords were returned/resurrected and destroyed his body while the Red Lion Ranger destroyed the Org heart with the Jungle Sword. He used a staff in human form and used the Nexus Blade in Org form (portrayed by Ilia Volok).
  • Jindrax: Jester/Clown-like Duke Org, self-proclaimed 'Master of Blades', uses knives and swords in battle. He had an unofficial rivalry with Taylor and was a good friend of Toxica. He seemed to have had a crush on Princess Shayla, but a deep love for Toxica. He resurrected Toxica from Spirit World using her reenergized severed horn. He retired from serving as an Org leader and now travels the world with Toxica so they can 'find themselves' (voiced by Richard Cansino for the first four episodes, then portrayed/voiced by Danny Wayne Stallcup, who was credited in this series as just Danny Wayne).
  • Toxica: A sorceress Duke Org who is armed with a staff that releases beans that make Orgs grow. She suspected Master Org's true identity when she smelled the scent of 'human' around him and saw him 'move' his horn. She uses Nayzor's crown to temporarily transform into a General Org, Necronomica (whose voice she retained as Super Toxica), and was brainwashed by Master Org, along with Jindrax, in mutated form when they found out his true identity. She once returned to normal by Cole, and they sought out Mandilok and serve under him until Mandilok used Toxica as a shield against the Rangers' Jungle Blaster. She was brought back to life again by Jindrax who pulled her out of the Spirit World by once more re-energizing her severed horn. She and Jindrax assisted the Rangers by rescuing the captured Princess Shayla from the Nexus. She retired from serving as an Org leader and now travels the world with Jindrax so they can 'find themselves' (portrayed by Sin Wong).
  • Retinax: An eye-themed General Org and bodyguard to Master Org. He was resurrected in the episode before the finale to guard the Nexus with the two other generals. Wields an axe that can combine with the other generals' weapons to form the Nexus Blade (voiced by Michael Sorich).
  • Nayzor: A nose-themed General Org, who freed the Duke Org, Zen-Aku. He was resurrected twice in series, first to battle Rangers in 'Super' form, then again in normal form to guard the Nexus with the two other generals. He uses a paper fan in normal form that can combine with the other generals' weapons to form the Nexus Blade and uses a clawed staff in Super form (voiced by Ken Merckx).
  • Mandilok: A Hermaphroditic mouth-themed General Org, takes Master Org's place in the middle of the series. His upper mouth speaks with a female's voice while lower mouth speaks with a male's voice. He was resurrected in the near-finale to guard the Nexus along with the two other Generals. He uses a large fork and knife as weapons that can combine with the two other generals' weapons to form the Nexus Blade (male voice by Ezra Weisz, female voice by Barbara Goodson).
  • Zen-Aku: A wolf Duke Org sealed in a mask; possessed Merrick until the spell was broken. he comes back to life to battle Merrick and is destroyed by the combined strengths of the Wild Force Megazord [Striker Mode] and Predazord. He mysteriously comes back to life in the finale and now travels the world with Merrick, seeking redemption for his past deeds (voiced first by Dan Woren, and later by Lex Lang).
  • Artilla: Artilla is one of the Duke Orgs that were freed by Mandilok. He is a tank-themed Duke Org. He and Helicos attacked Turtle Cove and were destroyed by the Isis Megazord (voiced by Michael Sorich).
  • Helicos: Helicos is one of the Duke Orgs that were freed by Mandilok. He is a helicopter-themed Duke Org that can fly. He and Artilla attacked Turtle Cove and were destroyed by the Isis Megazord (voiced by Dave Mallow).
  • Juggelo: Juggelo is Jindrax's brother. They attacked Taylor, Max and Kite at a carnival, even to when Jindrax ate the growth seeds to join him. His attacks are so weak that he has no strength. He was destroyed by the Wild Force Megazord and Jindrax shrunk back to normal (voiced by Patrick Thomas).
  • Onikage: A Duke Org who appeared seemingly out of nowhere to aid Mandilok. However, he was actually working for Master Org, preparing things for his return. He succeeded in capturing Princess Shayla, getting rid of Toxica, and setting up Mandilok to be destroyed. Onikage then used his ninja powers to create evil clones of the Rangers, whom the Rangers could not damage without hurting themselves. Jindrax upset his plans by reflecting one of his blasts back at him, creating a clone that the Rangers destroyed, destroying the real Onikage. Onikage returned as a giant, and fought the Rangers in another dimension where the spirits of defeated Orgs reside. He was defeated by the help of the Pegasus Megazord. (voice by Dan Woren)
  • Putrids: Foot soldiers that the rangers fight.


  • Growl Phone: A phone-based Morpher of the five core Wild Force Rangers, activated with the cry of "Wild Access!". It also works as a communicator and features miniature robot and animal modes. The Growl Phones are gold with Ranger-colored trim on the phones' animal figureheads.
  • Lunar Caller: Another phone-based Morpher granted to Merrick by his purified Wild Zords and stored on a wrist-mounted brace. It is blue with sliver trim and shaped like a wolf's head. Like the other Rangers with Growl Phones, Merrick also cries "Wild Access" to morph.
  • Crystal Sabers: A standard Wild Force weapon, it can launch a ground blast, summon the five core Wild Zords, or an auxiliary Wild Zord when placed inside the hilt.
  • Animal Crystals: These can be placed into the hilts of the sabers to summon their respective Wild Zords with a tune.
  • Jungle Sword: A large sword made by combining the Rangers' primary weapons, capable of performing the Savage Slash attack to finish off Orgs.
    • Lion Fang: Red Ranger's primary weapon.
    • Eagle Sword: Yellow Ranger's primary weapon.
    • Shark Fighting Fins: Blue Ranger's primary weapon.
    • Bison Ax: Black Ranger's primary weapon.
    • Tiger Baton: White Ranger's primary weapon.
  • Jungle Blaster: A cannon made by combining the Rangers' secondary weapons.
    • Falconator: Red Ranger's secondary weapon.
    • Armadillo Puck: Yellow Ranger's secondary weapon.
    • Sword of Pardolis: Blue Ranger's secondary weapon.
    • Rhino Shooter: Black Ranger's secondary weapon.
    • Deer Clutcher: White Ranger's secondary weapon.
  • Lunar Cue: Lunar Wolf Ranger's personal weapon, capable of switching between Saber Mode, Sniper Mode and Break Mode. With it, Merrick can perform the Full Moon Slash to devastate opponents. Merrick can also perform the Laser Pool technique to summon his Wildzords or finish off opponents by launching his Animal Crystals like billiard balls.
  • Lion Blaster: When the Rangers were ensnared by Camera Org, the Red Lion Wildzord gave Cole the Lion Blaster, which he used to blast himself and his teammates to freedom. The Blaster materializes from Cole's Lion Fang and can switch between Cannon and Gattling Mode.
  • Falcon Summoner: A weapon that can serve as a blaster or bow, and is also used to summon the Red Falcon Wildzord. Cole obtained it while he and Merrick battled a resurrected Nayzor once four of the Rangers, who had been knocked out by Nayzor, solved a complex puzzle while on a spiritual quest.
  • Animarium Armor: Cole can use the Falcon Wildzord's power to activate his Battlized form, donning the Animarium Armor and becoming the Red Savage Warrior. Adorned with golden chest armour and gauntlets and large wings, Cole can fly, form a shield with his wings, as well as fire energy blasts.
  • Savage Cycles: The high-speed motorcycles for each of the six Rangers, given life by their respective Wildzords.
  • Wild Force Rider: When Cole's Savage Cycle was damaged beyond repair by an enemy attack, he was given the Wild Force Rider by Animus. This new motorcycle is themed after the Falcon Wildzord and has flight capabilities.


The Zords in Power Rangers: Wild Force were called Wild Zords. They were living creatures that were summoned by the Wild Force Rangers with their crystal sabers.

The Wild Force Ranger team commands the highest number of Zords so far: A grand total of 27, including the adult Soul Bird, the five Zords who form Animus and the four Zords introduced in the last episode (The second highest number of zords are 18 in Operation Overdrive).



# Air Date Episode Title
1 2002-02-09 "Lionheart"
2 2002-02-09 "Darkness Awakening"
3 2002-02-16 "Click, Click, Zoom"
4 2002-02-23 "Never Give Up"
5 2002-03-02 "Ancient Awakening"
6 2002-03-09 "Wishes on the Water"
7 2002-03-16 "The Bear Necesitties"
8 2002-03-23 "Soul Searching"
9 2002-03-30 "Soul Bird Salvation"
10 2002-04-06 "Curse of the Wolf"
11 2002-04-13 "Battle of the Zords"
12 2002-04-20 "Predazord, Awaken"
13 2002-04-27 "Revenge of Zen-Aku"
14 2002-05-04 "Identity Crisis"
15 2002-05-11 "The Ancient Warrior"
16 2002-05-18 "The Lone Wolf"
17 2002-06-01 "Power Play"
18 2002-06-08 "Secrets and Lies"
19 2002-06-15 "The Tornado Spin"
20 2002-06-29 "Three's a Crowd"
21 2002-07-06 "A Father's Footsteps"
22 2002-07-13 "Sing Song"
23 2002-07-20 "The Wings of Animaria"
24 2002-07-27 "Reinforcements From the Future, Part 1"
25 2002-08-03 "Reinforcements From the Future, Part 2"
26 2002-08-10 "The Master's Last Stand"
27 2002-09-14 "Unfinished Business"
28 2002-09-14 "Homecoming"
29 2002-09-21 "The Flute"
30 2002-09-21 "Team Carnival"
31 2002-09-28 "Taming of the Wild Zords"
32 2002-09-28 "Monitoring Earth"
33 2002-10-05 "The Soul of Humanity"
34 2002-10-05 "Forever Red"
35 2002-10-19 "The Master Herald, Part 1"
36 2002-10-19 "The Master Herald, Part 2"
37 2002-11-02 "Fishing For a Friend"
38 2002-11-02 "Sealing the Nexus"
39 2002-11-16 "The End of the Power Rangers, Part 1"
40 2002-11-16 "The End of the Power Rangers, Part 2"


  1. ^ end credits show Disney Enterprises as being the copyright holders; screen cap here [1]
  2. ^ Contemporary report on it: [2]

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