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Power Rangers: Mystic Force
Mystic Force logo.png
Format Action-Adventure-Fantasy
Starring Firass Dirani
Angie Diaz
Richard Brancatisano
Melanie Vallejo
Nic Sampson
John Tui
Peta Rutter
Antonia Prebble
Barnie Duncan
Kelson Henderson
Holly Shanahan
Country of origin  United States
 New Zealand
No. of episodes 32 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Bruce Kalish
Koichi Sakamoto
Producer(s) Sally Campbell
Running time Approx. 22 minutes
Production company(s) BVS Entertainment
Original channel ABC (ABC Kids)
ABC Family (Jetix)
Toon Disney (Jetix)
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
Original run February 20, 2006 – November 13, 2006
Preceded by Power Rangers: S.P.D.
Followed by Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive

Power Rangers: Mystic Force (often abbreviated as PRMF and simply called Mystic Force) is an American television series, and is part of the Power Rangers franchise. As with all Power Rangers series, the show is adapted from a series in the long-running Japanese tokusatsu franchise, Super Sentai. Mystic Force is adapted from the 29th series in this franchise: Mahou Sentai Magiranger.

The series officially premiered on February 20, 2006 on Toon Disney, February 25, 2006 on ABC Family, March 11, 2006 on ABC as part of the ABC Kids programming block, on June 4, 2006 on Family in Canada, on October 2, 2006 on Jetix in India, October 21, 2006 on Jetix in the United Kingdom The show is currently being broadcasts on Sunday morning on ITV1 and the CITV Channel under the GMTV Toonattik slot. In the Philippines it premiered on October 6, 2007 in Cartoon Network's Toonami slot.

Power Rangers: Mystic Force is the first Disney-produced Power Rangers series to feature the main villain in its Super Sentai counterpart, and is the first of the Disney-produced Power Rangers series in which all the actors playing the five core Rangers are of Australian or New Zealander descent (the casts of the three Disney-produced Power Rangers series prior to Mystic Force had at least one Ranger actor of North American descent). It is also the only Power Rangers series in which the Rangers wear capes.



Twenty years ago, in a magic-filled dimension parallel world to our own, the forces of darkness came into power and a war called the "Great Battle" between good and evil began. An army of the Mbahgwie, led by a powerful warrior named Morticon, swarmed into the land with their sights set on taking over the magical realm, the human realm and beyond, but they would have to combat a legion of brave and powerful wizards. The Mystics battled valiantly against overwhelming odds until they drove the evil back from the edge of the human world. The strongest wizard of all, Leanbow, cast a spell and sent the evil warriors into the Underworld, having the Gatekeeper seal the gates for all eternity. The forces of truth successfully thwarted the dark forces' attempt to take the surface world, but they lost Leanbow, as he made sure the evil forces did not escape by sealing himself on their side of the Gate. The human world would never know of the Great Battle, nor of the sacrifices made to spare their lives from destruction. Even to this day they live in peace and tranquility, totally unaware of what is about to awaken.

The city of Briarwood was struck by an earthquake, which was just enough to crack the seal, allowing evil to renew its attempt to invade the human world. The sorceress Udonna, realizing that the forces of evil had returned, sought out the warriors of legend, five teens living in Briarwood, to become the Power Rangers alongside her. While one of the teens was reluctant at first, he realized his destiny and joined the others in the fight against the Master of the Underworld and his numerous minions.

When Udonna loses her Ranger powers to the mysterious Koragg, it is up to Nick, Chip, Madison, Vida, and Xander to save the Earth on their own. They are assisted by Udonna's bumbling apprentice Clare, and eventually Jenji the Genie and his master Daggeron, the Solaris Knight.

Using their powerful magic and incredible martial arts skills, the Mystic Force Power Rangers must rely on teamwork to save the day.



Nick Russell
The Red Mystic Ranger; Nick was the last member of the team to believe in and accept his magical powers, yet has the greatest potential for power, in that he is later discovered to be Bowen, the Light, son of Leanbow and Udonna. As the Red Mystic Ranger, he has power over fire and can transform into the Mystic Phoenix and the Mystic Firebird. He was portrayed by Firass Dirani. Nick's character is by far the most contradictory. He is considered the most powerful of the Mystics, but was the only one (after Leanbow) to become a servant of the evil Master of the Underworld; he is the first to give up hope when all seems lost, but later revives both hope and his magic in a far more dire situation; is assumed to be the leader, yet is most reckless and emotional of the Power Rangers; and has little involvement with Fire Heart (see below), but is the only Ranger able to command him.
Xander Bly
The Green Mystic Ranger; he moved to the United States from Australia when he was younger. Although he was initially bullied because of his accent and is sympathetic towards those who feel alone, he has since evolved into a charming and sometimes overconfident flirt. As the Green Mystic Ranger, he draws his power from the earth and can transform into the Mystic Minotaur, the Mystic Dragon, and the Mystic Lion. He was portrayed by Richard Brancatisano.
Charlie "Chip" Thorn
The Yellow Mystic Ranger; he was initially the only member of the team who believed in magic, vampires, and monsters, and was the most eager to become a Ranger. As the Yellow Mystic Ranger, Chip has an affinity for lightning and can transform into the Mystic Garuda, the Mystic Dragon, and the Mystic Lion. Chip can be somewhat emotional, theatrical, and away from his ease under various conditions; this appears to be the main feature of his character He was portrayed by Nic Sampson.
Madison Rocca
The Blue Mystic Ranger; the self-dubbed "sister with the common sense". Madison is an aspiring filmmaker and the most studious and kindest of the team, being able to befriend almost anybody. As the Blue Mystic Ranger, she derives power from the element of water and can transform into the Mystic Mermaid, the Mystic Dragon, and the Mystic Lion.She once kiss a frog and it become Daggeron but she actually was in love with Nick.She was portrayed by Melanie Vallejo.
Vida Rocca
The Pink Mystic Ranger; the more tomboyish of the Rocca sisters. Vida enjoys being a DJ at the Rock-Porium. As the Pink Mystic Ranger, her elemental affinity is wind. She can transform into the Mystic Sprite, the Mystic Dragon, and the Mystic Lion. Although Madison is said to be the more compassionate of the two, it is Vida that recognizes the potential goodness in Matoombo, who was one of the Ten Terrors. Initially hating the color pink, she soon learned to accept it, and a pink streak is often shown in her black hair, which is dyed entirely pink at the end of the series. She was portrayed by Angie Diaz.
The Solaris Knight; trapped in the body of a frog for many years, he was freed by Madison's kiss, and later assisted the Rangers in battle and in their magic studies. As the Solaris Knight, his power comes from the Sun. Daggeron has control of the Solar Streak. Daggeron also has Ancient Mystic Mode to back up his Solaris Knight Mode. He was portrayed by John Tui.
The White Mystic Ranger; she was a powerful sorceress before losing her Ranger powers in a duel with Koragg, but tutored the other Rangers in magic, and later regained her powers. As the White Mystic Ranger, she holds power over snow. She is Leanbow's wife and Nick's mother. She was portrayed by Peta Rutter.
The Knight Wolf; he was brainwashed by the powers of the Master into becoming Koragg the Knight Wolf. After saving Udonna from the powers of the Master, he regained his memories and later joined the Rangers in their battle. He is Udonna's husband and Nick's father. Leanbow also has Ancient Mystic Mode to back up his Knight Wolf Mode. He was portrayed by Chris Graham.


  • Clare Langtree: Udonna and Leanbow's niece, Nick's cousin, Niella's daughter, and the Gatekeeper to the Underworld. Becomes a full sorceress in the finale thanks to the Mystic Mother. She used her own magic mistakenly and hap-hazardly before she becomes a full sorceress. (Portrayed by Antonia Prebble)
  • Niella: Former Gatekeeper to the Underworld, Niella was Udonna's sister, Clare's mother, Leanbow's sister-in-law, and Nick's aunt who died sealing the gate to the Underworld. (Portrayed by Antonia Prebble)
  • Jenji: A mystical catlike genie and assistant to Daggeron. (Voiced by Oliver Driver)
  • Fire Heart: This dragon, said to have great power, merges with Nick to turn him into the Red Dragon Fire Ranger.
  • Toby Slambrook: The teens' boss at the Rock-Porium. In the episode "Mystic Fate, Part 2", he ends up becoming Leelee's mother's boyfriend. (Portrayed by Barnie Duncan).
  • Phineas: A troblin (half-troll, half-goblin) who roams the woods. Later becomes Leelee's boyfriend, and begins working at the Rock Porium. Very cheerful and familiar. Fond of hugs. (Portrayed by Kelson Henderson)
  • Ancient Titans: Mysterious figures that appear in morphing scenes and sometimes lend their power to the Titan Megazord.
  • Mystics: Leanbow's allies from the Great Battle.
  • Tribunal of Magic: The governing organization of all magic, who reversed Imperious's wish and granted the Rangers Legend Mode in Dark Wish.
  • Leelee Pimvare: A snobby Briarwood teen and Necrolai's daughter who eventually abandoned the side of evil for a normal life by getting a job at Rock Porium. Later became ally of the Rangers. Tends to think of Phineas as attractive because of his optimistic manner and prodigious strength. She also works at the Rock-Porium after becoming 'good'. Her last name is an anagram of "vampire" . (Portrayed by Holly Shanahan).
  • Nikki Pimvare: The human form of Necrolai, taken on after her vampire powers were drained after reviving Daggeron, Leanbow, Itassis, and Jenji. (Portrayed by Brigitte Berger)
  • Snow Prince: An Ancient Mystic that exists in an alternate dimension decorated with constant snow. He is said to have been a teacher to the Mystics and is the one who told Daggeron that he had strayed from the path of knowledge, forcing him to learn from Nick. (Voiced by Paolo Rotondo)
  • Mystic Mother: The Empress of all good magic, she rules over the unseen magic world. (Portrayed by Machiko Soga and voiced by Susan Brady)


  • Octomus: The Supreme Master of the Underworld who appears as a human skull supported by tentacles. His true form is shown after his possession of Matoombo's body. Finally destroyed by all eight of the Power Rangers, who were then empowered by the peoples' faith. (Voiced by John Leigh; counterpart of N-Ma)
  • Morticon: An undead general who led the Master's army. Destroyed by the Titan Megazord. (Voiced by Andrew Robertt; counterpart of Branken)
  • Necrolai: Dark mistress of the Underworld, Queen of the Vampires, and mother of Leelee. Necrolai is ambitious, desiring above all else to stimulate chaos and run wild in it forever. In the finale, she turned to the side of good and used her powers to revive Itassus, Leanbow, Daggeron, and Jenji. This left her powerless and transformed her into a human. (Voiced by Donogh Rees; counterpart of Vancuria, unable to split into Nai and Mea)
  • Koragg the Knight Wolf: Originally Udonna's husband and Nick's father, Leanbow was turned into the evil Koragg by the Master's dark magic, though he retained a fierce notion of honour, even when evil. He fought the Rangers, frequently besting them, until Heir Apparent, when he realized the truth and changed back into Leanbow. As Koragg, Leanbow was often the noble savage, in that he despised deceit and refrained several times from killing the Rangers, whom he considered unworthy of conquest, or if he felt that he had them at such a disadvantage that killing them would lack honour. (voiced by Geoff Dolan; counterpart of Wolzard).
  • Imperious: A mummy-like sorcerer, once an ally and friend of the Mystics named Calindor, who took Morticon's place as leader of the Underworld. Plotted to overthrow the Master, but was soon destroyed by Daggeron. (Calindor portrayed by Will Hall, Imperious voiced by Stuart Devenie; counterpart of Meemy).
  • The Ten Terrors (the Pantheon of Infershia, in the original): The most powerful servants of the Master.
    • Magma: A fiery ifrit creature, the first of the Ten Terrors to attack. Destroyed by Sculpin after he failed to destroy the Rangers. (Voiced by Greg Smith; counterpart of Ifrit).
    • Oculous: A red-eyed, robotic cyclops wielding a sniper rifle, the second of the Ten Terrors to attack. Destroyed by Nick as the Red Dragon Fire Ranger. (Voiced by Andrew Laing; counterpart of Cyclops).
    • Serpentina: A turquoise, snakelike, gorgon monster with a mirror-shield for a weapon who, like Megahorn, has no respect for the Rules of Darkness. The third of the Ten Terrors to be chosen, attack, and fall; destroyed by the Manticore Megazord. (Voiced by Sally Stockwell; counterpart of Gorgon).
    • Megahorn: A sword-wielding, dragon-type creature with bone-like armor who has no respect for the Rules of Darkness. He was the fourth terror to be chosen and fall; destroyed by the Manticore and Solar Streak Megazords. (Voiced by Dallas Barnett; counterpart of Drake).
    • Hekatoid: A gluttonous, green, hammer-wielding toad monster. He captured Udonna, but was the fifth terror to be chosen and fall; destroyed by Code 2 with the Mystic Lion Staffs and the Snow Staff. (Voiced by Charlie McDermott; counterpart of Toad).
    • Gekkor: A spear-wielding wyvern creature. Destroyed by Leanbow while trying to capture the escaped Matoombo. The sixth Terror to be destroyed and the first villain to be destroyed by Leanbow as the Wolf Warrior. He was also the first Terror destroyed before being chosen to attack by the Stone of Judgement. (Voiced by Mark Ferguson; counterpart of Wyvern).
    • Matoombo: The sixth Terror chosen to attack. A powerful gray titan gladiator with no visible eyes. Was revealed to be compassionate at heart, and attempted to escape to the Sleeping Lake with Vida (who had recognized his goodness), but was cut off by Sculpin, who destroyed him, allowing the Master to take over Matoombo's body and rise to his true form. Was revived by unknown means in Mystic Fate and later became Vida's partner as disc jockey. (Voiced by Cameron Rhodes; counterpart of Titan).
    • Itassis: A sphinx goddess with an arm-mounted bazooka; one of the Ten Terrors. Seventh Terror chosen to attack the Rangers. Became good when told of the motivational power of courage. (Voiced by Josephine Davison; counterpart of Sphinx).
    • Black Lance: A black knight monster with a shield and lance. The final Terror to attack the Rangers. Destroyed by the Rangers' Mystic Spell Seal. (Voiced by Derek Judge; counterpart of Sleipnir).
    • Sculpin: The red, fish-like leader of the Ten Terrors, who bears a trident for a weapon. Destroyed by Itassis. (Voiced by Peter Daube; counterpart of Dagon).
  • Hidiacs:


  • Xenotome: The Xenotome is an ancient, mystical book and the Rangers' main source of magical information. Whenever the Rangers unlock a Spell Code, the Xenotome will explain the spell's function. The Xenotome is a fountain of untapped magical knowledge; hence it is called "The Book of The Unknown".
  • Snow Staff: Udonna's own variant Magi Staff, and her personal weapon when she has morphed. It resembles the Red Ranger's Sword in length, but its "blade" is not used as such. It is capable of releasing blasts of wind cold enough to freeze an opponent in place and of firing energy blasts. When Koragg defeated Udonna in battle, he stole the Snow Staff and took it to the Pit where he kept it as his trophy. Koragg once used the Staff to somehow contact Nick by way of magical telepathy, creating a two-way telepathic connection which they can both use without the Snow Staff. When Udonna was captured and held captive in the Underworld, she was able to channel herself in Ranger form through the Snow Staff and assist the other Rangers in defeating Morticon. It was stolen from Necrolai by Leelee, who returned it to Clare in order to save Udonna, allowing Udonna to once again become the White Mystic Ranger.
  • Mystic Morphers: These cell phones, which morph the Rangers with the call of "Magical Source, Mystic Force!", can perform spells via various digit-based codes that are entered into the keypad. They were originally magic wands, but Udonna changed them to suit the Rangers' liking.
  • Magi Staffs: A compact staff carried by each of the five Rangers, with multiple functions.
    • Axe Mode: An axe that the Green Ranger uses. It is capable of launching a ground blast when it strikes the ground.
    • Crossbow Mode: A crossbow with which the Yellow Ranger can fire bolts of electricity. It was once used to fire the Dawn Crystal, a yellow, arrow-shaped crystal that temporarily destroyed Necrolai.
    • Sword/Striker Mode: A sword brandished by the Red Ranger. Nick uses it to do a "Power of the Phoenix" attack where he becomes engulfed in fire for a powerful strike. Nick has recently referred to his sword as a Striker, which is a possible error on behalf of the writers.
    • Wand Mode: The Magi Staff in its original form. In this mode, the Blue Ranger summon geysers under opponents or release water blasts; the Pink Ranger can turn herself into a tornado or fire energy blasts; the Red Ranger can conjure fire; the Green Ranger can use it to summon powerful vines to restrain his enemies; and the Yellow Ranger can fire lightning bolts. The Magi Staff is also capable of doing a Speed Spell Attack whereby all the Rangers gain more speed than any of their vehicles.
  • Mystic Racers: Five large, futuristic flight vehicles used for transportation that are created 'around' old wooden brooms and revert to this form when not in use. They are kept on special revolving walls in Rootcore.
    • Mystic Speeder: An extremely powerful motorcycle used by the Red Ranger, capable of traveling at high speeds. Its offensive abilities include launching a large front-mounted projectile and laser blasts.
  • Mystic Force Fighters: Large, red boxing gloves capable of increasing the wearer's strength, speed, and stamina. They can be used by the five core Rangers, but were originally activated by Xander when he fought Skullington. Xander finished off Skullington by leaping high into the air and landing on his fist, causing a fissure. Nick later used them against Koragg, channeling his elemental powers and setting himself ablaze before launching himself at Koragg from within a flaming tornado in a move he called the "Spin Attack". Chip also used them in Soul Specter against Spydex.
  • Solar Cell Morpher: Daggeron's morphing device is a cellphone-ticket puncher hybrid. Daggeron can also use the Solar Cell Morpher in conjunction with a variety of magical cards in order to cast various spells. Just like the other Rangers, Daggeron calls out "Magical Source, Mystic Force!" to morph.
  • Solaris Laser Lamp: Jenji's home can be converted into Daggeron's personal blaster weapon. It can fire powerful lasers and can perform the Jenji Shining Attack to finish off opponents. In the episode Ranger Down, Madison used the Solaris Laser Lamp to destroy Screamer to restore the people that had been turned into feathers, including the other four Rangers.
  • Magic Carpet: This enchanted carpet serves as the Solaris Knight's personal transport.
  • Mystic Muscles: After learning his lesson in Inner Strength, Xander received a new spell code that granted him exaggerated muscles, with which he was able to defeat the Behemoth easily. It was only used twice.
  • Legend Mode: A power increase for the five core Rangers, given to them by the Tribunal of Magic that transforms the Rangers into the Legend Warriors upon a call of "Legendary Source, Mystic Force!"'. Included are extra armor and the Mystic Lion Staffs. The Rangers lose their capes in this form and also gain small helmet adornments modelled after their corresponding mythological creatures; Nick's helmet has wings protruding from the sides, Chip's has lightning bolts placed similarly to Nick's, Madison's has a fin on the top, Vida's has wing-like ridges on the sides, and Xander's has bull's horns.
    • Mystic Lion Staffs: These staffs are carried by the Rangers in Legend Mode. The end of each staff features a stylized lion head, with a rotary phone built into the mane. These staffs grant the Rangers the ability to cast more powerful spells and to transform into the Legendary Mystic Titans. During Light Source, Chip's Mystic Lion Staff became a Crossbow Staff.
  • Ancient Mystic Mode: A form used by Clare, Niella, Calindor/Imperious, Daggeron, and Leanbow.
  • "Mystic Sword": Daggeron (and Calindor at one time) sometimes wields a golden sword in battle. Leanbow also appears to have his own Mystic Sword while in his Ancient Mystic Mode; however, his sword is crimson colored and has jagged edges.
  • Red Dragon Fire Ranger: The Red Mystic Ranger's Battlizer allows for a great power boost and allows him to combine with Fireheart to morph into the "Red Dragon Fire Ranger". Nick is then covered in blue knight-like armor, gains wings, wields two Battle Wands, and carries an activation device that looks like a red Solar Cell Morpher with a dragon head extension, the Fierce Dragon Morpher.
  • Wolf Warrior Morpher: Leanbow's means of morphing into Wolf Warrior. Like Daggeron and the other Rangers, he calls out "Magical Source, Mystic Force!" to morph.
  • Sword and Shield of Fire: Leanbow wields red versions of Koragg's weapons as Wolf Warrior.


Throughout the season the Mystic Rangers, Underworld Villains, and Mystical Allies use these magical spells for various purposes. Spells are divided into three groups in this series:

  • Ranger Spells: Spells that the Mystic Force Rangers use.
  • Dark Spells: Dark Spells that the Underworld Villains use.
  • Neutral Spells: Spells that are neutral and can do various purposes.


Several of the Zords in Power Rangers: Mystic Force are actually the Mystic Rangers themselves (or their horses), transformed into mythological creatures. The only exception to this is the Solar Streak Megazord, which is actually a mechanical train-based Megazord piloted by the Solaris Knight. When the Rangers form their own Megazords, they appear in a cockpit, no longer part of their transformed state.


# Air date Episode Title
1 2006-02-20 "Broken Spell I"
2 2006-02-20 "Broken Spell II"
3 2006-02-27 "Code Busters"
4 2006-03-06 "Rock Solid"
5 2006-03-13 "Whispering Voices"
6 2006-03-20 "Legendary Catastros"
7 2006-03-27 "Fire Heart"
8 2006-04-03 "Stranger Within I"
9 2006-04-17 "Stranger Within II"
10 2006-04-24 "Petrified Xander"
11 2006-05-08 "The Gatekeeper I"
12 2006-05-15 "The Gatekeeper II"
13 2006-06-05 "Scaredy Cat"
14 2006-06-12 "Long Ago"
15 2006-06-12 "Inner Strength"
16 2006-06-19 "Soul Specter"
17 2006-06-26 "Ranger Down"
18 2006-07-10 "Dark Wish I"
19 2006-07-10 "Dark Wish II"
20 2006-07-10 "Dark Wish III"
21 2006-07-22 "Koragg's Trial"
22 2006-07-29 "Heir Apparent I"
23 2006-08-11 "Heir Apparent II"
24 2006-08-14 "The Light"
25 2006-08-20 "The Hunter"
26 2006-09-18 "Hard Heads"
27 2006-09-25 "The Snow Prince"
28 2006-10-09 "Light Source I"
29 2006-10-09 "Light Source II"
30 2006-10-30 "The Return"
31 2006-11-04 (UK),

2006-11-13 (US)

"Mystic Fate I"
32 2006-11-04 (UK),

2006-11-13 (US)

"Mystic Fate II"

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