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Power Rangers in Space
Format Action-Adventure-Science fiction
Created by Haim Saban
Shuki Levy
Starring Tracy Lynn Cruz
Patricia Ja Lee
Christopher Khayman Lee
Justin Nimmo
Roger Velasco
Selwyn Ward
Melody Perkins
Paul Schrier
Jason Narvy
Derek Stephen Prince
Lex Lang
Country of origin  United States
No. of episodes 43 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Haim Saban
Shuki Levy
Producer(s) Jonathan Tzachor
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) Saban Entertainment
Original channel FOX (Fox Kids)
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
Original run February 6, 1998 – November 21, 1998
Preceded by Power Rangers: Turbo
Followed by Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy

Power Rangers in Space (often abbreviated as PRIS or referred to as simply In Space) is a television show that aired in 1998 as the sixth season of the Power Rangers franchise. It was the first full series to be handled by producers Judd Lynn and Jonathan Tzachor.

It was loosely based on, and involved footage from, the Japanese television show Denji Sentai Megaranger, the twenty-first Super Sentai series. In Space was a turning point for the Power Rangers franchise, as the season brought closure to six seasons of plot, and it ended the practice of having regular cast members act in consecutive seasons. The theme of the series bears little similarity to its Sentai counterpart and its successor, Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy.

Though its initial tone was similar to that of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Power Rangers: Zeo, Power Rangers in Space eventually took a darker, more emotional turn.



When the Turbo Rangers lose their Megazords, and have their Power Chamber destroyed by Divatox and her army of Pirahnatrons, they (minus Justin Stewart, who stays behind to live with his work-addicted father) leave for space, in search of the original team's old mentor, Zordon. They come across the Red Space Ranger, Andros, who initially doesn't trust them, but after they help him in battle and help save his Astro Megaship, he gives them his spare Astro Morphers, allowing them to transform into the Space Rangers. With the aid of new allies and old, such as the Silver Space Ranger, Zhane, and the Phantom Ranger, they face the monstrous Dark Specter, his herald of evil, Astronema and Astronema's loyal general and adopted father Ecliptor.

For the bulk of the series, the Space Rangers search for Zordon, who's being prepared for death at the hands of Dark Specter so that the monster can absorb his powers. To prevent the Rangers from saving Zordon, Astronema and Ecliptor attack Earth to keep the Rangers busy saving the planet instead of traveling to alien worlds, and villain Divatox is reduced to planet hopping with Zordon to hide him from the Rangers. This culminates in the eight episode Psycho Rangers arc when Astronema releases evil, insane robotic Rangers on Earth to kill the Space Rangers. The arrival of the Psycho Rangers comes on the heels of Andros discovering the truth about Astronema, that she was Karone, his long-lost sister that was kidnapped by Darkonda and brainwashed by Ecliptor when they were younger. Astronema takes time to accept the revelation, but she proves her loyalty to the Rangers by betraying Dark Specter and rejoining her brother. The remaining Rangers realize they were wrong about her and accepted her. This does not last long, as the arrival of the sadistic Darkonda results in Karone being re-brainwashed and Ecliptor being defiled when Darkonda (who had multiple lives) forcibly gives Ecliptor cybernetic implants to remove any trace of good within him.

In the final two-part episode Countdown to Destruction, Dark Specter attacks Earth and all remaining strongholds of good in the universe while finally absorbing Zordon's life. The Space Rangers, Alien Rangers, Phantom Ranger, Blue Senturion, Gold Zeo Ranger, and KO-35 rebels, even Angel Grove's denizens fight hard, but are outnumbered. The Space Rangers, having lost two out of their four Megazords, struggle to defend Earth, but even with weapons such as the Battlizer, they are overwhelmed and forced to regroup. Darkonda decides he is finished being an underling and destroys Dark Specter with a weapon meant for Earth, but it kills him as well. Astronema then declares herself the "Queen of Evil" now that Dark Specter is gone, and Andros, in a last-ditch effort, goes to the Dark Fortress to try to turn her back to good.

As the five remaining Space Rangers battle on Earth, Andros finds Zordon in the Fortress. Although no longer in danger of losing his power, Zordon tells Andros to shatter the energy tube, allowing his energy to wipe out the forces of evil. Andros refuses and Astronema attacks her brother. She is about to kill him when Andros deflects her fire back at her, severely wounding her and knocking her unconscious. Ecliptor comes in and his caring for Astronema returns after seeing what had happened. They battle, and Andros wins. Finally, he shatters Zordon's tube, allowing Zordon's essence to pervade the universe, but killing him in the process. Almost all of the known villains in the Power Rangers universe are pulverized, while Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, and Divatox are changed into normal, non-evil humans.

The Rangers down on Earth are excited that they won except Ashley, who is saddened at the prospect of Andros not returning. The Dark Fortress touches down on Earth, and Andros, with his sister's seemingly lifeless body in his arms, emerged. As he cries for her, she is restored to normal and the Rangers are elated. Andros, Zhane, and Karone decide to stay on KO-35 as the other Rangers go back to Earth. Andros and Ashley walk together and share a tearful goodbye. Ashley becomes depressed when she boards the Astro Megaship, but Andros then boards and reveals that his home is with the rangers, and Ashley becomes happy. During the reunion, Zhane and Karone board the ship as well, and the group of friends blast off in space, heading towards home.


The Space Rangers

The Space Rangers
The Red Space Ranger; a native of the planet KO-35, he uses his Ranger powers to defeat Astronema and try to recover his sister. He is portrayed by Christopher Khayman Lee.
Theodore Jay "T.J." Jarvis Johnson
The Blue Space Ranger and the former Red Turbo Ranger and also the team's second in command. He is portrayed by Selwyn Ward.
Carlos Vallerte
The Black Space Ranger and the former Green Turbo Ranger. He is portrayed by Roger Velasco.
Ashley Hammond
The Yellow Space Ranger and former Yellow Turbo Ranger. She is portrayed by Tracy Lynn Cruz.
Cassie Chan
The Pink Space Ranger and former Pink Turbo Ranger. She is portrayed by Patricia Ja Lee.
The Silver Ranger; he is kept in stasis for two years because he was injured in his last battle saving Andros. When he is unfrozen, he helps the Rangers out, but is affected by a 2-minute morphing time limit, which he is later able to remove by letting lightning shoot at it. He is portrayed by Justin Nimmo.



Other Villains

Villains from previous series also appeared. Information about these recurring villains can be found in the following articles:


  • Astro Morphers: Wrist mounted gadgets worn by the five core Space Rangers, developed on KO-35; utilized for morphing and communication. With a shout of "Let's Rocket!", the Rangers open up their Morphers to reveal a keypad, and punch in "335" then "Enter" to morph.
  • Digimorpher: Cellphone-based morpher used by Silver Ranger. He enters the digits "2580", which spell out "Mega", to morph.
  • Battlizer Gauntlet: The Red Ranger's special morpher-like gauntlet possesses 3 functions.
    • 1. Energy Punches/Chops - Covers Andros's fist in bright red energy, increasing the impact of his punches.
    • 2. Laser Blast - A small laser that is capable of cutting through nets or stunning opponents.
    • 3. Battlizer Armor - This function, first activated by Carlos's friend Silvy, grants the Red Ranger an armored battlesuit equipped with a rocket launcher and flight capabilities.

In order to control the Delta Megazord, the wearer simply speaks commands to the Battlizer Gauntlet. e.g. "Delta Megazord; transform, now."

  • Communicators:They were used for teleportation and for communication between the rangers.
  • Astro Blaster: Standard Ranger sidearm which can be broken into two separate blasters.
  • Spiral Saber: Red Ranger's personal weapon. It features a distinct drill-like blade, and could be combined with an Astro Blaster and equipped with a "Booster" attachment at the blade's tip to increase its firepower.
  • Quadro Blaster: Combined form of the Black, Blue, Pink and Yellow Rangers' signature weapons.
    • Astro Axe: Blue Ranger's personal weapon.
    • Lunar Lance: Black Ranger's personal weapon.
    • Star Slinger: Yellow Ranger's personal weapon.
    • Satellite Stunner: Pink Ranger's personal weapon.
  • Super Silverizer: The Silver Ranger's personal weapon doubles as a blaster and a sword.
  • Galaxy Gliders: Surfboard-based transports used for both atmospheric and interstellar travel.
  • Silver Cycle: The Silver Ranger's personal vehicle, armed with laser blasters, can also become a Galaxy Gilder.
  • Megatank: A small, armored transport used for interplanetary missions.
  • Galactic Rover: A sleek dune buggy piloted by the Silver Ranger developed by refugees on KO-35.


The Zords in Power Rangers in Space are based on various Space vehicles. The Astro Megashuttle was used by four of the Turbo Rangers to leave the Earth to try and help Zordon. The Astro Megaship is Andros' personal spacecraft that could combine with the Megashuttle to form a Megazord. The Delta Megaship is given to the Space Rangers by the Phantom Ranger. Andros wins Zordon's keycards and the Space Rangers learn the location to the Mega Voyager, five new space vehicles. Zhane is given the Mega Winger by the KO-35 Rebels.


# Air Date Episode Title
1 1998-02-06 "From Out Of Nowhere, Part I"
2 1998-02-13 "From Out Of Nowhere, Part II"
3 1998-02-20 "Save Our Ship"
4 1998-02-27 "Shell Shocked"
5 1998-03-06 "Never Stop Searching"
6 1998-03-13 "Satellite Search"
7 1998-03-20 "A Ranger Among Thieves"
8 1998-03-27 "When Push Comes to Shove"
9 1998-04-03 "The Craterite Invasion"
10 1998-04-04 "The Wasp With A Heart"
11 1998-04-11 "The Delta Discovery"
12 1998-04-18 "The Great Evilyzer"
13 1998-04-25 "Grandma Matchmaker"
14 1998-05-02 "The Barillian Sting"
15 1998-05-09 "T.J.'s Identity Crisis"
16 1998-05-16 "Flashes of Darkonda"
17 1998-09-12 "The Rangers' Mega Voyage"
18 1998-09-19 "True Blue to the Rescue"
19 1998-09-26 "Invasion of the Body Switcher"
20 1998-10-03 "Survival of the Silver"
21 1998-10-10 "Red With Envy"
22 1998-10-14 "The Silver Secret"
23 1998-10-15 "A Date With Danger"
24 1998-10-16 "Zhane's Destiny"
25 1998-10-17 "Always A Chance"
26 1998-10-21 "The Secret of the Locket"
27 1998-10-23 "Astronema Thinks Twice"
28 1998-10-24 "The Rangers' Leap of Faith"
29 1998-10-28 "Dark Specter's Revenge, Part I"
30 1998-10-29 "Dark Specter's Revenge, Part II"
31 1998-10-30 "Rangers Gone Psycho"
32 1998-10-31 "Carlos On Call"
33 1998-11-04 "A Rift In the Rangers"
34 1998-11-05 "Five of a Kind"
35 1998-11-06 "Silence Is Golden"
36 1998-11-07 "The Enemy Within"
37 1998-11-11 "Andros and the Stowaway"
38 1998-11-12 "Mission to Secret City"
39 1998-11-13 "Ghosts in the Machine"
40 1998-11-14 "The Impenetrable Web"
41 1998-11-18 "A Line In the Sand"
42 1998-11-20 "Countdown to Destruction, Part I"
43 1998-11-21 "Countdown to Destruction, Part II"

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