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In Greek mythology, Praxidike is the goddess of judicial punishment, the exactor of vengeance, two closely allied concepts in the classical Greek world-view. Tripled, she formed a group known as the Praxidikai, sometimes consisting of the sisters Alalcomenia, Thelxionoea and Aulis. At Haliartos in Boeotia, Pausanias saw the open-air "sanctuary of the goddesses whom they call Praxidikae. Here the Haliartians swear, but the oath is not one they take lightly".[1]

The Orphic Hymn to Persephone identifies Praxidike as an epithet of Persephone: "Praxidike, subterranean queen. The Eumenides’ source [mother], fair-haired, whose frame proceeds from Zeus’ ineffable and secret seeds."[2] Her two daughters were Arete (a goddess personifying virtue) and Harmonia (the very spirit of concord). She had a son, Ktesios, god of the household. As praxis "practice, application" of dike "justice", she is sometimes identified with Dike, goddess of justice.


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