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Praxis may refer to:

In education:

In entertainment:

  • Praxis effect, the name given to a particular special effect, named after the above

In religion and mythology:

Other uses:

  • Praxis (process), the process of putting theoretical knowledge into practice
  • Praxis (journal), a journal of philosophy of the University of Manchester
  • Praxis High Integrity Systems, a British software company
  • Praxis Publications, a British publishing company, allied to Springer
  • Praxis Care, a social care charity based in Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Praxis, a genus of moth in the subfamily Calpinae
  • Praxis intervention, in social work, a methodology for intervention within communities
  • Praxis Automation Technology, a Dutch automation company

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Praxis f. (genitive Praxis, plural Praxen)

  1. practice
    in der Praxis — in practice
  2. surgery


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