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South Park episode
810 image 20.jpg
The boys play "fireman" in pre-school
Episode no. Season 8
Episode 10
Written by Trey Parker
Directed by Trey Parker
Original airdate November 10, 2004
Season 8 episodes
South Park – Season 8
March 17, 2004 – December 15, 2004
  1. Good Times with Weapons
  3. Up the Down Steroid
  4. The Passion of the Jew
  5. You Got F'd in the A
  6. Goobacks
  7. The Jeffersons
  8. Douche and Turd
  9. Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes
  10. Pre-School
  11. Quest for Ratings
  12. Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset
  13. Cartman's Incredible Gift
  14. Woodland Critter Christmas

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"Pre-School" is the 121st episode and the 10th in season 8 of the Comedy Central series South Park. It originally aired on November 10, 2004.


Stan, acting in terror, announces to the boys that Trent Boyett, a classmate from their preschool years, is being released from juvenile hall. This causes the boys to panic and devise a plan to defend themselves from Trent's revenge.

The boys recall the incident from their pre-school days. In their flashback, they get the idea of playing "fireman," starting a real fire and extinguishing it to become heroes. They just need someone to start it, so they ask Trent Boyett, the toughest kid in pre-school, who gladly does. When the fire first starts, the boys urinate on it to put it out. However, the fire gets out of control, and when their teacher, Miss Claridge, tries to extinguish it, she too becomes engulfed in the flames. The boys then run over to her and urinate on her to try and put the fire out. Shortly afterwards, the police arrive and instead of taking what might have been the easier route by saying it was an accident (not wanting to be in big trouble), the boys use Trent as their scapegoat - Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny lie and say they weren't involved, and Butters doesn't speak up in Trent's defense for fear that his parents might ground him if he did. Trent is sentenced to five years in juvenile hall, vowing to one day get revenge, and the boys forget it ever happened until now: five years later. The boys think of telling their parents about Trent wanting revenge, but Kyle explains that they lied to everyone for five years and would get in worse trouble.

Miss Claridge is burned so badly that she is forever confined to a sort of iron lung / motorized wheelchair, resembling Captain Pike in the Star Trek episode "The Menagerie". She can only communicate by using an electronic beep: once for "yes", twice for "no."

Butters, desperate, plans to hide from Trent in his room, indefinitely. His parents Stephen and Linda finally force him to go out and play, locking him outside, where Trent gives brutal payback. The boys visit Butters in the hospital; he is severely injured. Both Stephen and Linda, shocked after having heard that their son was beaten up by a bully, start to feel guilty for not letting him in the house in the first place (though Stephen explains the reason being 'they were trying to read'). Cartman argues that they have to tell everyone who did this to Butters, otherwise they would get it as bad as him, but Kyle refuses, saying that it's nothing compared of what Kyle's mom will do to him if she finds out he's been lying for five years. Meanwhile, Miss Claridge's motorized wheelchair runs out of juice and stalls in the middle of the street. Since her drained battery renders her unable to respond by beeping, the South Park townspeople assume she has become despondent.

To avoid Trent doing to them what he did to Butters, the boys go to the sixth graders for help. When they arrive at the hangout, the sixth graders say that they'll only defend them if they get a picture of Stan's mother's breasts. Stan, reluctant to ask his mother, even with Cartman's attempts to teach him how to reason with his mother, instead takes a photo of Cartman's butt with nipples drawn-on. The sixth graders buy it, and agree to help them.

However, when the sixth-graders tell Trent to stay away from the boys, an angered Trent severely beats all of the sixth-graders. Now, not only do the boys no longer have defence, Trent also knows they sent the Sixth Graders after him, which makes him angrier. With no one left to ask, the boys ask Stan's sister, Shelley, to defend them; she agrees, on the condition that they first tell Miss Claridge that they are the ones truly responsible for her disability.

The boys meet Miss Claridge, who is still stuck in the middle of the street and attempt to make peace with her. At this moment, however, Trent arrives to finish business. The boys try to talk with him, but Trent still does not want to settle, and adds that once his retribution is over, the matter will be resolved for good. Once again instead of taking the easier route, Cartman takes out his mom's taser stun-gun, and fires it at Trent, but it shocks Miss Claridge instead, recharging her wheelchair to such a degree that it goes out of control. The wheelchair spins in place then crashes into a propane shop, causing an explosion which destroys the shop and sets Miss Claridge on fire. Ablaze once again, Miss Claridge crashes into an hydrant, where the flames are put out.

The police ask Miss Claridge if Trent tried to kill her again. She replies "no" with two beeps; the police misunderstand ("Yes, yes.") and arrest Trent. The boys, making the same mistake that they made five years before, lie and say that they were not involved at all. They are relieved that they won't have to worry about this for another five years. Cartman goes on to moon and taunt Trent. However, he still has the nipples drawn on his butt. Just as he does this, the sixth graders come back and see the whole thing. Cartman thinks he's in trouble, but the sixth graders are once again fooled into thinking they are boobs and take Cartman with them "to the bushes".


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