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Premer kahini
Directed by Ravi Kinagi
Produced by Shree Venkatesh Films
Written by NK Salil
Starring Dev
Koyel Mullick
Jishu Sengupta
Ranjit Mullick
Music by Jeet Ganguly
Cinematography T. Naidu
Editing by Ravi Kinagi
Distributed by Shree Venkatesh Films
Release date(s) 11 April 2008
Running time 150 minutes
Country India
Language Bengali
Budget Rs.2.5 crores

Premer Kahini (Bengali: প্রেমের কাহিনী "Story of Love") (2008) is a Bengali film by Ravi Kinagi.[1] , the movie featured Dev,Koyel Mullick, Jishu Sengupta and Ranjit Mullick. This movie was the second movie of new Bengali hero Dev after success his first film I Love You. This movie is a frame-to-frame remake of blockbuster Kannada movie Mungaru Male, directed by Yograj Bhat and released in 2006.[2]



Akash (Dev) and Barsha (Koyel Mullick) met just by mere accident at Metropolish Fame Mall. Akash fell in love with Barsha instantly. However he lost contact with Barsha and could not track her address by any means. He was visiting a marriage ceremony of the daughter of his mom’s friend and to his surprise, he found the bride was Barsha herself.

The protagonist Akash (Dev), on a visit to M G Road(a famous place in Bangalore) amidst a heavy wind, spots a pretty girl, Barsha (Koel Mullik). Whilst staring at her, he inadvertently falls into a manhole. Barsha rescues him from the pit, but in the process loses her heart-shaped watch she had just bought.

While accompanying his mother to Madikeri, Akash confronts a man named Jaanu (Neenaasam Ashwath). Jaanu, who has been following Barsha, beats up Akash thinking that he is in love with Barsha. Akash, unaware that Jaanu has vowed not to allow any one near Barsha, trashes Jaanu and his gang in return.

In Madikeri, Akash meets Barsha unexpectedly. He identifies himself and expresses his love towards her and offers to tie the watch as an indication for their marriage. Barsha, who is already engaged rejects his request. Still, Akash vows to marry Barsha if she meets him again. In the meantime, Akash discovers that his host in Madikeri, Col. Subbayya (Anant Nag) is Barsha's father, who is pretty much deaf and Barsha's marriage is a just a week away. Dejected, Akash throws Barsha's heart-shaped watch away. But Barsha calls him over the phone and taunts him to return. Delighted, Akash goes in search of her watch and brings it back. While searching it, he spots a rabbit, which he calls as Devadas and brings it along with him. A still from song Kunidhu Kunidhu

Since Barsha's friends are due to arrive from Mumbai for marriage, Akash takes Barsha to the railway station. The train from Mumbai is delayed by five hours, so Barsha and Akash decide to visit a nearby hill-temple. While returning from the temple, Akash and Barsha are caught in rain. An old couple offers Akash and Barsha to take shelter inside their hut. Akash, still in two minds about expressing his love to Barsha, grabs a couple of toddy bottles, goes out in rain and starts drinking. However, when Barsha walks towards him, offering an umbrella, he is under a state of intoxication and tells Barsha that he'd better stay away from Barsha to remain a decent boy, rather than to propose to or elope away with her.

Barsha is now in love with Akash and is in a dilemma as her wedding is due in a few days. Barsha requests him to take her to the top of a waterfall and expresses her love towards Akash, standing at the edge of the waterfall.

Akash, intent on marrying Barsha, takes her father, Subbayya for a morning jog to discuss his marriage with Barsha. But Subbayya a heart patient, tells Preetham that he's expected to die anytime and his only aim in life is to get Barsha married off to Gautam (Diganth). On the night before the marriage, Akash drives away from the house without taking Devadas. He then starts drinking the whole night in a road-side bar. He finds Gautam, asking the bar-owner for directions to Subbayya's home. When Jaanu tries to kill Gautam, Akash saves Gautam and convinces jolly that only Gautam is the best person to marry Barsha.

Next day, he drops Gautam to the marriage house, just in time for the marriage. He then declines to attend Gautam's marriage. Gautam asks for the heart-shaped watch as a remembrance but Preetham does not agree to give it. Akash then leaves. Meanwhile, on the wedding day everyone is searching for Akash, but he is nowhere to be found. His mother is the only one who know the truth about his love, and is worried of his whereabouts, but does not show her worry.

With a sigh in his eyes, Akash watches the arch proclaiming "Gautham weds Barsha". As he is trying to leave, Barsha writes a letter and put the heart shaped watch into it. She later ask devdas to carry the same to Aakash. But due to "godly intervention", devdas delivers the parcel to Subbayya. After reading the letter in which Barsha was ending her relationship, Subbayya came to know the truth about the love interest of Barsha. After taking the permission of Gautam, the Subbayya gives away the hand of Barsha to Aakash and the credits start rolling.




The music of Premer Kahini, composed by Jeet Ganguly, was released in India on 15 August 2008.Media partner of Premer Kahini is Bengali Music Channel Sangeet Bangla.

Premer Kahini
Studio album by Jeet Ganguly
15 August 2008 (CD release)
Genre Feature film soundtrack
V Music
Jeet Ganguly chronology
Premer Kahini
Mon Mane Na
Song Singer(s) Duration
Aaj Swopno Sukher Babul Supriyo,Mahalaxmi Aiyar 3:41
Eso Na 3:41
Premer kahini Shaan 3:41
Premer kahini Shreya Ghoshal 3:41
Sanai Baje Shreya Ghoshal 3:41
Sangsar sukhi hoy Shreya Ghoshal 3:41
Tumi chara Shaan,Shreya Ghoshal 3:41

Critical reception

The DDLJ sameness doesn’t end there. The lovebirds romance on the terrace, night after night, like Raj and Simran did. They sing and dance in the rain, around trees and on mountains sporting trendy jackets and chiffon saris.Dev is a show stealer from the start. He woos Koel — and also the viewers — with his easy charm. Koel keeps up the coy lady act. Jisshu’s chocolatey looks manage to draw many “oohs” and “aahs” from the college-going crowd at the evening show in Bharati. [3]

Just as you had desperately wanted Raj to end up with Simran in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, you almost will best man Akash on to win Barsha’s hand in Premer Kahini. Though it has several flashes of the Shah Rukh-Kajol-starrer, director Ravi Kinnagi adds novelty to the script and makes Premer Kahini an engaging watch.[4]

Ravi Kinnagi is an intelligent young man. He writes, directs and edits his films himself and even writes the screenplay. He borrows generously from big box-office grossers in the South and relocates them within the Bengali ambience. The audience laps it all up because they have never seen the original. He has the guts to pack in newcomers and Jeet made his strikingly successful debut in Saathi directed by Kinnagi. He puts in a lot of action and fight scenes, song and dance numbers ‘inspired’ by popular Hindi masala and generally has a storyline that makes for a wonderful recipe of a ‘family drama’ the Kinnagi way. Kinnagi is also a metaphor for the widening of the geographical canvas of Bengali cinema because he belongs to Orissa though he has now made Kolkata is home. Other stalwarts and newcomers from the Orissa film industry and actors from Bengal are happily changing places between cinema of the two states, making for a stable marriage between the otherwise unfriendly but similar cultures. People ignorant about Kannada films will not learn that Premer Kahini is the Bengali remake of the hit Kannada film Mangaru Male, the version rights for which were bought by Venkatesh Films at a record price in the history of Bengali cinema. Shot on an astounding budget of Rs.2.5 crores, the best thing about the film is that a major portion of the film has been shot against picturesque backdrops of beautiful locations of Bangalore, Shakleshpur, Malkote and Jog Falls.[5]


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