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Premier A Slovenian Basketball League
1. A Slovenska Košarkarska Liga (SKL)
Logo upc.jpg
Slovenian League
Sport Basketball
Founded 1991
No. of teams 13
Country(ies) Slovenia Slovenia
Continent European Union Europe
Most recent champion(s) Union Olimpija
Official website

The Premier A Slovenian Basketball League (Slovene: 1. A Slovenska Košarkarska Liga), abbreviated as 1. A SKL and known for sponsorship reasons as the UPC Telemach League (Slovene: Liga UPC Telemach), is the top-level professional men's basketball league in Slovenia. The league, operated by the Basketball Federation of Slovenia, consists of 13 clubs, with the best-known internationally being the traditionally dominant Union Olimpija of Ljubljana, a regular Euroleague representative.

The league was founded in 1991, shortly after Slovenia gained its independence from Yugoslavia.


Competition format

The league is conducted in two phases.


Regular season

In the first phase, 12 teams compete in a home-and-away round-robin series (22 games in all) with the country's representative in the Euroleague, currently Union Olimpija, being exempt from this stage. Although some leagues in the region, such as that of Serbia, exempt all of the country's representatives in the Adriatic League from the first phase of the league season, the Slovenia league exempts only the Euroleague representative. (The country currently has two representatives in the Adriatic League—Olimpija and Helios Domžale.)

All teams advance from the regular season to one of two postseason stages, depending on their league position.

Second phase

The top seven teams from the regular season are joined by the Euroleague representative in the second phase. These teams start the second phase from scratch, with no results carrying over from the regular season. Each team plays a total of 14 games in this phase; as in the regular season, a home-and-away round-robin is used.

The top four teams at the end of this stage advance to the semifinals, conducted as a best-of-three playoff. The semifinal winners advance to the best-of-five championship finals, with the winners being crowned league champion.


The bottom five teams play a home-and-away round-robin series with one another; these teams' results from the regular season carry over to the playouts. At the end of the playout phase, the bottom finisher is automatically relegated to the second level of the Slovenian league system, the 1. B SKL. That team is replaced in the following season's league by the 1. B SKL champion. The second-from-bottom finisher enters a home-and-away round-robin mini-league with the second- and third-place teams from the second league, with the team finishing on top of the mini-league taking up a place in the next year's 1. A SKL.

Clubs (2009-10)

Sponsored name of club, if applicable, in parentheses; teams are alphabetized by sponsored name.

Team City Arena
Hopsi Polzela Polzela Športna dvorana na Polzeli
Helios Domžale Domžale Hala Komunalnega centra
Luka Koper Koper Bonifika
Krka Novo Mesto Leon Štukelj Hall
Zasavje PRO-TEK Trbovlje
Alpos Šentjur Šentjur Hruševec
Geoplin Slovan Ljubljana Dvorana Kodeljevo
TCG Mercator Škofja Loka
Zlatorog Laško Laško Dvorana Tri lilije
Elektra Esotech Šoštanj Sportshall Šoštanj
Parklji Ljubljana
Šenčur CP Kranj Šenčur
Union Olimpija Ljubljana Dvorana Tivoli

Past champions

Champions 1991-Present

Year Champion Runner Up Aggregate
Smelt Olimpija Optimizem Postojna 3-0
Smelt Olimpija Slovenica Koper 3-1
Smelt Olimpija Tam Bus Maribor 3-0
Smelt Olimpija Kovinotehna Savinjska Polzela 3-0
Smelt Olimpija Interier Krško 3-1
Smelt Olimpija Kovinotehna Savinjska Polzela 3-0
Union Olimpija Kovinotehna Savinjska Polzela 3-0
Union Olimpija Pivovarna Laško 3-0
Krka Telekom Pivovarna Laško 3-1
Union Olimpija Krka Telekom 3-0
Union Olimpija Krka 3-0
Krka Union Olimpija 3-2
Union Olimpija Pivovarna Laško 3-0
Union Olimpija Geoplin Slovan 3-2
Union Olimpija Geoplin Slovan 3-2
Helios Domžale Union Olimpija 3-2
Union Olimpija Helios Domžale 3-1
Union Olimpija Helios Domžale 3-0



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