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Premier of Manitoba

Greg Selinger
Style: The Honourable
Appointed by: Philip S. Lee
as Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba
First: Alfred Boyd
Formation: July 15, 1870

The Premier of Manitoba is the first minister for the Canadian province of Manitoba. He or she is the province's head of government and de facto chief executive. Until the early 1970s, the title "Prime Minister of Manitoba" was used frequently. Afterwards, the word Premier, derived from the French word for "first" was used more commonly. The Premier is sworn in by the help of the Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba, who represents the Queen at a provincial level.

The current Premier of Manitoba is Greg Selinger of the New Democratic Party, who was sworn in on October 19, 2009.[1]


Legal status

The Premier is the head of the government, in that he or she is the head of the provincial party with the most seats in the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba.


The role of the Premier is similar to that of state governors in the United States. After being sworn in, the Premier appoints a provincial cabinet. The Premier also represents the province on a national level, and has talks with other Premiers and the Prime Minister once a year, as mandated by the Meech Lake Accord.

Premiers of Manitoba

Name Took Office Left Office Party
Alfred Boyd 1870 1871 No party
Marc-Amable Girard 1871 1872 No party
Henry Joseph Clarke 1872 1874 No party
Marc-Amable Girard 1874 1874 No party
Robert A. Davis 1874 1878 No party
John Norquay 1878 1887 No party
David H. Harrison 1887 1888 No party
Thomas Greenway 1888 1900 Liberal
Hugh John MacDonald 1900 1900 Conservative
Rodmond Roblin 1900 1915 Conservative
Tobias Norris 1915 1922 Liberal
John Bracken 1922 1932 United Farmers - Progressive
John Bracken 1932 1943 Liberal - Progressive
Stuart Garson 1943 1948 Liberal - Progressive
Douglas Campbell 1948 1958 Liberal - Progressive
Dufferin Roblin 1958 1967 Progressive Conservative
Walter C. Weir 1967 1969 Progressive Conservative
Edward Schreyer 1969 1977 NDP
Sterling Lyon 1977 1981 Progressive Conservative
Howard Pawley 1981 1988 NDP
Gary Filmon 1988 1999 Progressive Conservative
Gary Doer 1999 2009 NDP
Greg Selinger 2009 NDP

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