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Premiere Radio Networks, Inc.
Type Wholly owned subsidiary of Clear Channel Communications
Founded 1987
Headquarters Sherman Oaks, California
Key people Kraig Kitchin, President and COO
Industry Radio broadcasting, advertising

Premiere Radio Networks is an American radio network. It is the largest syndication company in the United States based on popularity of programming. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Clear Channel Communications and it was headed until recently by Kraig Kennith Kitchin who is currently transitioning out, handing the reins over to CC Executive Charlie Rahilly.

Premiere syndicates some of the most famous names and programs in American broadcasting, including the Rush Limbaugh Show, Coast to Coast AM, Jim Rome, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity. Premiere programs are carried on over 5000 radio stations worldwide, primarily in the United States and in Canada. The network also provides the rights to streaming audio for participating shows' premium services (e.g., Rush Limbaugh's Rush 24/7 and Glenn Beck's Insider) through their Streamlink system.

Several programs are carried on XM Satellite Radio, which is the exclusive satellite provider for Premiere and parent Clear Channel Radio. However, shows that are not produced by Premiere or any Clear Channel subsidiary, but are distributed by Premiere, are allowed carriage on Sirius Satellite Radio unless otherwise specified by said show's producer.



Premiere Radio's programs are currently distributed over satellite, CD-ROM, or downloadable via FTP. Only pre-recorded countdown shows are distributed on CD or FTP. The FTP server is also implemented as an emergency backup for pre-recorded content that was not distributed over satellite properly. For years, Premiere Radio used the popular ABC Starguide satellite system to distribute their programs, but has fully converted over to X-Digital Systems for their satellite delivery.

Premiere's entertainment programs are distributed on a mixture of fee and barter based deals. Many of their weekday entertainment programs, including Elvis Duran, Bob & Tom, and Big D and Bubba are fee based with little to no network ad inventory. Most of their weekend countdowns are barter based, and include up to 5 minutes an hour of network ad inventory. Nearly all of Premiere Radio's talk programs are barter based, with Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity as exceptions. Most talk programs have 5 minutes an hour of inventory, with some having 4 minutes, and very few having 6 minutes. Currently six of Premiere's programs have mandatory featurettes. These are short segments that contain a minute or less of network advertising inventory, and are played in mornings on a daily basis. In the past, Premiere's featurettes had content that was not attached to any particular show, with segments from personalities such as Maria Bartiromo, Donald Trump, and Ty Pennington. All have been dropped. Now the featurettes contain content from the show or host that the mandate originates from. Some programs require run-of-schedule advertisements, which are advertisements that require airplay outside of the show each weekday, usually in mid-day and afternoons.


All times are Eastern. Programs are organized alphabetically, and display their date, time, if they're available for online download, if they broadcast on XM Radio, and additional information.

Title Day Time Download XM Notes
Entertainment Programs
After Midnite and The Blair Garner Show with Blair Garner Everyday 10P-6A No Yes Live five nights per week; compilation of previous week's show (with contests removed) air on weekends.
American Top 40 (CHR) with Ryan Seacrest Weekends Pre-recorded No No Part of the American Top 40 franchise
American Top 40 (Hot AC) with Ryan Seacrest Weekends Pre-recorded No No Part of the American Top 40 franchise
Casey Kasem's American Top 40: The 80s N/A Reruns No Yes Part of the American Top 40 franchise, reruns of AT40 episodes from the 1980s
Casey Kasem's American Top 40: The 70s N/A Reruns No Yes Part of the American Top 40 franchise, reruns of AT40 episodes from the 1970s
Backtrax USA with Kid Kelly Weekends Taped No No International distribution only. Distribution in the United States handled by Dial Global.
Big D and Bubba Weekdays 6A-10A No Yes
The Big Show with John Boy and Billy Weekdays 6A-10A No No Available in classic rock or country versions.
Chill Out Tonight with Tim Garrison Weeknights 12A-6A No No Affiliate relations handled by Broadcast Architecture.
Club Kane Launches March 28, 2010. The show will air Sundays, feeding two versions: a 3 hour early edition, and a 2 hour late edition.
Crook & Chase Countdown Weekends Pre-recorded No Yes Produced by Jim Owens Entertainment. Premiere Radio picked up distribution and sales from the previous distributor, United Stations Radio Networks.
Dawson McAllister Late Nights Weeknights 12A-5A No No
Dawson McAllister Live Sunday 10P-3A Yes Yes Available in talk only, as well as Hot AC, and CHR-hybrid formats.
Delilah Everyday 7P-12M No No This show has a separate delayed feed for each timezone. There is also a second version for Gold based AC.
Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Weekdays 6A-10A No No
The iTunes Download Weekends Pre-recorded No Yes
The Keith Sweat Hotel Sun-Fri. 7P-12A No No Known as "The Quiet Storm" in some markets.
Knee Deep in Bluegrass with Cindy Baucom Weekends Pre-recorded No No
Live In The Den with Big Tigger Weekends Pre-recorded No No
London Calling with Ian Camfield Weekends Pre-recorded No No Produced by Redefined Media in the United Kingdom. Premiere Radio handles international distribution only.
On Air with Ryan Seacrest Weekdays 10A-2P Yes No
P.S. I Love You with Patti Stanger Thursdays 7P-9P No Yes This show is only heard on XM channels MIX and The Pink Channel. It's not available to terrestrial radio. Originally heard Sunday evenings.
Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx and Kerri Kasem Weeknights 7P-12A No No
The Side Show Countdown with Nikki Sixx amd Kerri Kasem Weekends Pre-recorded No No
Smooth Jazz Weekend with Allen Kepler Weekends Pre-recorded No No
The Steve Harvey Morning Show Weekdays 6A-10A No No
Talk Programs
At Home with Gary Sullivan Weekends 9A-12P Yes Yes
The Bob and Tom Show Weekdays 6A-10A YesCircle 6888A6.gif No
Coast to Coast AM with George Noory Tues-Sat. 1A-5A YesCircle 6888A6.gif Yes Also re-feeds 3 hours at 10 PM ET Mon-Fri. under the name "Coast to Coast AM Early Edition." It is offered separately since it carries different advertising spots.
Coast to Coast AM Saturdays with Ian Punnett Sunday 1A-5A YesCircle 6888A6.gif Yes
Coast to Coast AM Sundays with George Knapp and Ian Punnett Monday 1A-5A YesCircle 6888A6.gif Yes
Somewhere in Time with Art Bell Saturday 9P-1A YesCircle 6888A6.gif Yes Encore presentations of Coast to Coast AM shows hosted by Art Bell dating back to 1996.
The Dr. Dean Edell Hour Weekdays 4P-5P Yes Yes Most affiliates choose to package the week's programs together and run them in a block on weekends.
The Dr. Laura Schlessinger Program Weekdays 3P-6P Yes Yes This program is produced by Take on the Day, LLC. Premiere handles national advertising sales and distribution. Affiliate relations are handled by Talk Radio Network.
The Glenn Beck Program Weekdays 9A-12A YesCircle 6888A6.gif Yes
Handel on the Law Saturdays 9A-12A Yes Yes This show is taped and edited for national distribution, so that it can maintain a locality for its flagship KFI. The time mentioned is the first live feed of the latest program, and is also the time where listeners can call in.
In the Garden with Ron Wilson Saturdays 6A-9A Yes Yes This show is produced and distributed by Premiere, but is not advertised on its website.
The Jason Lewis Show Weekdays 6P-9P Yes Yes
The Jesus Christ Show Sundays 9A-12P Yes Yes
The Jim Rome Show Weekdays 12P-3P YesCircle 6888A6.gif No
Keep Hope Alive with Jesse Jackson Sundays 8A-10A No Yes
Leo Laporte, The Tech Guy Weekends 2P-5P Yes Yes
Live on Sunday Night, it's Bill Cunningham Sunday 10P-1A Yes Yes
The Randi Rhodes Show Weekdays 3P-6P YesCircle 6888A6.gif Yes
Real Estate Today Friday 12P-2P Yes Yes Media Syndication Services produces this program while Premiere distributes. Content is pre-recorded. The time listed is when the newest program is fed via satellite. The show is not listed on Premiere's website.
The Rush Limbaugh Show Weekdays 12P-3P YesCircle 6888A6.gif No
The Sean Hannity Show Weekdays 3P-6P No Yes Premiere Radio handles distribution of Sean Hannity to non-Citadel owned stations. Premiere also handles advertising sales for all affiliates.
The Weekend with Mike McConnell Saturday 12P-3P Yes Yes
The Rush Limbaugh Morning Update Weekdays 10:00:30 PM No No
The Sean Hannity Morning Minute Weekdays 10:03:30 PM No Yes
The Rome Report Weekdays 2:58:00 PM No No
A Dr. Laura Moment Weekdays 4:00:59 PM No Yes
The Dr. Dean Medical Minute Weekdays 4:03:35 PM No Yes
Dan Patrick's Above the Noise Weekdays 10:01:28 AM No Yes
Fox Sports Radio Programs
The Stephen A. Smith Show Weekdays 6A-9A Yes Yes The show re-feeds at noon eastern on the network.
The Dan Patrick Show Weekdays 9A-12P Yes Yes DIRECTV Sports Group owns and produces the show while Premiere handles distribution and sales. This was originally signed independently from Fox Sports Radio, but was added to the network on 2009-01-21.
Myers and Hartman with Vic "The Brick" Jacobs Weekdays 3P-7P Yes Yes Formerly known as The Drive
The Petros and Money Show Weekdays 7P-10P Yes Yes
The Sean Farnham Show Weekdays 10P-1A No No Available to markets where Tony Bruno is already cleared on a competing station.
Into The Night with Tony Bruno Weekdays 10P-1A Yes Yes DIRECTV Sports Group produces this show while Premiere handles distribution and sales. The show was initially distributed by Westwood One.
The J.T. the Brick Show with Tomm Looney Weekdays 1A-6A Yes Yes Formerly known as Gametime React. Originally on from 10P-1A. The 5th hour is a replay of the first.
The Ben Maller Show Weekends 1A-6A No Yes
Fox NFL Sunday with Terry Bradshaw, Jimmy Johnson, Howie Long, Curt Menefee, and Micheal Strahan Sunday 12P-1P No Yes Television audio simulcast from FOX. Premiere Radio Networks distributes the show to radio. The program only broadcasts from September through February.
Race Day on Fox with Rob D’Amico & Michele Rahal Saturday 6A-9A No Yes
Fox Gametime Warm-Up with John Fricke & Chris Landry Saturday 9A-12P No Yes
Sunday 6A-10A
Fox Gametime with Dan Moriarty & Derrick Deese Weekends 12P-4P No Yes
Fox Gametime with Mike Lamb & Joey Harrington Weekends 4P-8P No Yes
Fox Gametime React with Bruce Jacobs & Lincoln Kennedy Weekends 8P-12A No Yes
Fox Gametime Rewind with Michael Coover Saturday 12A-1A No Yes
Fox Gametime Rewind with Tomm Looney Sunday 12A-1A No Yes
Fox News Radio Programs
All content is produced by Fox News Radio and Premiere Radio handles distribution and sales only.
Brian and the Judge Weekdays 9A-12P No Yes
The John Gibson Show Weekdays 12P-3P No Yes
The Tom Sullivan Show Weekdays 3P-6P No Yes
The Alan Colmes Show Weekdays 10P-1A No Yes

See also List of shows syndicated by Clear Channel.

Circle 6888A6.gif - The show requires a paid subscription to download.

Former programs

  • Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 (moved to Dial Global/Triton Radio in 2006, and later at Citadel Media in 2009)
  • Carson Daly Most Requested (Daly left the show in 2007)
  • Last Night on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (moved to Westwood One, January 2007)
  • The Phil Hendrie Show (Hendrie left in 2006 to pursue a career in television, he later announced a return, but on Talk Radio Network)
  • The Ken Hamblin Show (Hamblin left the show mid-90s)
  • After Hours with Glenn Hollis (cancelled in 2005)
  • Boot Scootin' Partyin' Nights with Bo Reynolds (later Hollywood Harrison)-- cancelled mid-90s, Reynolds hosts a similar show on another network now
  • Star & Buc Wild Morning Show (immediately cancelled in 2006 after DJ Star threatened the daughter of a rival jock)
  • Michael Reagan (moved to Radio America in 2003, then to American Family Radio in 2009)
  • Rockline (moved to Crystal Media Networks in 2003, then to Dial Global in 2008)
  • "Live From the 60's with the Real Don Steele". Syndicated 3 hour radio program marketed to radio stations with an Oldies format. It launched in early 1988 and ended production in 1993. Some stations aired reruns until late 1996. Steele died in August 1997 from lung cancer; producer M. G. Kelly took over the show, retooled it into American Hit List, and distributed the new version of the show himself through 2008.
  • Lionel (cancelled in 2001, revived and moved to WOR Radio Network and later Air America Radio)
  • Dreamland with Art Bell, later Whitley Strieber (replaced by Matt Drudge and Ian Punnett; now heard online exclusivley.)
  • Jeff Rense (left in 1998, went to Genesis Communications Network, now at Republic Broadcasting Network)
  • Sex with Dr. Natasha - Ended in Spring 2004 as a response to the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show and the FCC crackdown that followed. Even though the show had never been cited or fined by the FCC, it was canceled by Premiere out of fear of one.
  • After Midnite Weekends - This weekend version of the overnight program was hosted by various hosts, among the most notable being Whitney Allen (who later spun off her own program, The Big Time, which airs to this day) and Larry Morgan (the last host). Reruns of Blair Garner's weeknight show have taken its place.
  • Matt Drudge. Drudge voluntarily ended his show on September 30, 2007; Drudge would keep with this Drudge Report Web site and continue hosting as a guest host on various shows, most notably Clear Channel radio shows.
  • Wake Up With Whoopi - canceled in November 2007.
  • Kidd Kraddick in the Morning (moved to ABC Radio, February 2008)
  • Mid-day with Mike McConnell - Reverted to a local show in February 2008.
  • Radio Kandy - Hot AC countdown show hosted by John Candy. Lasted from 1988 to 1990.
  • Costas on the Radio - show ended May 31, 2009 so that Bob Costas could concentrate on his other projects.
  • American Top 20 and American Top 10 with Casey Kasem - Ended July 5, 2009.
  • Premiere also syndicated the Cutler Comedy Networks, a series of sketches and parody songs for morning drive time radio programs produced and written by Gil Christner.

24/7 radio networks

  • Fox News Radio - Premiere feeds this network thanks to a programming agreement between Fox News and Clear Channel.
  • Fox Sports Radio - Premiere completely owns and operates this network and distributes it to AM, FM, Worldspace, and XM.
  • ReachMD - Exclusively on XM Satellite Radio
  • National Lampoon Comedy Radio - Handles sales and distribution of the network, which is currently only planned for digital radio platforms.


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