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The President's Management Advisory Board is a council of 17 corporate executives from leading American companies. Its purpose is to provide the administration of the Executive branch advice and recommendations on effective strategies for the implementation of the best business practices on matters related to federal government's management and operations, with focus on productivity, the implementation of innovative methods, customer service, and technology. [1] The board will be chaired by former Sirius/XM Satellite Radio Director Jeffrey Zients as part of the General Services Administration of the Executive Office. [2] As of July 2010, appointments to the board have not been announced.

The board was formed by Executive Order 13538 by President Barack Obama in 2010 and intended to complement the President's Management Council, the interagency management and reform group also of the Executive branch created by the Clinton Administration in 1993. [3] The board is an outgrowth of a January 2010 White House gathering that included the founders of Craigslist, Facebook, Adobe Systems, Microsoft, J Crew, Rosetta Stone, and Yelp! who were invited by Obama to share their tips on making the government more customer-friendly. [4] [5]

The board shares many similarities to that of the Australian government's Management Advisory Committee which aims to embed a culture of innovation in attempt to rejuvenate the policies, public services and analysis management of the Commonwealth.[6] The Australian counterpart, too, grew from a gathering of their top 200 senior executives invited to serve as direct resources for the Secretaries and agency heads of the Australian Executive branch.[7]




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