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Standard of the President of Slovakia

This is a list of the Presidents of Slovakia.


Slovakia (1939-1945)

Slovakia since 1993

The President of Slovakia is the head of state of Slovakia. Most of his powers are ceremonial. When Slovakia permanently split from Czechoslovakia in 1993, the Prime Minister served as acting President. Then the President was elected by Parliament for a 5-year term. However, when in 1998 the Parliament was unable to choose a President, the Prime Minister and speaker of Parliament became acting Presidents. When after a year the Parliament still could not come to an agreement on the President, the constitution was changed so that the President would be elected by all the voters for a 5-year term. Presidential elections have been held in 1999 and 2004. In order to become President, a candidate must have 50% of the popular vote. If this does not happen in the first round, a runoff is held.

[*] President Took office Left office Party Prime Minister
1 Kovacmich7.JPG Michal Kováč 2 March 1993 2 March 1998 Movement for a Democratic Slovakia Vladimír Mečiar (1993-1994) Jozef Moravčík (1994-1994) Vladimír Mečiar (1994-1998)
2 Pres. Rudolf Schuster.jpg Rudolf Schuster 15 June 1999 15 June 2004 Party of Civic Understanding Mikuláš Dzurinda


3 Ivan Gašparovič.jpg Ivan Gašparovič 15 June 2004 Incumbent Movement for Democracy Mikuláš Dzurinda


Robert Fico (2006-)

The Prime Minister and Speaker of Parliament served as acting President:

Latest election

e • d  Summary of the 21 March and 4 April 2009 Slovak presidential election results
Candidates and nominating parties 1st round 2nd round
Votes % Votes %
Ivan Gašparovič (Smer, SNS, HZD) 876,061 46.71 1,234,787 55.53
Iveta Radičová (SDKÚ–DS, SMK, KDH, OKS) 713,735 38.05 988,808 44.47
František Mikloško (KDS) 101,573 5.42
Zuzana Martináková (SF) 96,035 5.12
Milan Melník (HZDS) 45,985 2.45
Dagmara Bollová 21,378 1.14
Milan Sidor (KSS) 20,862 1.11
Total (turnout 43.63% / 51.67%) 1,875,629 100.00 2,223,595 100.00

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