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—  Town  —

Coat of arms
Location of Prijepolje within Serbia
Coordinates: 43°32′N 19°38′E / 43.533°N 19.633°E / 43.533; 19.633
Country Serbia
District Zlatibor
Settlements 96
 - Mayor Dragoljub Zindović
Area [1]
 - Municipality 827 km2 (319.3 sq mi)
Population (2002 census)[2]
 - Total 15,031
 - Municipality 41,188
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 - Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Postal code 31300
Area code +381 33
Car plates UE

Prijepolje (Serbian Cyrillic: Пријепоље, ) is a town and municipality in the Zlatibor District of Serbia. According to the 2002 census, the municipality of Prijepolje had a population of 41,188 people, while the town itself had a population of 15,031. It is located in the Sandžak geographic region, which is also known as the Raška oblast.



One possible meaning of the name Prijepolje is "Prija's field"; according to this theory Prija was the owner of the land before the town was built and polje ("field" in English). More probably theory is that the name originates from the location of Prijepolje. When caravans were passing through Prijepolje, the side from which they arrived was before the fields (in today's Prijepolje, the neighborhoods of Ivanje and Velika Župa) and hence the name would mean "before the fields" (prije=before; polje=field). Coat of arms of Prijepolje also tells a lot about town.


Prijepolje in fall

Prijepolje is located at the confluence of the fast-flowing Lim and Mileševka rivers, along the road from Belgrade to the Adriatic sea and on the Belgrade – Bar railway. The Belgrade – Adriatic road is intersected here with the regional road Pljevlja - Prijepolje - Sjenica. This road runs along roughly the same route as the ancient Roman and Ottoman road, known as the Dubrovnik road. At Bistrica, north of Prijepolje, there is a road leading towards Priboj, Višegrad and Sarajevo. The town itself is surrounded by hills, like Pušina, Srijeteži, Gradina and Sokolica, which was making a special climate, for Prijepolje, but it lasted until the hydro plant "Potpeć" near Nova Varoš was built, and change it into a climate, regular for this cold part of Serbia.

Prijepolje is surrounded by forests. There are also a lot of beaches on the Lim. The one considered most attractive is in the centre of the town, under the bridge in Ivanje, and under the bridge in Petrovac.


Prijepolje in the 19th century
Tito making a visit to Prijepolje

Prijepolje has a very long history. It was established as a settlement in 1234, the same year the Mileševa Monastery was built.

In this area life is beginning in younger stone age. It was settled by northern areas of from today's borders of Serbia when they were forced to leave the northern plains to the mountains and inaccessible region. The first settlers were Illyrians. After the arrival of the Celts, they intermarried. Later, the Illyrians were displaced again, but now by the Romans, again in to mountains, and when Slavs came they were infiltrated into them, but still the Slavs take some their attributes. The Goths, Huns, Gepids, Langobards and Avars passed through this area. The most interesting archaeological site in the area is Roman necropolis in the modern settlement of Kolovrat where pieces of ancient glass, silver, ceramics, and gold have been unearthed.

Prijepolje was mentioned for the first time by Gijom Adam in 1332 while it was in Dubrovnik's and historical sources mentioned for the first time in 1343. In historical sources, Prijepolje was developed like a road settlement on caravans road know as "Dubrovnik's road", which was connecting central and east parts of the Balkans with the middle part of the Adriatic coast. On the caravan road was walking by foot or by horse over endless and abrupt mountains and through dangerous woods. The duty of the local villagers was to protect local roads, because there was a statute "If, on the road, someone has been killed or has had a bullet stuck into his body, let the local guardians gather together to pay the damage. Hitting by one small drum, the passers by would know that there was no danger". It's worth to be mentioned that in monastery of Mileševa, Tvrtko I was crowned on 26 October 1377, as king of Serbs, Bosnia and the Seaside and the Western Lands.

Also one of the oldest cartographic documents on which after Mileševa, Prijepolje for the first time was mentioned, was in "Regno della Servia detta altrimentri Rascia" which was made by Giacomo Cantelli da Vignola, cartographer to the Duke of Modena, in 1689.

During the very long Ottoman period it have been raised a many objects. Most famous are Ibrahim Pasha's mosque and Sahat Kula. Ibrahim Pasha's mosque in Shararampov (one of tree regions in town, other two are Vakuf and Center of town), probably was built in 16th century. That is a very beautiful and attractive mosque with one minaret, and it was covered by a "cheramida" (special cover of the houses in that time). The region of Prijepolje (Akova during Ottoman rule) is known by very rough past which was part of First Serbian revolt, Banine's revolt 1875, the Javorian war 1876, the Raonic revolt, the Balkan wars as well as both World Wars.[3]. She passed from Ottoman Empire to Kingdom of Montenegro during First Balkan War in 1912.

In second world war, Prijepolje was under Italians and Germans, and it was liberated on 4 decembar 1943., which is now celebrated as the Day of the liberation of Prijepolje.


Ethnic groups in the municipality

In 1991, the population of the municipality was composed of:

In 2002, the population of the municipality was composed of:

Note: Most of those who at the time of the 1991 census declared themselves as Muslims by nationality in the last census from 2002 declared themselves as Bosniaks, while a smaller number of them still declare themselves as Muslims by nationality.

Ethnic groups in the town

In 2002 census, population of the town of Prijepolje was composed of:

Administrative subdivisions

Prijepolje town is the seat of the Prijepolje municipality. The municipality covers an area of 824 km² with an extreme variance in altitude, from 440-1735 meters.

Prijepolje municipality consists of 96 [4] settlements. The settlements are:

  • Aljinovići
  • Gornje Goračiće
  • Muškovina
  • Karaula
  • Velika Župa
  • Vinicka
  • Kovačevac
  • Mioska
  • Miljevići
  • Gračanica
  • Milakovići
  • Točilovo
  • Bjelahova
  • Gostun
  • Borikovac
  • Zastup
  • Bare
  • Donja Drenova
  • Gornja Drenova
  • Zavinograđe
  • Potok
  • Bukovik
  • Kruševo
  • Ivanje
  • Koševine
  • Divci
  • Brančiće
  • Divljaci
  • Jabuka
  • Gornje Junčeviće
  • Kaćevo
  • Gornja Kosatica
  • Donja Kosatica
  • Vranjak
  • Kolovrat
  • Čadinje
  • Ratajska
  • Suvodo
  • Kamena Gora
  • Kasice
  • Mijane
  • Hrta
  • Dubravčiće
  • Svojčevo
  • Skokuće
  • Orašac
  • Gojakovići
  • Ivezići
  • Bojra
  • Pravoševo
  • Međani
  • Biskupiće
  • Srijeteži
  • Dušmanići
  • Zalug
  • Raišnjeva
  • Luke
  • Seljašnica
  • Donje Osoje
  • Orovac
  • Čauševići
  • Seljane
  • Karoševine
  • Sedobro
  • Taševo
  • Gornji Stranjani
  • Donji Stranjani
  • Vodine
  • Mrčkovina
  • Koprivna
  • Slatina
  • Brvine
  • Oštra Stijena
  • Prijevoro
  • Rogojevac
  • Komadine
  • Crkveni Toci
  • Zabrdnji Toci
  • Hisardžik
  • Džurovo
  • Kučin
  • Izbičanj
  • Zvjezd
  • Donje Junčeviće
  • Osoje
  • Mataruge
  • Brajkovac
  • Rasno
  • Miljanovica
  • Milošev Do
  • Gvozd
  • Sopotnica
  • Dečevo
  • Lučice
  • Mileševo
  • Bjelobabe
The town of Prijepolje - center of Prijepolje municipality
Lim flowing through Prijepolje


Seats in the municipal parliament won in the 2008 local elections: [1]

  • Sandžak Democratic Party (18)
  • Serbian Progressive Party (10)
  • Coalition "Together for better Prijepolje" (9)
  • Democratic Party of Sandjak (8)
  • Bosniak list for european Sandjak(4)
  • Serbian Radical Party (4)
  • Coalition "Together!" (4)
  • Liberal democratic party (4)


Prijepolje's sahat-kula (Clock tower)

There are a lot of historical monuments from the period of Christianity and from the Islamic period as well. The Mileševa monastery is located 6 km to the east of Prijepolje on the Mileševka River. The monastery is famous for The White Angel fresco, a famous and widely-used religious icon in Serbia and as the former resting place of St. Sava, Serbia's most honored patriarch.

There is also a famous monument from the Turkish period, Sahat-Kula, and several mosques. There is Jusovicha's tower, made in the 18th century like house tower of rich person. It was built as safety living of rich owner. Reconstruction of this object, which is in plan, Prijepolje will get one more interesting and unique monument. Also in the mosque in Hisardžik (which is also specific, because it was made by wood), was recently found Kur'An old for about four centuries.

Museum of Prijepolje is very significant sight in cultural life of Prijepolje. It gathering most famous artists all over, to visit Prijepolje, and making the most largest projects to improve culture in this town. There is also amateurs of dramatic scene of Home of culture (main cultural building after Museum in Prijepolje), lead by Mesa Sendelj, and they are very active in refreshing the cultural life in Prijepolje.


There are 2 kindergartens and one elementary school in the town. Prijepolje also has a Gymnasium, Technical high school, Economics high school, and a Higher Technical school.


In Prijepolje there is a many ways, for practising your sport skills. There is local football club "FK Polimlje", and "FK Jasen" from Brodarevo, place near town of Prijepolje, also there is volleyball clubs like "FAP-Livnica", "Putevi", and handball club "White angel", and chess club "Priko". There is a lot of play fields in town, so the sport is very important over here. Traditionally every year on MOSI (regional sport games), both (male and female) volleyball team (which present Prijepolje) always win the first place. Ilija Andrejic, alpinist from Prijepolje,together with the Serbian alpinist team, successfully climbed on the Mount Everest.

  • On 14 of July, Prijepolje was the host of the European coupe in rafting on the Lim River.
  • On 22 of September, Vlade Divac, merged his career in Prijepolje.

He came to Prijepolje, with the most famous NBA basketball players,and opened the newly built museum building.


There is one weekly newspaper published in Prijepolje, "Polimlje", and there are three radio stations, there are a few web sites, like,,, etc. There is two wireless internet operator, and one TV cable operator as well. Prijepolje has digital telephonic central since May 2003. Also, there are two private TV and radio stations.

Flyer from REFRACT festival in Prijepolje

Night life

The night life in Prijepolje can be monotonous, with local cafes & night clubs all playing turbo folk music.There is also a yearly regional festival called "Refract" where one can hear and see other cultural options. And it's worth to mention a new rock festival in Prijepolje, where is gathering rock bands from the local region. Also techno "WayOut" party is recognized as one alternative way for spending a free time in late hours.

In 2005, the city hosted a Glaswegian Band, Quinn. One of the superstar of Serbian hip hop, Marchelo, held a concert in this town,in December,2006.In Prijepolje, Elvis J. Kurtovic held a concert for the New Year's Eve of 2007/2008.


  • "Sopotnički izvori", near famous Sopotnica's waterfalls, which is stunning, where you can hear old national songs. - 29. of July
  • Also there is famous jumping into water at Petrovac manifestation, where you can see most rated jumpers into water, from Balkan region. - 13. of July
  • There is a famous art colony called Mileševa,where you can see the most successful artist from this municipality. - August 5 to 12
  • A sports entertainment manifestation called "Gifts from Lim", where you can see beach volleyball contest of young sportsmen, a contest in best fish soup making and taste it, and the contest of best Prijepolje's son-in-law, where you can see some famous personalities, who have married women from Prijepolje. - 5. of August
  • "Rock fest", featuring performances by the best rock bands from Prijepolje and further afield. - 3. of August


Under National strategy for Youth,in Prijepolje has been open an Youth Club and Youth office of municipality Prijepolje formed in the structure under municipality government since April of 2008. Youth Office set up its priority to activism of youth and taking care about theirs right and wills through constant youth work through goals of local and national development strategies.


Touristic potential of Prijepolje is very large, Tičje Polje, Kamena Gora, Sopotnica and everything beneath them is wonderful...The nature is unrepeatable, cultural heritage fascinating, people are generous...Prijepolje was made for the development of transit tourism,everything is near main road, Lim, Gostun, everything is here...

are the words of Dragan Bosnić, journalist at Politika, the premier broadsheet in Serbia.

Citizens of Prijepolje walking down the newly built BID zone


There are registered 29 non-governmental organisations in Prijepolje, but the most active ones are New Vision, Integra, Argument, Woman Center, scout's "Boško Buha",Cultural Front of Prijepolje, Friends of Brodarevo, Friends of Sopotnica and Friends of Kamena Gora.

Notable people from Prijepolje

International relations

Twin towns — Sister cities

Prijepolje is twinned with:

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